3rd March

Sunday was Lisa Sam and I.
I had to get the house dogs done before they arrived as Narla has a real problem with Lisa; it is such a strong dislike from a previous association before Narla came back here from Simon.
We got straight on with the bottom groups and the bitches and pups.
Sam came out and helped us as the house dogs were done; this got the outside dogs finished quicker.
I had a few visitors which took a lot of my time, so we still ended up running late with lunchtime feeds.
Lisa stayed on for a while so we could catch up again.
I spent time in the afternoon out with each group as so many of them needed brushing.
All the wolf dogs in the house are really moulting heavily now.
Coosa and Matzi both have dirty ears so they are being cleaned every day; Coosa is not too keen on cotton buds in his ear he just wants to eat them.
Most of the dogs are now being fed in the morning with their bones and chicken so it makes the night feeds quicker which is just biscuit.
Sam’s friend has moved all of the scrap so this has tidied up the outside a bit more.
Bon the poodle is doing really well with the three remaining hybrid boys from Roxy which are now 10 days old, they are growing quite nicely but will need to go on to food very soon.
Taska’s pups are doing exceptionally well they are 4 weeks old and Huge they are eating really well.
Taska is eating three times as much food as normal; she looks very disappointed when the pups have not left her any food when she comes back into her kennel.
Monday was Kirsty and I, we did the bottom groups and bitches then up to the top groups.
Kiro and Siren now stay up the top in the day when it’s dry and this means we can use the outside yard for little dogs in the day time, it makes it easier for getting Kiro out as she doesn’t have to pass as many dogs so this keeps the noise down.
When we came back down the bottom to do the house dogs and Narla had eaten another phone, I don’t know why the dogs have got a phone fetish at the moment.
Taska’s pups are now eating their raw chicken with their biscuits and they are really finishing it very quickly.
The afternoon went well as all of the dogs spent most of the day out in yards so all of the kennels were clean.
Kirsty popped in and brought the chicken order.
I spent two hours power washing the bottom yards and came in at just after 6.
Tuesday was a good start we got all of the bottom groups and bitches and pups done and everyone fed and out by just after 9.
Hannah was here grooming for the day, she did the two poodle pups for their first proper cut this took longer than normal as she did not want to upset them.
We came down to do the house dogs and the washing from the top kennels.
Kirsty did the water and the vet beds while I was on the phone.
We put the house dogs out and swept and cleaned the floors in the house.
Kirsty did the whelping area and did the odd jobs.
I should have gone out to sort some stuff out in town but for one reason and another I didn’t manage to get out.
I took Shone and Narla out with Coosa, Narla was not too keen on Coosa she felt intimidated by him, shone didn’t really care she was hoovering up bones all around the field.
Narla and Kia had a brush.
I had a little time to do some training with Moon, he is responsive and fairly good for a young dog, he can be a little excitable but once I have worked through that with some structured play he settles down.
Coosa and Matzi had their ears cleaned out again; poor coosa trying to get into his little ears can be quite hard.
This week ears are not doing well Reo upset one of the girls and they bit his ear no real damage but plenty of blood.
We have now changed everyone to being fed raw food in the early part of the day and biscuit at night this way I get more time to do other jobs.
We did the lunchtime feeds and got the frozen food ready for the next morning.
Everyone went back out again and as the weather was good the last dogs can back in just after 6 pm.
Wednesday morning was really cold but dry even though it looked like rain all morning.
All the bottom groups went out then we did the top and kirsty did the odd jobs and I made a couple of calls to hybrid owners.
We did the house dogs puppies and vet beds.
All the lunchtime feeds were finished and then the yards were hosed again.
At this point everything was good and I was on target to get to training at the right time without rushing.
All the afternoon groups went out and came back in on time.
I left with Shone and arrived at training a little earlier, she was still sick but she settled down much quicker.
We had a really good night she was very good, I forget that she is 2 months younger than the rest of the class.
We got home and she had her dinner and slept until I put her out to the toilet before bed.
Thursday morning was busy and I should have gone to the bank but couldn’t get out again.
We got all the groups out and fed by 9.30 and then went back to the house dogs and got them done.
I brushed a couple more dogs that are really blowing their coats my field looks like it has had sheep in it.
Kirsty and I were talking about bitches not coming into season when you need them in and needing a bitch to come in within the next seven days or we would not be likely to have any pups from Coosa this year.
We had hoped A’Lupin would come in around the second week of April.
Kirsty went home and I went up to swap dogs over, I went to let the group of four girls and Reo out when I looked in the pen there was far too much blood from just them eating bones, no one had bitten Reo’s ear so I checked the most likely bitches to be in season and yes Rainn and A’Lupin had both come into heat and both very heavily.
I had to move another bitch in with Moon, she will be checked just before mating to decide if she will be mated with either Coosa or Moon.
Bobby moved in with Atlz.
Coosa in with Rainn Where there is potential for a mating
Matzi in with Idaho also potential for a mating, any of these mating’s would be exciting.
After everyone was moved and settled I got finished at 6.30 it was pitch black and freezing.
Friday morning Lisa Sam and I did the bottom groups and bitches.
Sam did the pups in the house and we started up the top.
After we had finished all the groups we did the meat delivery and popped in for coffee as my son and the boys were here doing electrics in the new kennel and getting the wiring sorted out to hopefully to get new outside light’s in the bottom yards.
I finally got into town and paid the deposit on the new kennels to be made inside the building.
The plan from here is they will be delivered at the end of June beginning of July.
Rachel phoned up while I was doing feeds and I gave her my order for wormer from Crufts we chatted for a while on whether to get semen frozen from a couple of dogs here.
While I was out Lisa did the dogs and cut the chicken for the lunchtime feeds.
I washed all the yards and put the dogs out them into the night kennels and washed out their day pens.
I fed everyone and spent some time playing with Taska’s pups, then into the house to spend some time cuddling the three Roxy pups that are being fostered by Bon the poodle.

Bonn with the Hybrid pups

Roxy who sadly died when her pups were 4 days old

Then time for morning feeds dinner and time with the house dogs before doing the blog and emails.
Saturday morning Sam Lisa and I started with the house dogs and bottom groups, and then Wendy and Brian arrived to help out with lots of odd jobs.
We finished the top groups and I came down to do the house dogs and paper work with Kirsty as she had kindly given up her time off to help get the folders done for the dogs leaving next week.
Sam went out and cleaned lots of muck and bones out of the fields while Lisa cleaned pen 3 and 4 down the bottom while those dogs were in day pens or out in the field.
We measured up for white boarding in the new kennel as I don’t want to spend too much time painting down there.
We measured the kitchen for the units and cupboards and the two main windows for blinds.
Wendy and Brian stayed until after 4 pm and then I started to hose the yards and then got the last groups done.
I left the house dogs to run out in the field while I came in and did some paper work and finished the blog.

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