3rd January

I woke up to hear the rain, not a good start to the day.
Everyone out, fed and clean, puppies fed and clean.
Shone and Cito went out on the drive and Coosa’s group went straight up to the top kennel area for food.
I put the washing on and then spent some time playing with the pups
I cut the chicken for lunch time feeds and then stocked up on everything in the kennel.
Everyone fed, and all out running around for the afternoon.
It was a sad afternoon Racheal Bailey was picking up two orkwolf dogs that had been signed over to me.
I got a call from Rach I was absolutely gutted and devastated that another dog has had to die.
It wasn’t the dogs fault it had no socialising at a young age, then sold off (with breeding rights, no less) It was that terrified and had no social skills or human contact it was carried from the breeders van over his shoulders and into the new owners car while shitting itself (literally).
The new owners were naïve yes, but for a breeder to sell a feral dog is beyond greedy and irresponsible. The owners tried everything they could and were planning on handing the dog over today when the vet had to sedate her so they could get near her she was extremely aggressive and vet pts there and then.
In his opinion the dog could not be moved and handed over to a member of the public.
I don’t often have a rant on the blog but I’m so angry that this girl didn’t make it to me today and the only person to blame has vanished, but not before dumping dogs he knew to be dangerous on people and robbing them of their money.
This is not a post to cause any negative reflection on his bred dogs that were sold as pups and are in great homes and doing well (let’s face it, most of his breeding has my lines so I’m certainly not making out his dogs are bad) Plus the fact that I myself am now an Orkwolf owner and own Dusan, a pure bred Czech at least he will be safe.
This post is to highlight what happens when pups are not handled correctly from day 1 by breeders.
RIP Amoux of Orkwolf

I spent a long time on the phone and trying to arrange sanctuary space for another Czech wolf dog and a hybrid, I think we have found the perfect place, so I will keep you updated; these dogs were also Orkwolf owned.
All of my dogs went out for a long run in the afternoon and then everyone came in for food and bed time.
I woke up very early and the weather was good.
Everyone fed, cleaned and exercised by 8 am.
I started to put dogs out in the fields and yards and then power washed the front pen.
People arrived at 10.30 to see their puppy, after they left I had an hour left of power washing and then I got the lunch time feeds ready.
Everyone fed and then I spent the afternoon hoovering all of the kennel right up into the rafters and all the little places that gather dust.
I finished hoovering just after 3 pm and then tidied up in the grooming room as Hannah is coming tomorrow.
I got the morning and evening feeds done.
I brought Coosa’s group in and then let Kiro and Reo out.
I took Winter to town for a walk around to see how he was in the dark with the cars.
He was very good, we nearly had an incident when a terrier tied up outside the shop was on a longer lead then I expected, he nearly managed to get hold of winter but just missed his face.
I got home and gave Shone and Cito another run before bringing them in for the night.
An early start as it was dry and Hannah was due in at 8 am to groom the little dogs.
Everyone was done and cleaned.
Dogs were out everywhere in fields and yards.
I stayed around the kennel while Rupert was being groomed as I have to move him from the table to the dryer as he may bite Hannah.
I had a friend message me and say her bitch was standing ready for mating earlier than she expected so she came down and we aimed to use Chili this would be his first mating to a bitch not owned by me, I was over the moon with him we had a good mating with no problems so she will come back again on Thursday morning.
I cut up the chicken ready to feed as many as I could be Kate arrived I was not going to do the granddaughter visiting today as Laura’s mum was still very upset their dog died yesterday quite unexpected so I said I would go next week instead.
I fed most of the dogs and then Kate arrived with Lobo he went straight out with Cito and Shone.
I went to town to get some shopping and pay bills I took Winter with me and had a walk around the park with him I wanted to see how his recall would be with other dogs around, umm well not bad but not perfect either I think we need a bit more outside training with dogs around.
I got home and fed Winters group and then spent some time on the internet and wrote today’s blog.
Next was to get the feeds ready for tonight.
I got a call from one of the new owners of the Labrador litter he has cancelled his pup due to a change in circumstances so I have 1 black boy left he is ready on the 5 th of January.
Kate did quite a few odd jobs and let dogs in and out for the afternoon.
I started to feed and Kate brought Coosa’s group in to the kennel except Coosa who waited by the door for me to give him his chicken.
Everyone was done and bedded down for the night.
Cito, Shone and Lobo were up with us.
Kate stayed in for a couple of hours for dinner and then she left and locked up the gates.
The wind and rain was terrible throughout the night.
From the weather forecast I was expecting it to be wet and windy I woke up at 6 am so I got everyone fed and cleaned out and the first run as it was dry I wasn’t worried it was still pitch black, I was just pleased to get them all out.
Coosa’s group were out with food and Cito and Shone only went out on the drive as it was too cold for Cito to go into the field.
By 8 am the weather was so bad everyone had to stay in.
At 9 am I managed to get three groups out but then it persisted and at 11.30 it was still hammering down, it looks like lunch time feeds will have to be done in a spare kennel.
After feeding it was still raining, but thankfully it dried up at 3.30 so the dogs were out from then until 6 pm when it started to rain again.
Everyone was fed and put to bed for the night.
We had a lot of rain in the night but when I woke up at 6 am it was dry so everyone went out and had food, all the kennels cleaned and Coosa’s kennel left empty in case it rained today and the dogs have to be fed in there.
All the washing sorted out and emails done for the morning.
Chicken all cut up and everyone fed.
The dogs went out until 3.30 and then it rained again so they were in for an hour or so and then family arrived for a short visit after they left the dogs had one last run before bedtime.
Cito and Shone came in covered in mud and when I came back in from getting Coosa’s group in Cito was sleeping on my bed, oh my god it was filthy wet and horrible.
Coosa’s group came in for food and then everyone finished and I got ready and went out with family for a new year’s meal and an evening of dancing and drinking.
I got home just after 2 am and then had some things to do; I went to bed at about 3.30.
I didn’t manage to get up until 7.30.
I did the dogs and then Kate arrived so we went out for breakfast and then went to pick my van up as I got a lift home.
Kate went off to meet friends and I came home and got the lunch time feeds ready.
I did a mating with Razzle and loupe B so hopefully cockapoo pups for the end of Feb.
Everyone was fed but the rain was constant so dogs went out where possible, until late afternoon when it stopped for a few hours.
Coosa’s group came in and had food, Kiro and Reo went out and I got the evening and morning feeds done and then an early night as I was shattered.
The dogs all went out and were finished by 7.30 as it wasn’t raining too much and it is always possible it will get worse
Everyone fed and cleaned.
I had an early appointment at the vets so I went off with my puppy to see Gavin and then did some shopping on the way home.
I got home and let everyone out again in the rain.
Everyone was fed and then I had visitors come and see the dogs they were just checking to see how all my dogs are as they are looking to get a pup later on for a relation who does live very close, it was quite funny when they arrived we already knew each other they were in my training class last year with their German shepherd puppy.
They stayed for a while and then the dogs all went again.
I got the evening feeds ready and the morning feeds.
Shone and Cito came up to the kennel and then I got the frozen feeds done for the hybrids for the morning.
Everyone in and fed as the rain just got worse and they would have got drowned if I had let them out again.

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