3rd November

Sunday morning was fairly dry and very windy,
The house dogs went out and then they came in for food.
I put Reo out and Kiro I cleaned their pens and then brought them in for breakfast.
I put Coosa out and the six hybrids with their food, I cleaned their pens out and just left the back pen for Maddie to clean.
I came down and did the puppy feeds and everyone else’s food ready for when Maddie arrived.
We fed and cleaned out all of the puppies and changed the vet beds.
After we had fed and cleaned everyone out I cut up the chicken for the little dogs.
I went out to get some more Christmas shopping, and bought myself a stack of jeans and some new trainers.
I got home and fed the little dogs and the house dogs before a customer arrived to view cockapoo’s.
I cleaned the yards and did some paper work.
I had all the feeds prepared early as I wasn’t sure about the weather going on the turn.
I put the hybrids out for a couple of hours and then they came in for food while Kiro and Reo went out.
I put Coosa bed down ready and then spent a short time playing with him and Matzi.
I got the frozen feeds done and then started to wash the yards.
I brought everyone in and the last group came in at 4.45 as it was so wet I re cleaned everyone and then went back out at just after 5pm and fed all of the puppies.
I came back in and spent time with the house dogs.
The rain was really coming down fast so I went outside with the house dogs when they went to the toilet just to make sure they were all safe.
Monday morning was terrible I put the house dogs out and then brought them in for food.
I put Reo out in Coosa’s pen so he could get back in if the rain got too much.
I came down and made all of the feeds for everyone.
I put the hybrids out as it looked like a break in the wind and rain and went out and fed the first group of puppies and bitches.
I had to go back up and let the hybrids back in as the rain was hammering down.
I went back to feeding puppies and Amy phoned up to say she could not get through the floods and was having to go back and come another way in.
I finished the feeding and left the water for when Amy arrived.
I cleaned Reo’s pen and brought him back in and fed him.
Kiro went out and we did her pen and fed her outside.
Coosa went out and had his food in the day pen while we cleaned his pen.
I heard the little dogs barking and went down to the house, the treatment plant had arrived and we had to get one of the farmers in to unload it.
The carpenter arrived and went straight on to getting the next door frame in and fitting the kitchen.
I went back up to the house and got the feeds done for Amy to feed the puppies.
I left Amy to feed the puppies and change vet beds and gave her a list of odd jobs to get on with while I was down at the new kennel doing some odd bits and taking off the masking tape from the doors and windows.
I sorted out the new handles for the kitchen cupboard with Simon.
Next I put little the little dogs in so Simon could repair my garage doors for me; we were having trouble shutting them properly.
I spoke to a couple of puppy owners and asked them if they would prefer to wait until Thursday to pick up their pups instead of Tuesday as the weather is not good and the link road is horrible in the high winds.
I changed dogs in the fields and then let the little dogs out for a while, when they were out I did the frozen feeds ready for the morning for the wolf dogs.
I cleaned the yards and put everyone away and then did the feeds for the puppies and locked everyone up for the night.
Shone and Narla came down for food and then into the house for the evening.
Tuesday morning was so wet I left Shone and Narla down in the bottom block while I got the house dogs out and the feeds done for everyone else.
Amy arrived and we fed the puppies and cleaned them all out.
Razzle and buds group were alternated in the bottom block with their food as it was too wet to leave them out to eat.
After we had finished all of them we went up to the top and put Reo out and cleaned his pen.
Kiro went out next and we did her pen and then Coosa and the hybrid groups went out and had their food outside.
I fed the rest of the wolf dogs and then cleaned pen 2 and 4 while Amy did the water and dried the pens.
We cleaned the back run for the hybrids and I left Amy to sweep and dry it while I went down to see how they were getting on with unloading the water harvester.
We burnt the rubbish before it was too wet to burn.
Next we had a part delivery of our aqua board order, which didn’t please me as we are waiting to get the wet room finished.
I did the feeds and Amy fed all of the puppies while I sorted out two meat deliveries which took an hour.
While I was in the garage I got the frozen feeds done for the morning for the wolf dogs.
Next we cleaned the bottom block and one of the bottom yards.
The rain started again so I cleaned the next two yards to make the evening cleaning easier.
Amy left and I fed the little dogs and the house dogs their chicken.
I spent time trying to get insurance quotes on the new kennel for when we are finished.
I put the little dogs in for a while as it was hail stones and they were not impressed.
I cleaned the floors in the house and replaced all the towels in the relevant kennel areas.
I started cleaning Razzle and Budds yard and then put the dog in one group at a time.
Next was the hybrids day pen to disinfect and hose.
Coosa’s pen was really dirty as they had been running in and out all day, I cleaned his pen and brought him through the gate instead of the hatch.
Reo and Kiro went out for a quick toilet stop.
Shone and Narla came down to the bottom block and had their food, while I was feeding and cleaning out the puppies before locking everyone in.
I phoned the local farmer and made arrangement for the fork lift driver to come down and unload the lorry when all the internal kennels arrive.
I spent the evening planning the next couple of days with the dogs and the new build.
Wednesday morning I felt like a zombie the dogs had me up at 3 am and again at 5 am the weather was dry but windy, I put the house dogs out and made the feeds for everyone.
Maddie arrived first she put Reo out, and we fed and cleaned out all the pups and changed vet bed.
After they were finished we did the doodles and poodles.
Up to the top Kiro went out so we cleaned her pen and Reo’s, they came in for food and we put the hybrids and Coosa’s groups out and did their pens.
I left Maddie to sweep and dry them while I came down and got the next lot of washing on and put the house dogs back out.
I popped up to the new kennel and had a chat with Simon, the wet room is nearly finished and the kitchen is nearly done, it is taking shape nicely now.
I cleaned the floors in the house while Maddie did the house dogs pens.
I checked my emails and wrote yesterday’s blog.
Maddie disinfected the bottom block and two of the bottom yards.
The puppies were fed and I went and hosed the yards and Maddie swept them and then we fed the little dogs, bitches and house dogs
Maddie went home for a while; I had a cooked lunch as I wouldn’t get food tonight with training.
I spent another hour on the phone trying to sort out a holding tank for the clean water from the treatment plant so it can now be pumped back to the river as we don’t have the right levels here for water to free run.
Thank god I have staff in or I would really struggle with organising all the building work and doing the dogs.
Maddie came back and papered my van ready and then papered the house dog’s pens.

We put all the little dogs in again as it started to rain, while they were in their yards were hosed so they just needed a quick wash down before I went off to training.
Kiro had been out for two hours and been quiet which was amazing so she came in and the hybrid six went out.
I got the puppy feeds ready for the evening and then the wolf dogs feeds ready for the next morning.
Maddie cleaned Coosa’s outside pen and left him shut out so it was clean for the morning.
I put the beds down and had everything ready for all of the dogs coming in.
The house dogs went out, the van was ready with everything in just needed the dogs loading.
Maddie fed the puppies and did a quick re clean and started locking up the little dogs and the yards.
I brought the hybrids and Coosa’s groups in and locked up.
Maddie put the hopuse dogs in and cleaned their yards.
Shone, River and Narla came down to the house, I got changed and we loaded the dogs, I went to training and dropped off Maddie, Kate arrived just after we had left I passed her coming into South molton.
I got to training and we set up ready so I brought River in early so she could get used to the children and familiarise herself with the hall again before it was full of dogs and people, we had a few children coming in so it was nice for her to see them before everyone arrived.
Daisy came in and took River for me in my class, she was really good, every week she gets better, I had a really enjoyable class they all loved it and everyone did exceptionally well, for such a large class they are great, I have to remind myself that some of them are quite young dogs.
Next was the Silver class Daisy kept River in this class as well, she was so good everyone commented on how much she improves every week, for 5 months old she has to be the best hybrid I have ever seen at training and to be trained by a young girl is so nice to see.
Shone was outstanding her heel work perfect and stays were very good, she was great with the children.
The most impressive thing was the speed of her recall she was so enthusiastic I was shocked.
We finished the class and I put my dogs away and went to have a coffee and help with the gold class.
We tidied the hall and I came home, the rain was terrible I could hardly see on the link road.
I rang Kate and told her how bad the weather was so she left about fifteen minutes before I got home.
I put River and Shone out in the bottom block with Narla as Kate had only just put the house dogs out to the toilet.
I had a couple of phone calls to sort out and then spent some time with the house dogs before bed.

Last evening before Kia passed away

Shone and Elsa

3 Yorkies

Elsa, Yorkiepoo


Narla and Yorkies

Part of the house pack




Thursday morning was dry so I put the house dogs out and left the three hybrids in the yard.
I did everyone’s feeds and put the house dogs back in, Maddie arrived and fed the first group of puppies while I went up the top and put the hybrids in a pen with their food.
I put Reo out in one field and Kiro out in another and came down to help Maddie with the bitches and pups before we did the doodles and poodles.
After we had finished all of the bottom groups Hannah arrived and started grooming.
We went up to the top and cleaned the top kennels Reo and Kiro came in and Coosa and the hybrids went out I cleaned the pens and hosed them and left Maddie to dry the last two pens and burn the rubbish.
I came down and got the paper work ready for a puppy leaving and made a couple of phone calls, I had a chat with my sister to sort out which dogs in my class would be taking their tests at the end of the month, who as doing the bronze and who was doing the puppy.
A feed delivery arrived so I sorted it all out and stacked it in the garage.
We cleaned the bottom block and the bottom yards.
The puppy left and then Kate came over as one of her puppies had hurt his shoulder and she wanted me to look at him.
Razzle and Budds yards were both disinfected and hosed before they had their food.
We fed the puppies and did the chicken for the little dogs and house dogs.
We vaccinated a number of puppies and my own yorkies.
Kirsty phoned up for a chat about the wolf dog walk at the weekend.
I got the beds ready at the top for the dogs coming in later.
Frozen feeds were done ready for the next morning, I had a couple more calls to make as we now need a holding tank for the clean water from the treatment plant as a backup, we also have to pump the clean water from the tank to our old septic tank to get into the river as we cannot get the falls we need.
Cito had to have a brush as she is still shedding her coat everywhere, if she has a scratch you can’t see the yorkies for fur.
I put the little dogs away as it started to rain quite heavy and they had been out since 7 am so they were all tired.
I brought Shone River and Narla down to the bottom block to have food and dry off a bit before they come into the house.
Everyone else came in and had treats for bed.
I cleaned Coosa’s outside pen as it looked like a mud pit.
Puppies were fed and re cleaned before locking them up.
Friday morning was a dry start so I put Kiro out in field one and Reo out in two I came back down and did the feeds for everyone and put the house dogs out I picked up from everyone and then got the vet beds ready for the bitches with puppies.
Maddie arrived and we fed the front group of puppies and the bitch with pups, we did the next two groups of bitches puppies and little dogs.
Maddie took everything up to burn and we cleaned Reo and Kiro’s pens out, they came in for food and the hybrids and Coosa’ groups went out, we cleaned their pens and I left Maddie to dry them and burn the rubbish while I went to town quickly to get a birthday present and some shopping.
The house dogs went out in the bottom block and their pens were all cleaned ready for the evening.
I got back and the meat delivery had arrived so I got that unloaded and all sorted out for everyone’s evening feeds and all the little dogs had bones.
We fed the puppies and then Maddie cleaned Razzles and Budds yards ready for them to have their chicken.
Kate came over with Lobo, he went out in the field with the hybrid group and we took pictures of the puppies and then had lunch, Kate helped me for the afternoon, everything was going well until about 4.30 and then we started to get behind.
We got all of the dogs in and cleaned the outside pens.
The digger driver came down to check up on some things for Monday morning and then I took Kate up to show her the progress in the new kennel and I needed to sort out some stuff with the carpenter.
Kirsty rang we were meant to go out for a walk with Lupus and River but one thing and another we didn’t make it so she came down and we left Lupus in the bottom block with all of the hybrid girls while we sat and watched with a very large glass of wine while they played for a while.
After they had gone I got River’s leads and food ready for Kirsty as she was picking her up early on Saturday morning to go up near Bristol for the wolf dog walk where she was meeting with Jason and his two hybrids.
Saturday morning as an early start I put Shone, Narla and River out in the bottom block as it was raining and wet up and let Reo and Kiro out at the top.
I cleaned their pens and then came down and let the house dogs out and did everyone’s feeds.
I got the vet beds ready and then I brought the house dogs in and fed them.
I started cleaning out and feeding the puppies, Amy arrived and helped with the waters.
After all of the pups and little dogs were done at the bottom we went up and broth Reo and Kiro in and fed them.
The three hybrids went out and Coosa’s group.
I left Amy to clean their pen and burn the rubbish, I went down and got stuff ready for Kirsty and go River in her car and off they went for the day.
I went back up and helped Amy and then she did a re clean on the puppies while I put shone and Narla up the top with the other dogs.
The house dogs went out in the bottom block while we cleaned their pens and Simon came down and put a new lock on the front door for me.
I sorted out prices for the concrete deliveries for setting the tanks next week.
I did the feeds for Amy to feed and sort out the puppies while I was with a customer, after they had gone Amy disinfected all of the bottom yards and I started to power wash them all.
Amy left and I continued for just over two hours power washing.
I popped up to the new kennel to see how Simon was getting on and the kitchen is finished apart from a bit of sealant needed around the window and a little at the bottom of the skirting.
The wet room just needs some sealant and the toilet and sink put in.
The door frame dividing the office area from the kennel area just needs painting.
We have a few final bits to get done; the office needs all the furniture putting in place.
Simon will be back on the week of the 11th to put some more storage cupboards in and a couple of shelves in the kennel area.
The main project next week is the diggers setting all the tanks in place and moving hundreds of tons of the bank to put a yard in for the little dogs and a path up through the back to make it easier to get to the fields for the wolf dogs.
I got all of the little dogs out again for an hour before feeding and locking everyone up for the night.
Kirsty made a fling visit to drop River off so I fed her and Shone and Narla, I left them in the bottom block to eat and went back up to the kennel and had a huge great fire, I burnt all of the pallets and the boxes, I was up there for an hour.
I came back down to the house and brought the hybrids in and had dinner then wrote the blog, I spent the evening doing nothing as I was wiped out, this has been a really hard week.

River and Lupus

River out on the wolfdog walk

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