3rd July

A very early start for a Sunday morning Tango decided she wanted to go out so the whole kennel was woken up by her barking.
Everyone out and fed and cleaned out.
I went up and locked in Kiro and Reo and then did the top kennels they all had a good wash.
Wendy and Brian popped in for a short visit, Brian cut a piece of board to put outside my office window were Winter keeps digging and he sharpened the blade on my brush cutter.
While I was talking to Beverly, the lady Tease has been re homed to Brian fixed the box in the labs kennel so the straw doesn’t keep coming out.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone, Wendy washed all the trays and bowls and then Brian picked up in the drive.
We went out for lunch and left most of the dogs in as it looked like it was going to rain.
We came home via Mole valley as Wendy wanted to get me an early birthday present as she knew I wanted a water feeder for the puppies as mine were stolen.

When we got back Brian and Wendy left and I went to change the sheets on my bed, I couldn’t make out if Razzle had dribbled all over the bed or wet so I took the sheet and duvet off and everything in the wash.
I filled up my new water feeder and put the bitches out when I walked back in I was so pleased I had only put the feeder outside the kennel door, it wasn’t shutting off so the hall way was soaked, this one will be going back tomorrow.
I brought Narla and Siren in as it was fine rain but you got wet fairly quickly.
I hosed two of the yards and then got the evening feeds ready and washed up.
All the dogs were in by 7 pm as the rain wasn’t going to stop.
All the dogs done and a dry morning.
I checked my messages and found one of my poodle customers had cancelled their puppy I was furious as I had to do a lot of juggling to swap one of my customers from this litter to my next litter, so back to re advertising which took up quite a bit of my time today, very frustrating as I had expected all the pups to be leaving this weekend, now I have had to cancel my bitch being spayed as I don’t want to leave the last pup on his own.
I popped out to get more paint and change my water feeder.
I got home and swapped dogs and then went back to doing more adverts for the puppy.
I cleaned ears on a few of the girls and then had a catch up with Rach about her weekend out and about.
I cut the chicken and fed everyone and then sorted out the washing.
All the outside pens were cleaned and then I did some more weeding in the drive.
I had a few things to sort out with the builders.
Evening feeds ready and the dogs all stayed out until around 10 pm.
A busy morning with the scaffolding guys in and all the builders here.
I finished the dogs and then popped out to pick up meat.
I got home and swapped over dogs and then the rain started so I had to feed the bitches in the hallway while the pups were eating.
I got everyone fed and out but not for long as the rain was not going to stop.
I spent all day in the kennel doing paper work and ear cleaning, none of the dogs wanted to go out.
At 3.30 still raining I got everyone out again and then went to visit Nath, Laura and Sophie.
I met my sister at Nath’s house she had met Rach up country and brought Dolly down for mating.
We had dinner and then I came home.
We had obviously had some really bad wind while I was out as there were bits of branches all over the drive and stuff blown around everywhere
Shone’s group were all ok as they were down in the bottom block under cover.
Coosa’s group still had their hatch open to get into the field but they were all lying down in the inside pen.
I sorted everyone out and then brought Dolly in and fed Shone’s group and let Kiro and Reo out.
I had a late email from Hannah to ask if she could change her day from Thursday to Wednesday for grooming I thought great as I have to pop out to look at a new ray burn in the morning that would work well.

I woke up and the rain was terrible so Shone’s group went out quickly while I made up the feeds for the other dogs, after Shone’s group had eaten I took them down to the bottom block with Fern and thought as it is so wet I had better leave them all under cover and not in the yard.
I came back up to the kennel and the time was getting on so instead of letting out the bitches which would always be my first job I thought it best to get Ruby’s group out so Hannah had a group of dogs to start grooming.
I opened the door as Ruby comes out and eats separately from the group as being a Labrador she is a pig, I put the bowls in the rest of the group and Ruby would have normally eaten her food by now but no she was lying on the floor next to her food bowl, I saw she had a marrow bone in her mouth which was not unusual but she would drop the bone eat her food and then take the bone out with her.
I walked up and said Rubes what is the matter oh my god I was shocked she had her tongue stuck inside the bone, I tried to gently get the tongue out but couldn’t.
I got a wooden spoon and kept pushing with the long handle very carefully from the other end to try and push the marrow and the shard of bone that had splintered off inside the bone back through to free the tongue, this seemed to take an eternity and I was very concerned the shard of the bone could sever Ruby’s tongue.
I had very little choice but to persist in getting the tongue free as it was swelling so fast she was not going to make a trip to the vets.
Eventually I manged to push everything through the bone and free the tongue and then Ruby collapsed on my lap, I held her tongue just slightly out of her mouth to keep her air way free and the swelling subsided and thankfully she is fine now.
It was a stressful time for both of us but ended ok, this is the first time in 15 years of feeding bones this has happened to me, but marrow bones are off of my feeding from now on.
I got all the dogs done and then Hannah and the builders arrived so I finished off the dogs at the top kennel and then had a quick look in the house.
I took loads of washing down to the garage and then spent time out with the dogs.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone, I had just finished and the heavens opened so everyone back in for a few hours.
I spent some time with all the pups and stayed around the kennel all-day to be sure Ruby was ok.
I had dusting and hoovering to do so it was ok.
Simon popped in to measure the new stair case.
I washed all the yards in the evening ready for everyone to go out in the morning.
Everyone fed and then the last dogs in at 9.30
A dry start but not for long I just managed to get everyone done and the gates opened for the builders before the heavens opened just before 8 am.
I went up too do Coosa’s group they were not too keen to go out in the rain it was like a winters morning.
I went out to pick up bones and get some milk and then got back and the rain was slowing down so I cleaned the puppies out again and got some more washing done.
I hosed Kiro’s yard and then all down the side of the house where the builders had taken off the render from the house and it had left a lot of mud.
Chicken cut up and then I started to do the lunch time feeds, most of the dogs were fed in the hall so they didn’t have to be out so long in the rain.
All the puppies fed and microchips where all still in everyone was checked.
I spent an hour with the hybrid groups and then let dogs back out for another run while it was dry.
I got the evening feeds ready and then picked up in the drive for the builders leaving.
After everyone had left the dogs went back out while I fed the puppies.
Shone’s group were fed and then everyone locked in just after 8 .50 as it was raining again.
Another wet morning all the dogs done and the gates opened.
I finished off up the dogs at the top and then washed all the yards while Rupert’s group were in the front pen.
I popped into the butchers to get bones but they hardly had any.
I defrosted the freezers and then cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
The weather was so unpredictable the sun shone and the rain was still coming down.
I did some weeding for a short time and then the heaven opened again so I washed the front pen while all the dogs were still in their kennels, I was drowned so a quick change of clothes.
I hoovered in the kennel and then washed the floors and dried them.
I spent time with the puppies and then got the evening feeds ready.
I had to tidy up a bit in the garage and then sort out all the washing it was so awful the rain was coming sideways so I put all the dry towels and vet beds in my van and drove them up to the kennel to keep them dry.
I took some new toys up for the Labrador group as they have lost most of theirs in the field somewhere.
Time for a quick sandwich and then get everyone fed for the evening.
Shone’s group came up the kennel and that was another day over with.
I just managed to get all the bottom kennel dogs out and cleaned and then fed before the rain started.
I cleaned Coosa’s groups outside pen but they were not happy about being left in the field as the rain was persistent.
I had an extra chicken carcass delivery today which was great as the freezers were nearly empty.
I needed to worm the puppies so the bitches were out in the drive but half way through the rain was so heavy I brought them all in and left them in the hall until I had finished.
I fed everyone their chicken and swapped over the labs and Narla.
Siren has ear mites and he is not too happy about it bless him he is a giant baby, I very gently cleaned his ears but you would have though he was injured the fuss he made, Narla was running off with my cotton wool thinking it was a game.
I checked Coosa’s ears while I was up the top and he loves to have his ears cleaned which is just as well as they were dirty.
I managed to get some of the paper work done for the puppies that are leaving tomorrow.
Ruby’s kennel was very dusty as her group play so much there is bedding flying around all over the kennel, so I hoovered all of their kennel and then the kitchen and hallway.
I brought out the girls from Peaches litter into the hall to have a play with them and make completely sure I was satisfied with the two girls I had picked to keep.
Next was to spend some time with Shone’s group and walk Voodoo around on the lead with Shone, that was interesting Voodoo was good considering Fern was flying around the pen like a possessed demon, I kept the two on the lead close to me so Fern didn’t fly through them and strangle one of them.
I did the evening feeds and then brought everyone in for the night thankfully I had them in and within half an hour the heavens opened up with no warning.

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