4th March

Monday was the normal damp cold start our Lab Breeze had been wormed on Sunday evening she didn’t appear to have anything wrong except she was slightly sick overnight so she was fed breakfast as normal.
We went and exercised the other dogs and Kate popped back in to change the vet bed and do her water, well poor Breeze had been very sick everywhere, I gave her an antibiotic injection but the sickness continued thought the day.
At 5 pm she was being sick on just water, so I got over to the vets before they closed and pick her up an Antiemetic injection, came home and gave it to her and took her water away overnight.
Tuesday was an early start as Iman the csv bitch was impatient to get out at 6am and I wanted to make sure breeze was ok.
She had only been very slightly sick so I gave her a small bowl of water and this was ok, she was not sick so an hour later she had her water back as normal.
After we had finished cleaning I went round and checked and cleaned everyone’s ears, some were perfect and some were really dirty.
Kate carried on outside while I came in to do some paper work for a while before spending some time with Coosa and Idaho.
I had enough time in the afternoon to brush Cito, C and Kia my moulting house dogs.
I gave Breeze a small feed and spread it all around the kennel floor so she did not gulp it down and so far she has not been sick.
Camouse pups are eating three feeds a day and doing very well, soon she will be going back to Shaun to join her pack as her pups are 4 weeks old this weekend.
Wyedean Quest Stage Stop Rally.
Various venues in the Forest Of Dean
Dates: 24th, 25th & 26th Feb 2012
4 x stages from 2.3 to 4 miles
Open Class 2nd Racheal Bailey running a combination of Czech wolfdog crosses
Open Class 3rd Anne Sharman running a combination of Czech wolfdog crosses
Bikejor/Scooter class 8th Stu Malcolmson running two Czech wolfdog crosses
Also Racheal along with Sarah Heyes won fastest Freight Team and also Racheal stage times were the fastest freight times.
While Racheal was away Vika our little pure bred csv got a really nasty cut on her leg right down to the bone, Rach rang me and said she was worried that it would be hard to stitch as their did not seem to be enough spare skin, she put Vika straight onto antibiotics and rested her as much as you can with a Czech.
After a long weekend Racheal arrived home and took her straight to the vets. Vika was given more antibiotics and had to go back to be stitched up on Tuesday afternoon.
Normally Vika is very good in the vets but she took a dislike to the vet and jumped a 6 foot wall in her kennel so Rach had to stay with her.
All seemed go be going well then 24 hours later Vika took all but one of her stitches out ,so back in she went again, this time she had to be stitched without an anaesthetic but she didn’t object as Racheal held her and she was quiet and stayed still.
Wednesday was really busy with visitors looking at pups and making sure everything was finished in time for training.
With constant washing of vet beds and general jobs the day just flies by, I managed to get one of the poodles brushed and a yorkie brushed and bathed.
Peaches was also groomed and bathed ready for training but Kate was struggling to walk as she has hurt her leg so she went home early and I went to training with just C.
Duke and piper our two doodle pups were moved into a pack with young females today, we can now use their area for whelping our next female.
We had a very good night, C was impressive even with children running around the room she stayed completely still on her down stays, I sometimes forget she is only 10 months.
Thursday showed a sign of friendliness between Coosa and Idaho so I am feeling a little bit happier about them two mating soon.
I spent quite a while today talking to owners about training with their dogs arranging Keba one of the rehome dogs to arrive at the weekend.
Friday was an early start as when we had finished feeding the freezers had to be defrosted and the new meat delivery put away.
We then stripped out the garage, checked all the dry feed and cleaning products for our next order, and then power washed the floor.
The kennel is now ready for the whelping box to be put up for Steel, our cvs girl who is coming home as she is supposed to be in pup and by all accounts is due very soon.
I had a late finish, it was dark when I came in so I spent a couple of hours relaxing with the house dogs before brushing another poodle.
Saturday was a very early start it was horrible and wet at first but soon brightened up.
Wendy and Brian came down to do lots of odd jobs and get my spare computer table in so the old computer can be set up.
The day started off all going to plan but then we had people viewing dogs, some were very early and some late which made things get out of routine.
The afternoon started to sort itself out and things started getting back to normal.
Shaun and Isla came over and picked up Camouse and all of the meat, we only had an hour before the next people arrived.
Camouse’s pups are starting to explore around the whelping area they are eating well. I have put a heat lamp up for them now they are not getting the body heat from mum.
Breeze is happier now that she cannot hear a wolf dog next door to her.
Wendy gave me a hand to scrub down and power wash Matzi’s day pen while they were out, since Lobo has joined Eba and Matzi’s the pen gets really disgusting as he tramples everything into the floor and pads it all over the mesh.
I get the same with A’Lupa and Koko.
I generally find the Czech pens are far dirtier than the Saarloos pens, it’s a shame that I can’t organise it to get those three in together but Koko really does not like A’Lupa, somehow I can’t blame her she is an irritant, one that came without any manners what so ever.
She has made improvements but not as many as I would have liked by now.
After the dogs were all in and fed we spent the rest of the time washing out all the meat trays and clearing up all of the wood and building stuff that has accumulated around the garage and outside in the drive.
All the wood is ready for the next fire and a fair bit of metal for the scrap collection.
After dinner I wormed two lots of pups and spent some time with Camouse’s pups.
Duke one of our remaining boys from Saffi’s litter has found a new home today, he will be staying a couple of weeks while his new owners are going away.
Sunday is looking like being very busy, a rehome dog is coming in, and then the prospective new owners are coming to introduce their two wolf dogs to him.
One of our hybrid owners is coming to see their puppy again.
A couple are coming down to view Labadoodle pups.
Let’s hope the weather forecast is wrong as it will be a challenging enough day without rain.

Rach and Vika


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