4th October

A nice start warm and sunny.
All the dogs were fed, out and finished by 8.00 am and the gates open ready for Wendy and Brian coming in.
We started the fire and then I swapped dogs over.
Our achievement of the day was to move the freezers and feed bins from the garage, move lots of stuff up into the roof space in the garage.
We stopped and had a cooked breakfast.
Wendy and I cleaned out the new kitchen area of the house and then washed whelping boxes ready to go into Kiro’s new pen and Razzle’s kennel.
Brian altered the size of the isolation area as we needed one of the doors for Kiro’s pen.

The fire was burning all day with old stuff we had cleared from the garage, the lean-to and then the kitchen area.

Brian has made a really nice pen for Kiro and Reo when the house is being done as she doesn’t like her last pen that we did for her.
This one she can also be in during the day time, she has a double door so she can have it open if she is quiet or close both doors if she barks.
They have a big whelping box full of straw and a bench with ample room to move around, I think this is why she didn’t like the last area we made for her as it was smaller.
I had two people come and view puppies it took a little while as one of the families has a little boy that has allergies.
I did the normal lunch time feeding and letting dogs out all day.
We had a mass of stuff to go over the road to the shed where I rarely go as most of the things over there are for building or not really used like spare beds and things.
Brian and Wendy worked so hard it was unbelievable how much got done; they were shattered when they left.
I let the last groups of dogs out and then got the evening feeds done and then washed the poodle’s yard.
I put the labs in and then brought Coosa’s group in.
Kennel locked up and then Kiro and Reo out.
An early start as I had loads of things I wanted to get done today.
All the house dogs out and then the labs out in field.
I did the kennel dogs and then lit the fire.
The house dog went out in the drive I hoovered the house and then steam cleaned all the floors, doors all open so the house aired and dried quickly.
Shone and Moon out in the field so next was to disinfect and hose the bottom block.
Now house dogs back up to their yard and then next groups out.
I spent a couple of hours hoovering in the kennel as the dust was building up again.
I cut up the chicken and did the lunch time feeds.
I stopped of lunch and then swapped dogs and spent the afternoon alternating between boring paper work and hoovering.
I did the evening feeds and then brought everyone in and cleaned the poodle’s yard and picked up in the bottom block.
Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in.
All the dogs out fed and clean.
I spent some time lead training with winter and the labs.
I steam cleaned the house floors and then an hours paper work.
Lunch time feeds done.
I went out for lunch with my sisters and then looked at some panels for the kennels.
I got home and then let everyone out and did the feeds.
I spent a couple of hours wiping down the kennels where the dust was settling again.
Picked up in the drive and then washed the office area and kitchen floors.
Everyone in and fed and then 3 hours paper work before bed.

A good start nice and dry, house dogs all out and fed then kiro and Reo in and fed.
Labs out and their kennel all cleaned ready for the evening.
House dogs back in and then the kennel dogs all done.
The fire done and field water buckets done.
I sorted out getting an oil delivery as I had run out on Tuesday morning.
I popped out quickly to get some moisture traps for the kennel.
Poodle’s room all steam cleaned ready for the evening.
I wormed everyone the only one that was a pain was Coosa, everyone else was really good.
I started some more shredding and then the shredder packed up so a new one is on the shopping list.
I did some work with Winter and Ruby as Winter will be going to training tonight.
I cut up some chicken ready to feed everyone and then let the labs out in the field for a couple of hours.
For treats for training I cut up some very small pieces of cheese and got a little box of liver treats.
Cito had a quick brush as she has been rolling in the field and stank.
The bottom block needed cleaning while shone and Moon were out in the field.
I stopped for some food as I wanted to leave early to stop off on route to training to get a new shredder and some shopping.
Everyone in the kennel was fed and has cow’s ears, I locked up and left five groups of dogs out and then loaded Shiraz and Winter into the van and off we went to training.
We had a really good first night back; both of my two dogs were really good, Winter was very outgoing with all of the puppies.
Shiraz was very good with everything except her stay; she was really being silly and squirming around the floor.
We got home and I unloaded the dogs and then did the kennel dogs and brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I fed the house dogs and got the feeds done for the morning, I spent an hour with the dogs before bed.
I was tired I needed to get moving quickly as I wanted to get a few extra things done before Nathan came over.
Everyone fed and cleaned out, the fire done and all of the old cardboard from the garage.
I tidied up the fire pit and then spent a little while with Coosa’s group, Aimie has not really been herself this week, she has been quiet.
While dogs were out on the drive I played ball with them before doing the lunch time feeds.
I fed everyone and then Nathan and Jake arrived to fit some of my new cctv cameras in the drive and the kennel,While they were setting them up I made some lunch.
The chicken delivery arrived so I sorted out the feeds for the next day and then Kate arrived to help me with taking pictures of the puppies and microchipping them, we also vaccinated the yorkies as they are more difficult on your own.
Kirsty arrived and we had coffee and then went up to see the Labradors, they have all now got their new collars on so touch wood they will stay on.
After Kirsty and Kate left I did the feeds and then swapped over dogs.
A few of the younger dogs needed vaccines so I got them done and then did some paper work.
I finished off cleaning in the kennel and then brought everyone in and fed Coosa’s group.
I picked up in the drive and let the house dogs out for a run.
The wolf dogs came in and then the poodles.
I got the bones out for the morning and then let Kiro and Reo out.
I tidied up in the house and had dinner.
An early morning all the house dogs out in the yard and bottom block.
The labs out and fed and Kiro in.
I did the kennel dogs and let Hannah in to start grooming; I cleaned the kennels and put the first lot of vet beds in the wash.
Hannah had two of the house dogs in the grooming room.
I did the fire and then the meat delivery arrived I sorted that out and then burnt the boxes.
I cleaned the labs kennel and then cleaned the poodle’s room in the house and steamed the floor.
Hannah is getting on really well with the grooming the drier is proving to be fantastic it means she can get so many more dogs bathed and now I only have to help out with ears.
Kirsty was here having coffee and then my licencing officer arrived to do my kennel inspection, he was more than happy with the dogs and the paper work side of everything, we did have a brief chat about also considering going for a boarding licence only for maybe 6 dogs, I need to think about where I would put the new kennels, maybe to convert my old building at the top kennel area.
Just as Phil was leaving when a customer arrived to spend time with their puppy as the lady wasn’t sure if she had an allergic reaction to the pup last week after she left here but she thought it may have been from her friends Labrador.
After they left I fed everyone and then washed the next vet beds.
I was busy cleaning yards and then the poodle’s yard.
Hannah had finished so we had a coffee and a chat, she had done well ten dogs bathed and dried.
I spent a short time with Coosa’s group and then brought them in.
Everyone fed and now it was getting dark.
I had a late phone call to say a friend of mine had lost his husky and needed company for his dog.
A really misty foggy cold start today was going to be a good day I felt.
House dogs out and labs fed and out.
Kiro and Reo in.
I did the first couple of groups in the kennel and then phoned my friend to see if he wanted to try his male dog with my rescue male!
We had a chat for a bit and then he said he was coming up to try the dogs so I got the rest of my dogs done and the fire lit and then the bottom block cleaned.
Mark arrived and we had a coffee and then took the boys into the front pen, all was going really well so we took them up the field together and let them have a run around, anyway all good so Mark has taken my boy on trial, I really hope it works out for them, then I will have my favourite Saarloos boy and my favourite Czech boy both together in the same home, fingers crossed for them all.
After Mark left with the boys I fed everyone and swapped dogs around.
I stopped quickly for food and fed the housed dogs at the same time.
I cleaned the poodle’s room.
I sorted out emails and a couple of phone calls.
I spent a couple of hours with the dogs and then picked up in the drive and locked the gates.
Coosa’s group came in and the house dogs went out on the drive for a while.
House dogs in Kiro and Reo out.

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