3rd February

Last Sunday was Lisa and I; we had a slow start as I was not very far ahead with the house dogs feeding when Lisa arrived.
We did the normal routine of poodle pack out, feed and clean out bitches and pups.
After the lab group had been out we put three groups out and cleaned their pens and then Coosa and sirens groups went out.
Then back down to do the house dogs and bitches out again.
We did all of their pens and cages.
Mum arrived to do some well needed house work.
Then Kiro and the pups went out for a while.
We then did the Coosa pen Sirens and Idaho’s.
The wolfdogs in the house went out then came back into a pen before coming back in the house.
We have changed the feeding for a few of the dogs, Moon and Idaho get fed separately in the morning so do Roxy and Atlz.
I fed Idaho while Lisa cleaned Roxy’s pen out and then fed them.
We cleaned pen 4 at the bottom.
We had people come to view puppies; they were not here too long.
Lunchtime feeding was done and the yards all hosed down.
Then Kiro and the pups went out for a while.
The bitches and pups were wormed and fed, and then I cut the chicken and fed the house groups.
I spent some time with the hybrid pups for some training.
When the afternoon groups were out I spent a bit of time with each group just before they came in for the night.
Kirsty popped in for a while to see narla and have a coffee.
Taska was very unsettled she had howled most of the night and several times in the day.
I went and sat with her for a while and gave her lots of cuddles.
I finished everyone and came in and spent a couple of hours working on the computer, not a job I wanted to do but it had to be done.
I got the puppy paperwork done for a dog leaving the next day.
Monday morning was Kirsty and I we had a slow start as it was wet again.
We did the bottom groups and the bitches.
Narla and Shone stayed down the bottom in the yard and pen 1 playing and Kia got fed up with being wet so she went back down to the kitchen.
After the labs had gone out we cleaned them and Idaho’s pen.
We fed the morning dogs and then got the next three groups out at the same time.
Kirsty did Roxy while I did pen 4 at the top and then we both came down to pen 4 at the bottom.
I spent the next two hours on the phone sorting out a problem with one of our dogs.
I did a food order and then started the lunchtime feeds.
I had an owner come to pick up their puppy.
While letting dogs in and out for the afternoon and feeding I had five fairly long phone calls.
Then I got some of the frozen feeds done for Tuesday.
Everyone was in at around 5; the rest of the evening was phone calls and paperwork.
I was going to write some of the blog before I went to sleep and the batteries had gone in the mouse after ten minutes I found the new ones and spent a short while on the pc.
I went to bed around11 o clock; I was woken up by the terrible sound of hail stones at 12.20, probable a good thing as I turned and checked the camera I saw Taska was contracting.
This meant a fast run for the kettle time to get a strong coffee as it was going to be a long night.
Taska’s whelping was good only one slight problem she has bitten a cord too close to the stomach on one of the puppies, so I will have to keep a close eye on that one.
I had nearly a couple of hours sleep as she had whelped quickly.

Taskas puppies

We have a couple of male pups for sale and 1 female.
Kirsty arrived Tuesday morning and the house dogs had all been fed and just put back in, now it was time for the poodle group to go out while we fed everyone down the bottom.
After the first group came in it had started raining so we shortened the time they all went out for.
Hannah arrived to groom the house dogs.
Everyone was happy to have got out for a while.
We did everyone at the top including Idaho who was fairly clean for a change.
Kirsty did Roxy while I did the chicken carcasses and unpacked the meat delivery.
All the feed bins were out and ready to go up the kennels.
I got the lunchtime feeds ready while kirsty finished off some jobs.
I went to town and did a couple of jobs, when I got back we changed Taska’s bedding from tissue bedding to a vet bed, she was not overly happy about it but she put up with me moving the puppies on to a clean bed.
I had an awful afternoon where the phone did not stop while I was worming bitches and feeding.
All of the groups got out for a while some in the fields and some in the yards, it is hard when the rain starts it means everyone wants to get in at once.
I had a long chat with Simon over the last few days, we have decided Narla will come back here on a permanent bases and Kody will stay with Simon.
Narla is living with the house pack; she is very good with C and Shone so this is working well for her.
I got everyone in and finished then people turned up to look at puppies, by 7.30 they had gone and then Wendy and Brian came down as we had some things to sort out.
We popped out to see Simon and get some paper work sorted out for the return of Narla.
I got home and spent a couple of hours washing feed bowls and getting morning feeds done.
I put all the dogs to bed and went to write the blog and ordered more puppy mousse when the batteries on the key board had now gone, I was getting irritated by this time.
I changed the batteries did the blog and then went to bed.
Wednesday morning was very busy as we needed to get as far forward as possible, we had people coming morning and afternoon to look at pups.
I had to spend nearly an hour with my son as he was starting to put the first fix electrics in the new kennels.
Kirsty carried on with the top block of kennels.
We got everyone finished and I went to mole valley and picked up more shavings and popped in the bank.
I am not doing any more viewing of dogs on a Wednesday afternoon, I did explain to the people that I had to go training and I could only spend half an hour with them so it would be better to come on a different day, over an hour later I basically just had to get rid of them.
I got everyone fed and put away.
I was late leaving for training I only just got their in time.
Shone was very good the only thing she did not like was an Australian cattle dog that has the worse high pitched screech you have ever heard, it goes right though me so I can imagine how much she hates the wretched thing.
Everything went well her recall was fast unlike C who came back in her own time.
Shone is a very bright little girl, she was very tired so next week I am going to make sure she gets an afternoon sleep before she goes, I think she spent too much time out playing with Narla in the day.
I got home and let the house dogs out and checked on everyone all was well.
I spent an hour sat with the house dogs then washed up and got the morning feeds done.
Thursday morning was just the same as Wednesday three lots of visitors due viewing pups.
We got the bottom dogs done and then the top block and the outside pens, I was in and out doing washing from all of the vet beds, a mating with one of the house dogs.
I went out and did the muck buckets while Shone C, Cito and Kia were out in the field; C was brought in after a short time as she was starting to bully Narla.
In future C will go out with Cito and Narla can go out with Shone and the poodles.
Kiro and the hybrids went out and came back covered in mud.
Kirsty did some of the odd jobs while I cut all of the chicken for the small dogs to be in front as much as I could before all of our visitors started to descend upon me.
After the lunch time feeds with the bitches and pups I got all of the other feeds ready so I only had to put most of them in quickly if my visitors were here late.
I put groups of dogs out in-between visits and finally got everyone finished by 6 pm.
Tessa popped in for a while then I had dinner and sorted out a rehome dog going to live with Martine to keep Luta Company as she has been on her own since her mate Titan passed away.
Friday morning was Lisa and I the first poodle group out had to go in pen 1 as it was raining, I did not want the dogs to dirty and wet as Hannah was here grooming and it’s easier for her to brush out a dry dog before bathing.
We did the bitches and pups then the top block.
After the morning groups were fed we did the house dogs and vet beds.
I sorted out the meat delivery and got the feed bins ready.
I washed down the bottom yard while kiro and the two hybrid boys were out.
I went off to the dentist and left Lisa to do a few jobs and let dogs out.
When I got back Lisa stayed for a couple of hours so we could get everyone fed and I could finish at a more reasonable time.
I did the frozen feeds for Saturday and got the chicken carcasses cut up ready.
I need to be in front as the renderers are here to put the top coat on the new kennel.
Also the drainage and floor prices need to be sorted out this weekend.
I finished off washing down the yards and locked everyone up just after 5 and gave Hannah a hand with Rupert the poodle.
I came in and had to sort out a couple of calls from people buying puppies.
Saturday morning was Lisa and I we did the bottom block and the bitches and puppies then the bottom groups.
We did the top kennels as quick as possible so I could be ready for the meeting with the builders and I had puppy viewing in the morning and the afternoon.
Roxy and Idaho’s pens were fairly clean so they did not take long.
We got the house dogs out and all the vet beds changed.
I had to get pictures of the puppies for the web site.
After I had met with the builders we had a quick bit of lunch before feeding the pups and then feeding all the outside dogs.
At about 4 pm was my last customer viewing pups.
When they left I swapped dogs around and started disinfecting the yards.
I came in just after 6 pm freezing cold and did the blog.

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