3rd August

Last Saturday night I went out to a festival and got home very late so Sunday morning was hard work with three people due to visit all before 11 am.
I spent most of the night with a bitch that was just starting to whelp her puppies, all went well she is a great girl and a fabulous mum.
I did the house dogs and bitches in season, then Kiro and Reo.
The Coosa pack went out into the top kennels and then all the little dogs went out.
I had just finished everyone when the first people arrived; this tied me up for nearly three hours.
Lunch time feeding was late, so after I had finished that at 2 pm I stopped for breakfast.
Next job was disinfecting and power washing my top kennel and yard areas where the Coosa group are in the day time.
By the time I had finished that it was time for a coffee, I was shattered.
I swapped the labradoodles over with the poodles in the field and had 20 mins to myself for a change.
Puppy feeding time and water changes so I am in front for the night time.
While the yorkies were out it was time to water the plants, this takes over an hour, so a little night time rain would be appreciated.
Monday was a good start all the dogs were out by 8.30, the kennels were all cleaned.
The plumber was here mending the boiler; I left him to get on with what he was doing.
Hybrids were out in the field while I power washed their yards.
Lunch time feeding done and I spent some time gardening and then watered everything.
I did the evening feeds and then up to Taunton to do some more gardening, I got home at 9.30, got the morning feeds out, brought the Coosa group in and let the house hybrids out in the field until 11 pm.
Tuesday morning dog were all out early, I had two meat deliveries and my pear trees arrived.
I had all the dogs done and lunchtime feeds ready.
I got all of my gardening things together and loaded up in the van.
I fed the dogs and a friend came in to look after them for the rest of the day while I went off to Taunton and spent the day gardening with my sister in a heat wave.
I got home at 8.30 and let all the dogs out again, Debbie left and I brought Coosa group in and fed them, then the house hybrids went out in the field, all the gates where open so they could come back into the bottom yard when they wanted to.
Kiro and Reo went out in the drive for the night; they can get into a building if they want.
Wednesday morning I was so tired when I got up, so espresso for breakfast and out all the house dogs out and then the bitches in season.
I fed the puppies and got all the kennel dogs out and fed.
Everyone done and back in by 9 am.
I burnt the rubbish and then spent some time training with Breeze before a customer came to view dogs; they were nice people looking for a little family dog.
The next people arrived to look at hybrids, they were one of the most unsuitable couples you could ever imagine with a hybrid, and none of my house pack liked them so it saved me the trouble of taking them up to see the Coosa pack.
I advised them against the breed but they seemed insistant, this was what they wanted so I told them where they could get one and not even have to see the parents it would be delivered to them at a service station, they were happy with that, so good luck to them.
I did the lunchtime feeds and then cleaned the yards.
I had some running around with the hoover to do in the house and the kennel as I had a friend arriving to stay for a while.
When he arrived we had coffee and then he had the guided tour, the dogs were good I was impressed with all of my guys.
Well that was it guided tour over with then he came and helped me with the dogs.
After feeding time was finished I left the Coosa pack in the top kennel area and we went over to my sisters for a drink.
When we got home I got Coosa group in and fed and then let the hybrid group for the house out.
Thursday morning we both did the dogs and then Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs.
I was busy with people, so Dave went out with the brush cutter and got started with cutting the grass down at the top of the drive.
After my viewers had left I went out and helped so it was easier to find the small trees when cutting.
Next Dave planted my pear trees while I was busy with the dogs.
We watered all of the plants and then did the lunch time feeds.
The afternoon was spent with more cutting down weeds and brambles.
Evening feeds done, I left the Coosa group in the top kennel area and then we went out for dinner, when we got back all the dogs went out again and the house hybrid pack went out in the field.
After the dogs were all in we went out for dinner and then off to help out a friend with her dogs, they have come here for a short stay while she moves house.
Friday morning was busy, dogs all out early, bottom block cleaned before the meat delivery arrived.
The yorkies stayed out for quite a while and then a mad rush as the rain came down to get them in.
We managed a few hours of strimming while the rain held off.
Lunch time feeds done, yard cleaned at the new kennel block ready for a private lesson with one of my labradoodles from last year.
After the lesson I had a viewer looking at puppies.
A few more hours outside tiding up and ripping out stinging nettles.
We stopped for a late lunch and then the heavens opened up for quite a long time this saved on watering the plants again
We used the dry time to dust inside the new kennels and hoover up as much dust from the top beams as possible.
Dave being health and safety conscious, dusting on top of the ladder with the hoover strapped to his neck by a dog lead.

Dogs were all in by 7.30 as the rain was not giving up.
Saturday morning was a cooler start but then got quite hot for a while.
Everyone out fed and cleaned by 9.30.
We had a thunder storm but not for too long, only about an hour so while it was very wet we did some tiding in the kennel and the paper work for a puppy that was leaving.
All the dogs were back out again and back to strimming and nettle pulling for a couple of hours.
Lunch time feeds done and we stopped for lunch and a coffee when Helen called in to see her dogs.
Back out to strimming and a huge fire with all the nettles and brambles.
Helen popped in for coffee and then we did some paddock cleaning before the dogs were fed.
The Coosa group stayed out until 7.30 and then Kiro and Reo went out for night, Kiro has now found herself a nice vantage point on the top of the highest bank here, and she sits up there so she can see everything.
The house hybrid pack went up in the field for a couple of hours while we had dinner and got the morning feeds done.
Finally finished at about 8.30.

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