3rd July

A great start to the week Breeze had her Labrador puppies on Sunday night just as I was thinking of going to bed, all went well but she did not finish until 7am so that was just time to start the morning feeding.

We have had a few visitors this week who are considering hybrid pups from the mating in November.

Maliki and his hybrid sibling’s from our last litter are doing well all-making fantastic progress in their new homes.
Shaun is impressed with his girls and is waiting to complete his move hopefully by the end of July so he can pick up one of his hybrids that is staying here as not to upset them in the move.
Kate has been off delivering labradoodle puppies.

We have had a busy week due to one or other of us being out delivering or picking up dogs.

After a lot of planning and a very long couple of days I am pleased to say that finally
our new addition Idaho has come in this week to join Coosa and Zamu, they are starting to settle down a bit more now, Zamu just keeps his head down and walks quietly past but Coosa is aggravating her by trying to nip her in the bum, she has given him several warnings but he has not yet got the message.
They are all together at night but in the day she has a big pen to herself so she can eat without the boys, they both have an outside pen next to her and access to the field.
Idaho will probably be kept in the kennel and run area for a month until she gets used to us being around.
Hopefully Jaq will be able to add her pictures to the blog if not she will upload them to the hybrid page tonight.

My Boots girl Roka and Cito pup Sea are both doing well.

Meli and her pups are all ok, the pups have just started to eat soaked kibble.

No issues have arisen with our re home adults all are happy in their respective retirement homes.

Zulu is now staying here on a permanent basis, this is great news as he is an outside Czechoslovakian blood line and a really nice dog to have around.
Zulu is eye tested clear and A1 hip score.

On a sad note it has been brought to my attention this week that Kiro’s sister a pure bred Czechoslovakian wolf dog has had a litter of puppies to a Tamaskan dog, the nature of the bitch has been questionable for some time by her owner.
We had an agreement that she would not be crossbred.
I was also told due to her temperament she would not be bred from at all.
Well that was obviously a lie.
That aside the combined hip score of both parents is horrendous in the thirties, which to me is outrageous. How can this type of breeding benefit anyone??!
There are pure csv males with excellent hip scores so if you were looking to improve on the breeding then why not use one of these dogs?

On a positive note I am absolutely delighted to say that Vicci Scobbie will be joining the Wolfzone team here in August, Vicci is a very hard worker and a pleasure to be around, we are all looking forward to Vicci being here with her Saarloos male Buck.
Roll on August.




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