31st October

The start of the week was freezing no water in the morning, as the pipes were all frozen, great start to a Monday morning.

The little yorkies, poodle and Labradoodles are all doing well; it’s been a busy week for new owners viewing the little ones.

Mandy’s British Inuit girl Sakari who has recently passed her level 3 Search and Rescue has had a very unfortunate week, poor Sakari has damaged her cruciate ligament and will be out of work for some time, she is booked in for an operation next week.
Hopefully by my next blog she will be starting her recovery.

Cito our csv girl has started her new fitness program this week, she is out running with me on the mountain bike so it looks like we will be getting fit together.
Cito has been run in harness but this is the first time out with the bike, she did very well I was really impressed with this weeks work.
I must confess she is probably fitter than I am by 4 o’clock my legs were aching that much I felt like I was wearing concrete boots.

Kiro will be mated to Reo hopefully the litter of pure csv puppies to be born in January 2011.
Reservations being taken from next week for the puppies.
They will be ready for new homes in March.

Our hybrids have settled well into the new sound proof kennel all cozy in deep straw beds, the reason for their new winter housing was due to them laying outside in the rain as they choose not to use the shelters, had they have stayed outside the concern was laying on wet concrete would have caused the coats to matt on the underneath around the bellies which is most unpleasant when trying to brush them.

Dora started whelping yesterday evening with our first pup being born at 8.35 pm on the 30th of Oct.
He is a big silver male.
It was a seriously long night; the poor pup was probably wondering if he was going to get any littermates, I know I was.
Dora has now been moved ready for D’Quilla who is on the web cam with El Cid, Cid will probably be moved when D’Quilla is settled.

D’quilla is due anytime from this weekend so with anticipation we wait for the new arrivals of our second litter of little hybrids.

One of Zodi’s male pups has had a major allergic reaction to his food this week and has spent two days in the vets on a drip and antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.
The poor little might has dropped to 3 kilos
Thankfully he is home now and fingers crossed he starts to make a recovery.
He will not be rehomed until he is fully healthy and up to weight.

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