4th December

Wolf hybrid male puppy available due to be homed on the 20 Th of December price 2000 pounds.
A good week really busy with puppy’s visitors and paper work for the hybrids that are being exported.
The defra paper work has all now been sent up just waiting for the approvals to come through. the flights are booked.
We did have a slight issue with Titan Lobo one of our older pure Czech boys that was homed earlier this year, he came in late one night with a really bad cut on his back leg which was right down to the bone.
I took him into the vets and had him stitched up and castrated.
He is fine now and back home with Martine and Luta.
The hybrid puppies are doing really well they are now being weaned from mum and they have all been micro chipped.
Dora’s and Tarnas group have adopted a little labradoodle puppy as all of her litter has now been homed.
Dora has gone back with Eba and Matzi.
Quilla has gone in with Tarna which has made things a little easier as they are now in a small pen outside until Tarna’s back has improved a bit more before she will be allowed out on exercise.
Soon my little girl will be coming into the house to spend more time with the inside dogs.
Shaun and I are going to be spending time today discussing requirements of each pup and their new owners
To select the right combination for both of them. prospective owners will be called this week to give them the news some have been waiting many months for, as some of the deposits were received long before the mating.
Kate has stayed most of the week but we did not really achieve much more than normal, we did take a late night trip out to pets at home, we bought some really great toys especially the balls that talk when the dogs touch them, I think we had as much fun watching the dogs as they did playing with them.

C had a very good night at training she has one more puppy class left on this course which is the Christmas party.
The next class will start in January when the hybrid pups will be in the puppy class and then C will be in the next one.
This will make it a long night
Thankfully Kate will be able to keep an eye on the two puppies and make sure they are not cold in the van.

Lycan has not been able to go out for the last few days as he has banged her leg she cannot put any weight on it at the moment, she has been really good about staying in her kennel with the door open to the yard.

Wayakin and Quahanny have mated at Shaun’s today so she will come back here two weeks before her puppies are due, then after she has weaned the litter she will go back to Shaun to join her pack.

Akna race result.

The STE Sherwood Forest Rally in association with ABSA (that banned Vadar).

Scooter class 2nd place Stu Malcolmson running Dakota a czechwolfdog cross.

Oh I came first with my Eskimo’s

Dora pup

Tarna pups

Daquilla pups

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