3rd June

Wolf dog female still available from Steel and Takoda, she is fully vaccinated.
Sunday was very hot, Annabel and I did the morning cleaning and managed to do some gardening, then Kate came in and did the afternoon as I was going out for lunch.
I came home and fed everyone then popped out to drop off my niece before coming home to take the house dogs back out for their last run in the field as it had cooled down.
Monday was kate and I, we are starting earlier with the heat, so after we had finished all of the pens Kate was gardening and letting out dogs while I was bathing house dogs.
The afternoon was spent out in the field with each group of dogs.
Reo and A’lupa have finally finished mating thankfully as it was driving Lobo mad.
Coosa is looking better now more of his coat is out he actually has ribs and a waist line; he normally just looks like a bear.
Thankfully the bitches are not as fat as they looked right through the winter, without their coats.
Tuesday was really hot and we were all struggling a bit, we finished the cleaning and bathed a couple of dogs, then spent a couple of hours trimming nails and vaccinations.
Wednesday this week was no training so I had three Czech females all booked in at the vets for x-rays for hip scores.
They were all well behaved and all travelled well, thankfully.
As always now the dreaded waiting for results.
When I got home at lunchtime I spent the rest of the day helping Hannah with the grooming.
In the evening I was shattered so I just chilled out with the house dogs for a while.
Thursday was a big meat delivery as it all goes pear shaped with delivery days changing due to the bank holiday.
All being well we are well stocked up for the next week.
Kate has gone home for a couple of days with Lobo.
Friday morning was Sophie and I, we did quite well after the cleaning and everyone had been out and fed I groomed and partly clipped Rupert while Hannah let dogs out cleaned the yard and picked up muck and bits in the field.
I spent the afternoon with yet more brushing with the outside dogs and had time for a play with the lab and doodle group with the ball to try and tire them out a bit.
When everyone was fed I went out and did some stinging nettle pulling out with help from Coosa and his girls, well more Coosa the girls got bored and went off to play but he stayed with me the whole time, very helpful my boy can be sometimes.
Saturday was Sophie and I.
We had a labradoodle pup leave in the morning so the last pup that is waiting to go at the end of the month is now in the house for a while.
In the afternoon we had our wolf dog male from Steel leave, so this only leaves the female pup and she has now moved in with the labradoodle pack until she is sold, poor little girl she did not eat her dinner tonight, she is really missing her brother and some of the group she has gone in with do not really like her much.
Hopefully they will settle down with her or she will have to come into the house group, I am hoping not to as there are already a number of dogs in here.
The plan is to move a group of poodles out so this will make a pack for Ruebin and give us more space inside.

Both web cams will be off until our next litters so the area can be completely cleaned and some of the house dogs can go in there during the day time when it’s wet.
Saturday evening I had just finished before the heavens opened, I know we needed some rain but it is awful when there are so many dogs in the house to get them out to the loo and back in without them getting drowned.
Mother came over in the evening to do some paperwork.
Sunday morning will be Annabel and I.
Sunday afternoon Kate is working as we have a family meal planned with relations who are staying for the weekend.
I am trying to get the girls to do more outside on their own so I can spend more time in the office or grooming.
At the moment we are fairly quiet as we have no pups, this will change considerably later in the year as we have the csv litter due next month and two hybrid litters for the winter along with two cockapoo litters and a couple of labradoodle litters.
Kate will be leaving us later in the year I cannot explain the reason for this at the moment but I will tell you why in a couple of months’ time.
This will leave me looking for someone four days a week and who would be capable of being left while I am out or at the vets.

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