31st July

Great week the weather has been a little hot for us all but no real complaints.
Kate has been trotting around with the sprayer getting rid of weeds.
We both spent a few hours on weeds and stinging nettles with the brush cutter, we were out in the fields boiling while the dogs were happily sleeping in the sun in their outside pens.
Meli is living in the house, as she has been very difficult to take away from her puppies, if she is outside she cries and howls constantly.
In the day she is in with the little dogs and at night she sleeps upstairs with me.
As Meli is not with her puppies they have been changed from a vet bed to straw and shavings this helps to absorb any wet in the pen.
If the pups are on newspaper they just shred it all over the kennel.
At least they will not be running around in urine, as they seem to pee all day long.

Vicci and I went off to a top-grooming saloon this week to get the poodles clipped and a new style of trim for them.
My dog groomer has now stopped grooming for me, as she wants to do all of her grooming from her home.
As all my dogs are vaccinated but a lot of other dogs that go to the groomer are not and I felt the risk was to high for my bitches in pup and my poodle puppies that have the first puppy trim.
As Vicci is now joining us on a permanent basis I thought it would be a good idea to get her fully trained as a professional groomer.
I feel happier having my dogs done at home.
Hopefully all being well Vicci will be running a mobile grooming service as part of the Wolfzone kennel business.
Two Boots puppies left 1 male 1 female.
1 Czech female 12 weeks old.
Meli pups are now 6 weeks old.

Tarna is in season but I am not sure if she will be mated this time or not.
Thank you to Wendy who has just looked after Vinnie our recent re home dog for the last three weeks, Vinnie has now gone to his new home in Scotland.

Its been a busy week here with builders doing odd jobs the plumber has been three times and Nathan came over for the day to put some more sockets in to save having to use any extension leads any were the dogs can get hold of them.
We have now also got a phone in the top kennel block; it’s been a long time coming, thankfully no more racing down to the house.
A few pups have gone to new homes this week and visitors have been to meet the dogs for potential homes in the future.

Today has been really busy power washing and more strimming, all the dogs have been great but it will be a late night with last exercise and feeding now its cooling down.

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