31st March

Last Sunday was Sam and I we had a really good morning everything went well and the weather was very cold but dry.
We had everyone out, fed and back in by 9.30 so the house dogs went out in two groups.
Then we got the feed bins washed and refilled for the next day, the dry food was binned and ready for the following week.
We got the frozen feed done and tidied the garage.
Everyone was rotated out in the field for an hour at time.
Wendy and Brian popped down for a couple of hours and dropped off some towels and newspaper.
I had people come to view their doodle puppy.
Wendy kept an eye on the dogs and let dogs in and out while I was with the customer.
I got the yards disinfected and the water buckets in from the outside pens and the fields so they did not freeze.
Everyone was in by 6pm and then the house dogs went out. Kirsty popped in to pick up the pup that was flying to Ireland as she was leaving at 3am.
Monday morning was Sam and I as she was covering for Kirsty, I started at 4:30 am so I could get as many finished as possible as we needed to be back down the bottom by 8:45 am to phone the airline to make sure the puppy was on the flight. Everything went well, all the dogs went out and were sorted on time, Sam cut up the chicken for the lunchtime feeds and then we got the frozen feeds ready for the next day. I took Shone over to my sister’s and we went for a walk with her dogs and then off to cash and carry, Lisa did the dogs for the afternoon and when I got back at 6pm Lisa was running about an hour behind. So I unloaded the van and helped her finish off the pens, by the time I finished off the whelping area and house dogs it was 8:30pm. I had a phone call from Ireland to say that the puppy had arrived safe and sound and they were over the moon with him.
Tuesday morning Kirsty came in to pick up the puppies and A’lupa for a day’s filming and photo shoot, she also took Lupus. Sam and I were doing the dogs as it was such a nice day all the dogs were out for most of the day, the little dogs had the yard for most of the day, Sam carried on with the dogs while I had several phone calls and people viewing dogs. Sam popped home for lunch for an hour and brought her partner back and they spent the afternoon planting trees in the middle field while I did the dogs. Also took 2 deposits for puppies going to Italy.

Kirsty’s account of filming
It was an early start as I had to get up at 6am, usually that wouldn’t bother me but after the 3am start the morning before I felt it. I sorted my dogs out and loaded Lupus into the car then went off to pick up Sam who was covering for me while I was away. I got to the kennels and had a quick coffee before loading A’lupa then the puppies and went to pick Malcolm up who was coming along to give a hand, I dropped my keys off to my son who was going to look after my dogs for the day as I wasn’t sure what time I would be back. The dogs and puppies were really well behaved on the journey up and slept all the way, I was expecting my car to be a real mess when I arrived as the puppies are not used to travelling but to my surprise no-one had been sick. When we arrived we took lupus and A’lupa for a walk and then fed the puppies their breakfast and gave them all a drink, as soon as we had done this the filming team arrived and we took the puppies into a nice warm room where they were looked after by some of the team while Lupus and A’lupa did their bit. The film is about how dogs have progressed from wolves to domestic dogs and they had filmed 15 different types of dog on the Monday and allocated the whole day for our dogs. Firstly A’lupa and lupus had to walk from one point to another so they could get the walk and the run, then sniffing around the floor and then finally sitting and downs for head shots. They both did very well and worked for about 2 hours. We then had an hour break so the set could be changed and we could have some lunch. The puppies were in their element having a whole room to play in with constant attention and cuddles; they had their lunch and went back in their cages for a sleep before it was their turn. There were 3 children who were going to be working with the puppies so I gave them a run down on how to stroke them and hold them before we started. The puppies and the children were stars and couldn’t have behaved any better than they did. The children held the puppies correctly and the puppies stayed in shot at all times even though I was close to catch any stray puppies. While filming a lady came in from the BBC to have a look at how the dogs were behaving and interacting with the film crew, she spoke to me briefly about doing some filming with the dogs and then left. We finished filming at about 3:30pm and then we took the dogs for another short walk before heading back. The film crew were really pleased with what they had got and said they would be more than happy to work with us again. The journey back was quick and again the dogs and puppies slept all the way back. I got to the kennels at about 6pm and unloaded A’lupa and the puppies gave everyone their feeds and unloaded the cages. I went home and fed my dogs and then came back with the chicken delivery. I had a glass of wine and chatted to Andre about how the day had gone.

kirsty and Delta

Kirsty and Delta

Wednesday morning was Kirsty and I as Sam had a bad back from tree planting, we did all the morning feeds and then let 2 groups out and did the whelping area. Everybody else was finished by 9:30am, we unloaded the meat delivery and did the feeds for the following day, and the house dogs all went out in the field and then came in to have bones. We disinfected the yards and burnt all the rubbish. My mum came down to meet the tiler or not as the case maybe, as he forgot the appointment so she made lunch and did some house work. I had a phone call from the BBC telling me how pleased they were with Kirsty’s filming and handling of the dogs, they have booked her again for a film shoot in May with Reo. I had the afternoon to do on my own as Lisa has hurt her knee and being pregnant carrying the extra weight must be difficult, let’s hope she gets better soon. I had someone come down to view a hybrid today.
I did the lunchtime feeds and let everyone in and out for the afternoon.
The last groups came in at 6 and then the house dogs had the gates open so they could go out if they wanted too.
I brought all the house dogs in at 7 as I was freezing with the door open.
Thursday morning was Kirsty and I it was a really cold day I had two coats on all day and the wind was bitter.
We moved the pups from the whelping area into one of the back kennels so we could disinfect the pen without them freezing.
Kiro and Reo’s groups were the first out and then the little dogs went into the yard for breakfast as they are not allowed in the field before 10 am due to noise.
The yorkies stayed in most of the day as it was too cold for them to go out so they plagued Narla and the rest of the house dogs for the day.
After everyone had been out I quickly went into town to the bank and ordered some white board for the new kennel.
When I got back I did the feeds for the little dogs for lunch.
I am getting more time to spend with the dogs as Lisa is not here in the afternoon so I need to be outside all day which means I can go out in the field with each group and then I can spend time in the kennel with the little dogs as they bark too much if you go out with them in the field.
I had to spend a fair amount of time on the phone with arrangements for dogs going out of the country next month.
I had a couple come to view dogs they were looking at Cockapoo’s, all was going well until they saw the wolf hybrids in the yard, their comment was I bet those dogs are dangerous, she asked if I had heard about the pack of mastiffs and staffies attacking a child and said I expect your dogs would do that.
I asked her what she knew about the Wolf!!! And had she seem on the news not so long ago that a jack Russell had attacked a child, as they own a jack rat I am not so sure they liked my comment.
After they had left I had a chat with one of my hybrid owners which was refreshing after talking to opinionated uneducated people that make assumptions.
I then went out in the yard and brushed Narla and Shone.
I spent some time out in the field before disinfecting the yards and getting everyone in for the night.
The house dogs went out for a while and I spent some time with one of my yorkie girls who was about to have puppies.
Everyone was in for the night with bones and chews.
After all the house dogs had gone to bed my Yorkie started whelping, all went well a really nice litter but a long night.

Friday morning was Sam and I another really cold day but dry.
We did Kiro’s and Reo’s pens they were both clean just needed water changing and then we did the he pups and disinfected the bottom yard so Razzles lot could come out.
We finished the bottom groups and pups then up to the top groups to feed the doodle group before they went out.
Everyone had been out by 9.30 then the house dogs went out while I was with a customer looking at their puppy.
The meat delivery arrived so we sorted that out and got the chicken ready for the little dogs for today and then got Saturday’s chicken cut and put in the fridge ready.
All the feed bins were done for the frozen feeds for the next day; the dry feed bins were done for the next few days.
We burnt all the rubbish and cleaned the drains, the odd jobs were done and then the lunchtime feeds.
Sam left and I spent the rest of the day outside picking up bones and muck in the field and brushing dogs.
I have just started letting tory out in the field when it is dry as her foot is really not looking good from her cut and she will not keep a bandage on.

Torys foot

I finished off outside and came in at 6 pm and did the last of the washing and drying so I could have some peace without the drier going all night.
Saturday morning was Sam and I we did the same as Friday and then Sam did pen 4 and the odd jobs while I had someone here picking up a puppy and the boiler man as we have no hot water, just another annoying thing too finish off a rubbish week.
Brian and Wendy where here planting trees and that did not go well as they were constanty hitting rock when they were digging holes.
I did the lunchtime feeds and Sam left so I spent the afternoon between doing dogs and tree planting by 6 pm I really had enough and still had dogs to do.
I came in at 7 pm and did the house dogs.
The thought of still having more trees to plant fills me with dread I did not realise how much work it would create.

One of our hybrids in their new home

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