3rd April

Saturday night was really quiet Cito and Shone just slept until it was time for them to go out last thing before bed.
Easter Sunday
We didn’t have to get up as early as the builders weren’t here and no visitors thankfully.
Nic rang me to tell me how Mycan got on overnight with her pack, I had to laugh she said no dogs in the bedroom well Mycan slept on the bed.
I got all the dogs out while it was dry and then got the vet beds into the garage for washing; after I had finished the top kennels Dave did the rest of the drains.
Dave picked up in the paddock and I cut up the chicken for lunch time feeding.
We stopped for breakfast and then I cleaned the yard where Kiro and Reo will be when I am away overnight; Dave bedded it up ready for them.
I hosed Kiro’s yard and the bottom path by the house and then along the garage to get rid of a load of cement dust from the builders.
Dave went around everywhere and filled up the rat bait stations.
I came in and cut up the chicken and fed everyone as it looked like a possibility of rain.
We did have a big down pour for a short time so we got all the dogs in quickly and then the rain stopped and we put everyone back out and then checked on the water buckets everywhere as some of the outside buckets have started to rust or leak.
After getting 7 or eight buckets that are no good I have replaced them all now.
All the dogs had a really good time out for the afternoon and then the weather turned very cold and wet so everyone in including Shone and Cito and Coosa’s group all fed.
I put Kiro out and then we went out for a carvery.
All the normal morning routine and then lunch time feeding.
Kate arrived as she was looking after the dogs as I was off to a spa with my sister.
We left just after lunch we had a terrible drive and finally arrived at the hotel and spa we had missed both of our treatments.
We sorted out our stuff in the room and then went out for dinner.
The next day we did get to use the spa facilities and then came home.
I got back and my yorkiepoo had started to whelp, due to it being a long time pushing and no pup I went to Gavin with Kate and the bitch had a c section.
We got home and my labradoodle bitch had started to whelp, I sorted out clean bedding for her and then got the rest of the dogs in and fed them.
It was a long night but both girls are fine.
All the dogs done for the morning cleaned and fed and all exercised.
Dave and I went out and picked up cement for the builders and then loads of bones on the way home.
Dave left to go back home.
I caught up on emails and phone calls and then did the lunch time feeds.
The weather was good so everyone was out for the afternoon
Puppies all fed and then got everything ready for the evening feeding and morning feeds.
I left some dogs out and then went to training with Winter.
We had a good night and then home to get the rest of the dogs in and check the bitches and pups.
Everyone out and fed kennels cleaned and then I dusted and hoovered.
I had an owner come to view their puppy they were here briefly and then I swapped over dogs out on the drive and then cut up the chicken for feeding.
Everyone fed so I had time for a few dogs to have ears cleaned and then I brushed Coosa’s pack, as they are all blowing their coats, I don’t like to see them scruffy.
Dogs were out all afternoon and then I brought most of them in and fed them.
Coosa’s group stayed out until I got home as I went off to see Nathan, Sophie and Laura and stayed for dinner.
I got home late and brought Coosa’s group in and fed Coosa.
All the dogs out, fed and cleaned puppies fed and vet beds changed.
I opened the gates for Hannah coming to groom the little dogs.
My next job was to go up and do the top kennels and get Narla and Siren out.
I had a pile of washing to get done and Hannah had loads of towels to wash.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
The afternoon was split between brushing dogs and ordering building materials.
Everyone had their evening feeds and then another quick run before bedtime.
Today was only one customer booked in , normal feeding, but the rest of the day was spent out with each group of dogs on the drive and in the fields.
The last dogs came in at 7.45

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