4th January

Saturday evening when we got home there was a right mess to clean up from Shone loads of stuff from the lounge table all over the floor and she has broken a bottle of cough medicine, I was not best pleased when I tried to clean it up from the leather seat and cut my thumb.
I left her outside while cleaning up which took ages as everything was really sticky.
After the mass clean up I let the little dogs out for a wee and then they came in for an hour before I went to bed.
Sunday morning was a really cold start, house dogs all went out and then the puppies came back in as it was really too cold to leave them out.
Kiro went in and we went down to the kennels all the dogs went out for a really long run, the house dogs went out in the field for an hour with the puppies from the kennels, while they were out we did the fire and then picked up bones in both fields.
Dave picked up in the drive and the paddock while I was getting the chicken cut up ready for lunch time feeding.
I got some more shavings out of the container and then filled up the fed bins in the house and the kennel.
Lunchtime feeds done.
Dave picked up all of the leaves up around the top kennel and down the steps, I power washed the steps and bottom yard.
All of the dogs came in just before 5 pm and then everyone was fed and the kennel locked up, Kiro out and the house dogs fed and back inside in the warm.
We cleaned out Kiro’s kennel and let her out.
Shone went out in the bottom yard on her own as we were going over to visit my neighbour for a glass of wine and I could not face sorting the mess out again when I got home.
Monday morning was very frosty and extremely cold, the house puppies went out for a quick toilet stop while I cleaned their room and did the breakfast.
They came back in and Cito and Shone went out for food and stayed out.
Kiro came in.
We went up to the kennel and got the first groups out and started feeding.
Dave then picked up in the drive to get the gates open ready for Hannah coming in as she was grooming today.
We finished feeding and cleaning everyone’s kennels.
Dave took up all the bags for the fire and I got the fire done and then let Shone and Cito in the field and Coosa’s group were in field two.
We had breakfast late as normal and then Dave loaded his car ready to leave at lunch time.
I went to town and grabbed some milk.
I spent a while on the computer emailing pictures.
Kirsty came down to get Lupus’s claws clipped again and then she left to drop Lupus home and go shopping
Helen arrived to pick up her dogs and then Kirsty came back to spend some time with Narla and the puppies.
I did the lunchtime chicken feeds for everyone and then gave them all bones
Everyone spent the afternoon out in the sun.
All in fed and locked up by 5.30
Tuesday morning was an early start Christian came over with his friend and brought Suri his wolf dog to stay with Coosa for a few days.
We had a really busy day as I had people viewing dogs and we were busy with Suri and coosa.
Lunchtime feeds all done and dogs out for day.
A big meat delivery that took me most of the day on and off to get done.
Everything was fairly much the same as the previous day.
Evening feeds done and everyone in and locked up.
We went out for dinner and a couple of drinks.
Wednesday I did the dogs very early and had all mine finished by 8 am.
We put Suri out with Coosa as she spent the night in the bedroom with Christian.
We went out for breakfast and then people came to view puppies.
Lunchtime feeds done and then the dogs were alternated in the drive as the hybrids had all of the fields.
Christian left to go back to Germany.
I did the afternoon stocking up feeds and shavings.
Everyone was in by 5 pm as I was going out for New Year and had to leave just after 6 pm.
Thursday morning I did not start until 8 am as I got home at 3 pm and was needing some sleep.
Everyone out, cleaned and fed.
I had two lots of people viewing dogs.
Fire done drive clean and then they arrived.
Lunch time feeds done and the next group of dogs out.
I did a few odd jobs for the afternoon and then got the morning and evening feeds done.
I spent time with Narla and the puppies and then got everyone in.
Friday morning another nice dry day, everyone done fed and out.
Chicken needed cutting up for the lunchtime feeds.
Next was to hoover all the shavings around the office area and kitchen and then wash the next vet bed.
A quick hoover in the house and change the beds again as I have had more visitors this week.
After the people had left that were viewing the puppies I hosed the bottom yard and emptied out all of the water buckets ready for the morning.
Worming done on the puppies.
Lunch time feeding finished and then three more groups of dogs out.
I got the chicken out for the next day and then cleaned up in the drive and the bottom block.
I spent time with Suri and then with Narla and the puppies.
I had Coosa’s group down in the bottom block with their food for a couple of hours as my neighbour had two house viewings.
Shone and Cito stayed out in the field and then came down to the bottom yard.
All the little dogs went out in the fields for an hour.
I did the evening feeds and the morning feeds and then Kirsty popped in for a while.
I got everyone in and locked up, Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Saturday morning I could hear the wind and rain even before I got out of bed, I put the house dogs out and went to lock Kiro up her and Reo were already waiting in their kennel for me.
I cleaned the paper on the house poodles and then went down to the kennel; I was soaked before I even got in there.
Each group was done and let out individually so I could get them in if I needed to quickly.
I finished cleaning and feeding and then did the blog and checked emails.
The drive all cleaned and gates opened ready for Christian coming to pick up Suri.
All the dogs had cow’s ears as they were not going to get out much until the rain had stopped.
11 am and the rain slowed down so everyone went out again before lunch and then had their chicken.
I had puppy viewers in the afternoon and then all the dogs went out again.
I fed everyone and did the morning feeds and then got Coosa’s group in.
Kiro went out for the night and I started paper work.

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