4th November

Last Sunday was a very cold start and thankfully as it had been such a busy week I was pleased to get a little extra time in bed.
The morning was hard and took longer than usual as I had been so busy on the Saturday I had not made up the frozen feeds or hosed the labradoodles yard which I would have got done in the evening when they had all been locked up.
I also had to power wash the bottom yard as Coosa’s group had been in there for an hour with visitors.
The house dogs had to go out into pen one so this was another job to add to our list.
We got the bottom block and labs done first.
We did the top block and then kate carried on down the bottom and towel dried the house dogs pen before Jason and his wife arrived to look at Tory’s pups.
We had breakfast and then Jason and Laura arrived so I spent some time with them while Kate let the dogs out and sorted out the house dog’s pen.
The rain started again so no one wanted to go out for a while which gave Kate chance to change the vet beds and water for all the bitches and pups.
Some of the puppies are just starting to be weaned so Kate fed them while the mums were out.
After Jason had gone we put the lab group out before Kate went off to Paignton for a couple of days to stay with her family.
When the labs came in I fed everyone as it was still pouring with rain and getting colder by the minute.
I got the frozen food all out and ready for the next afternoon.
I did the morning feeds ready.
For the last run to try and tier everyone out a little more I swapped the male around with different female groups in the hopes that I could bring them in and they would be shattered and go to sleep so I could get on with some paper work and print pedigree’s for the pups leaving in December, as we are getting less time in the day now I need to try and keep in front with everything.
Our hybrid pups and owners take a large amount of our time as it’s paramount that we help them as much as possible to understand the needs of the pup they are taking on long before the pup leaves here.
Tory has had more visitors in the last week than she has probably ever had in her life, bless her she has been really good.
We now have 2 females available from Kiro and 1 female from Tory.
Kirsty is now here for a few hours on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thursday s.
Kate is Fri, Sat and Sundays and covering any day where there is a vet trip or something else on.
Monday morning was really good everything went well and we finished without running late or any problems.
After Kirsty had gone I wormed Kiro pups.
I have tried to feed the two hybrid litters but only the pups with the lab are eating so far.
The clocks changing haven’t helped us at all the dogs are still wanting to go out even in the dark.
The house dogs are waking up at 5 am, not helped by Kiro joining in with the howling.
As Coosa’s group are being a real pain I am having to have them down in the bottom yard for a couple of hours after they have been fed and had their morning run just to stop the howling.
I have spent so much time up and down the steps I feel like a yoyo, this is not helping me get on with any other jobs; I would make more progress if I was sat in the kennel with a laptop.
I can’t wait till the new building is finished then they can howl to their hearts content, and I won’t have to care about the noise.
Most of the problem is Coosa and Matzi just want to be with me, but this is not possible all of the time.
This will also mean I can lock them in and then take Coosa out and run him so he will be knackered I hope, this will be my way of getting my own back for keeping me up half the night.
When I went away with Kirsty Coosa was in our room and was happy to stay in and not get up at silly o clock in the morning.
The winter has not started and I feel worn out.
Tuesday morning was so busy we didn’t have a spare minute, cleaning changing beds another big meat delivery.
This is how the days are going one seemed to roll into another.
I had the roof cladding prices come in, so we are looking to progress with ordering this, the steel is being cut in a couple of weeks all being well.
Just the timbers to order and the scaffolding.
It would be great if the roof could be on for Christmas at least I could then start to get the next quotes for when we render the outside.

Today I had to make the dreaded phone call to book Kia into the vets to get Gavin to give me his thoughts on a lump in her chest.
Kia has been losing weight rapidly with a massive increase in her food, so I am very worried about the outcome of Friday’s visit.
I managed to get the house dogs out in the field while everyone else was being fed so they came back in and settled for a couple of hours which gave me chance to finish off outside.
Kate brought lobo back after their couple of days away, he has now gone in with Bobby as she is in season and I could not leave her with Siren.
Wednesday morning we did the bottom block, bitches, pups and Labradors then I went off to get some more minced beef for the little dogs while Kirsty did the top block.
When I got back we power washed Idaho who is always really dirty, I finished off her pen while Kirsty brought dogs in and let the house dogs out.
We started to worm everyone to get as many done before Kirsty finished as possible.
After Kirsty had gone I carried on worming, the only really difficult ones were Kiro and the yorkie who bit my finger but this time I was not defeated I manage to syringe him with drontal.
Everyone went out again and then the rain came so Coosa’s group wanted to come in as it was really heavy and he does not much like getting wet.
As everyone was in earlier than normal it gave me time to spend inside with each group.
I fed everyone and put the bitches back out for a while then I went off to training with C.
It was a strange night for her as my sister was not there for the first time with Lexi her gsd, but C was still was fairly good, I am not convinced that she will pass her gold as on the night she may not do her send away.
What will be will be on the night, I am not worried as she will do it at home at full speed.
I made a quick de tour to Mc D’s on the way home as food was in short supply for humans today.
When I got home I spent time with the puppies and then the house dogs before bed.
Thursday morning kirsty and I were running at full speed as we knew we were in for a busy morning people booked in to see dogs and the weather was terrible.
I was cleaning out Souls’s pen and all I could hear Kirsty saying whilst in Idaho’s pen was OH no, Oh god, really, I cannot believe you, Oh no Idaho how can you be this dirty we only power washed this yesterday.
So Kirsty picked up a much as possible and said we need to power wash her again, I was thinking bloody great just what we needed today, so we did it again, that cost us an hour by the time it was done swept and dried.
We rushed through the rest of them before Kirsty had to go to work at the pub.
I changed the vet beds and got the washing under way.
I wormed Tory’s pups they were very good not like Kiro’s they were not impressed with their worming.
Kate arrived at 12 o clock so I could go off to the opticians as I have been getting pains in my eyes and flashing lights again, nothing to worry about just fatigue and need glasses for reading and computer.
Then I went off to meet Kevin at the station to pick up my new poodles bred by Lorraine and Kevin Indiwolf poodles from Boston Lincolnshire.
They are a beautiful litter and look stunning Lorraine finally invested in a nice set of clippers and has now had a lot of practice with clipping her own poodles.
I was very impressed with how the pups looked they were bright happy healthy and very well presented.
These three little miniatures will now be for our future breeding program for our Cockapoo’s, all health tested and they are only from Lorraine’s and my lines so great breeding stock and raised in a nice balanced and clean environment.
I really needed new pups but am very reluctant to buy from breeders that I don’t know personally.
I got back home Kate unloaded the pups and got them settled in while I went and fed the outside dogs before we did the bitches and pups.
I had a customer here who also had a pup from Lorraine’s litter in the evening.
I spent the rest of the evening doing paper work and a list of things that needed to be done the next day as I was going to be out.
Friday morning was an early start to get as much done as possible before going off to the vets with Kia.
We had a terrible trip to the vets with the flooding and the hail stones were like golf balls.
We arrived in plenty of time.
I had a chat with Gavin the vet and showed him the lumps that have grown recently and we talked about her weight loss.
When we put Kia up on the table we were looking for the lump in her chest but as she was on her back in a cradle it was hard to find the lump that moved as her skin was very loose, we found a second lump before the one we had been looking for.
In the end it was two in the chest one very large one on her side two on one side of her face and another on the other side of the nose.
I am not too keen on this side of operations but as it was Kia I stayed and watched occasionally from around the door as it was a bit much at times, Gavin cut some out very neat squares of skin then took the lumps out and then replacing the skin and stitching it back.
It was interesting to see how it was done but I was relieved when it was over.
After a seriously long time on the table, we took her off and laid her in a large cage with the doors open, after 15 minutes her eyes were opening and rolling so we carried her out on a vet bed and laid her in the van with a sheet and blankets over her.
I got home and carried her in, she did not know what she wanted to do for a while, so she slept on the sofa for a few hours then had dinner and went up to bed.
Kate had done the meat for the other dogs as the delivery had arrived after I had left in the morning with Kia.
Kate fed the outside dogs as we were expecting visitors.
Kate came down as she heard the helicopter circling before landing.
Kate moved Kiro out and fed her outside, while I was busy with our visitors from Dubai we spent some time with everyone holding the puppies and had a chat then off they all went and we finished off the bitches.
I hosed the yard ready for the morning and then we got all the frozen feeds done.
We fed the house dogs and locked everyone up.
Saturday morning Kate and I were constantly rushing to get the pens dry before the next heavy shower it was horrible.
Mum came down to clean and do some paper work and as always sort out food all day.
Wendy and Brian popped down to put up another pen so we have somewhere to put the new pups out to play in for a while in the day time, and they can be in the dry as you cannot have baby wet poodles.
Whilst here for supposedly a couple of hours Brain white boarded out a cage for me so I could evict my yorkies from the lounge to the office, this is a god send as they can be terrible when visitors arrive.
It also gives more space in the lounge for dogs to sleep up on the top of the spare cage.
It turned out to be a major relief to have had their help; it would not have been possible for me to have done the jobs they did.
It was really helpful and will make life easier.
Late afternoon I was on my own so I fed and did the pups, washed hosed the day pens ready for the morning.
When everyone was locked up we had dinner and then I did the blog while mum did some paper work and bills.
I finished my emails and watched tv for a while.
I did the last of the washing and drying by 11.30 and left the last lot for drying in the morning.
Then off to bed.

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