4th August

Last Saturday night I was having real problems with my outlook, so I had to upload the blog to face book for Jaq to take if off and put it on the website, this was very irritating.
Sunday morning the dogs had me up at 3 am, I went back to bed feeling half dead, up again at 5 am, this time I fed the Coosa pups and let two groups out at the top and fed the house dogs and let them out.
I had all the feeds done and ready for the rest of the dogs.
I swapped dogs over at the top as they were still howling even from in the field so I gave everyone a couple of scoops of biscuit and came back down and cleaned up the yards from the house dogs.
I checked my computer but outlook was still not working so I had to mess around going on the internet to get my mail.
Sam arrived and fed the pups out the front while I did the other pups and Razzles group, then Sam did the poodle group.
We started cleaning down the bottom and washing the vet beds and then went up to the top kennel and cleaned all them out while Moon was out.
Everyone was fed the chicken and bones.
We came down and cleaned the bottom yards while Shone and Narla were out.
They came in and Kiro went out, not for long the rain was so heavy, Sam brought her in and then we cleaned the whelping areas.
The rain stopped and Reo went out.
We got the vet beds and bowls washed and then visitors turned up for a while.
Sam did the whelping area water and checked for paper and blue roll and stuff.
We did the lunchtime feeds and the chicken for the little dogs.
Sam left and I got mother to check my emails from hers.
I brushed Coosa, Moon,Shone and Kia as they are all still shedding coat everywhere.
I got the frozen feeds done for the morning and tidied up I the garage ready for a pallet of food to arrive this week.
I hosed the yards and changed water buckets, the rain was on and off all day, some showers were very heavy and the dogs came in when it as really bad.
I did the evening feeds and let everyone out for the last run and went to town with two of the pups and A’Lupa.
Kirsty and I had a pup each and Sam had A’Lupa, we walked around town and Kirsty and I went back to her house for coffee while Sam look A’Lupa out on her own for a while.
I got home and unloaded the dogs and fed them, then cleaned out my van ready for the next trip out.
I let the house dogs out into pen one as the rain was really heavy and then they all came in and had bones in the house.
I did the morning feeds and wrote out my next groups of dogs for worming.
Monday morning I started at 4.30 as I wanted to get finished as early as possible to ring Microsoft and sort out my computer.
I had everyone fed and out by 7 am, some of the kennels were cleaned out and then I came down to let the house dogs back out, at 8 o clock I phoned Microsoft and spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to sort out the emails.
I gave up and then just spoke the guy by chat as it was costing a fortune on the phone.
I went out on and off sorting things outside and then the computer was finally sorted by 11.25.
I did the puppies feeds and cleaned the rest of the kennels that I hadn’t finished earlier.
We had a message from the tiler at the weekend to say his back was so bad he could not come back so he said we need to find someone else.
A friend of mine gave us someone fairly local to ring and he came over in the afternoon and gave us a price and chatted about what needed to be finished.
He is starting on Wednesday so hopefully the tiling will be finished in a couple of weeks’ time.
After mum had left I fed the dogs and changed over groups.
All the puppies were fed and clean.
I left the dogs out until 9pm and then cleaned the last two yards and put everyone away.
Dinner and bed.
Tuesday morning the horrid creatures got me up at 3 am, they were constantly howling on and off, so I made them stay in until 7 am after I had finished the house dogs.
I let two groups out up the top and came down and fed bitches and pups.
All the little dogs were out with their food.
Back up and cleaned them out and let two more groups out and burnt the rubbish.
I washed the vet beds and sorted out a couple of phone calls.
Next was the wolf dogs from the house to go out in the field while I cleaned the bottom yards.
The meat delivery arrived so I got that sorted and fed everyone, bones and chicken.
I fed the bitches and pups.
I had some more people to speak to about puppies.
Kirsty came down for a chat and a coffee with a friend who may be starting work here next week.
I have had a busy and fairly non-productive day.
I did the lunch time feeds and then cleaned the pups out again.
I got all the washing up together and put away.
I had several phone calls to sort out and vet appointments to book for health certificates.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the morning and then started to clean the yards before feeding all the puppies.
Kirsty popped in with another delivery of chicken carcasses and we had a chat for a while.
Dogs went out until 9 pm and then I had enough everyone was locked in and the house dogs went out in the field.
Wednesday morning was a 4.30 start not good but a little more sleep.
Two groups from the top out, Coosa pups fed and then the house dogs were fed.
Swapped over dogs at the top and cleaned two kennels.
Sam arrived and we fed all the bitches and pups and got everyone out and cleaned out.
The plumber and tiler arrived; we are now getting to the stage where one is holding up the other, so we are getting a day here and there from everyone at the moment.
I have booked Nathan to come in at the weekend and put the under floor heating in.
I then had someone come to look at pups, they had just left when the carpenter arrived, I had to spend an hour with him sorting out what I needed next.
We did the lunchtime feeds and changed water buckets and washed down the lab yard.
Sam went home and I did the dog and got the frozen feeds ready for the morning.
I got the cooked and raw chicken ready in pots to take training for the pups.
Neil and his partner came for a visit as they are on holiday for a couple of weeks from Norfolk with their dogs staying in south Devon.
Neil said seeing Coosa and the hybrid girls was the best part of his holiday.
After they left we loaded up the dogs ready for training, off we went to Barnstaple.
We had a good night River was really good, Ranger was comical and very good with his downs, he was so gentle when he took food from the children, Kate wishes he was that gentle with her.
Shone was good she gets better every week, it has been a pleasure so far with her training she is so much more willing than C ever was, even though C thought me to think in a totally different way with her training.
We got home and unloaded the dogs and fed them, I got Matzi and Coosa in Kate sorted out other stuff while Sam cleaned out my van and got it ready for the next outing.
I spent a while sorting out food and bones for Kate and then did the rest of the dogs.
I got the frozen feeds done and the morning feeds and sat down for a coffee at 10.30.
Thursday morning another early start everyone was out cleaned and fed by 9.30, Sam did the rest of the cleaning and the whelping area while I did some paper work and helped Hannah, not that I will be doing much more grooming for a while as I put another disc out while clipping Coco, I had to lay down for 20 minutes as the pain was killing me and I thought I was heading for another migraine.
We did the lunchtime feeds and the little dogs chicken.
Sam went home and I did the dogs for a few hours, when Sam came back I went to my sisters for dinner and spent some time with my niece and nephew and the children.
I got home and Sam left so I did the morning feeds and frozen feeds then got Coosa and Matzi in and let all the house dogs out.
A pallet of dry food was delivered while I was out so Sam stacked most of it and left the 20 bags that she did not know what to do with; I sorted that out and then came in.
Bed at 11.30 up at 4.30 to start Friday morning, I fed the Coosa pups and did not let any of the top groups out until 6.30.
I did the feeds and all the house dogs were finished when Sam arrived, she fed the bitches and pups, I got the top groups in and then came down and helped her clean the bottom groups.
We cleaned the top kennels and then came down to unload the meat delivery.
Hannah was her here again grooming, she still won’t get all them finished today.
Shone and Narla went out and I power washed all of the bottom yards and Coosa pups pen.
We did the lunchtime feeds for bitches, pups and everyone’s chicken.
I went off to the chiropractor and m@ S shopping while Sam worked through her list.
I got home and sorted out the shopping and then fed everyone.
Matzi came in and Shone and Narla went out.
I did the frozen feeds for the morning and re cleaned the pups.
I was rushing like mad as I could hear the thunder and knew the rain was coming fairly soon, I was just about finished and the storm came in very fast.
The thunder was so loud, but the dogs were fine, Narla kept looking up at the ceiling she thought Kia was jumping around upstairs.
I wrote the last two days blog and then got the girls in from the bottom block and had dinner.
Saturday morning was a good start the dogs didn’t get me up until 5 am,
I went up and opened the kennel door; they could see it was hammering down with rain so they shut up.
I fed Narla the house dogs and the Coosa pups, I went back to bed for an hour and then up to let the first two groups out, I cleaned their kennels while I was up there.
I brought them in and let the next two groups out and came down and did the puppy feeds and the bitches.
I started cleaning the bottom groups when Sam arrived, I had planned to strip out one of the whelping areas so I started that and Sam gave mum and Nathan a hand moving the rest of the tiles so Nath could put down the under floor heating.
Kirsty came round to give me a hand, she was great, she moved pups with Sam while I got feeds ready then she helped in the top kennel.
We got pictures of the two pups a lady has put a deposit on.
Sam cleaned pups and we wormed all the bitches and their puppies.
Mum made food so Nath and I had breakfast at lunch time and Kirsty and Sam left.
I fed all the little dogs and made a couple of calls about the new building ordering glass and self-levelling compound for the 5 rooms with the under floor heating.
It started to pour down again so I got all the frozen feeds done ready for the morning.
All the dogs got wet every time they went out, so I only left them out for 45 minutes at a time.
I popped down to the new kennel to sort out a few more odds.
I cleaned the yards and fed the pups, all the outside dogs were locked up by 6 pm as the weather was not getting any better.
Mum and I went off to B@Q and picked up the self-levelling compound to go over the under floor heating mats.
We stopped on the way home for dinner.
When we got home I let all the house dogs out and then spent and hour and half with them while they ate their bones.
I did the blog and emails and off to bed.

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