31st July

A nice late 7 am start for Vicci and I we did all of the kennel dogs and then the carpenter arrived to fit the spindles on the staircase.
We went up and did the top groups and washed outside pens.
Next Wendy and Brian arrived to help move beds from the container to the house, as we couldn’t get up the stairs we loaded everything into the dog’s room in the house.
We had another monumental fire and said goodbye to the old oak front door and the stair case.
A customer arrived to view puppies, they have bought a pup and are picking him up next week.
We did the lunch time feeds and then went out for a late lunch and all had full English and came home stuffed.
We swapped around dogs and then cleaned all the outside pens and then did the evening feeds.
I cut up all the chicken for Vicci to feed the next day when I was going to be out.
I got the morning feeds ready and then we had a tidy up in the kennel.
Dogs were out until just after 10pm.
We were totally shattered after a 16 hour day and knowing we had a really start.
An early start as it was going to be three of us but only ended up being Vicci and myself doing the dogs.
All the dogs were cleaned and fed, everything was done ready for Vicci for the day.
I left with Winter and then met Wendy on the way up I arrived at the café to meet with Wendy and Brian and breakfast was already ordered which was very nice.
We went up and had the hips and elbows done Marilyn was very happy with the x rays so fingers crossed for a good result.
We came back and met Brian and then had burger and chips before heading home.
When I got home Vicci had everything running smoothly which was great she had not had the best of days with the rain, we were lucky we had a dry drive up and back.
We fed the rest of the dogs and cleaned up the pens.
Everyone was in by 9 pm.
Not quite such an early start which was good.
All the dogs’ done and outside pens cleaned.
We had a full team of builders and three electricians in so a busy day all-round.
Vicci stayed and helped for the day.
We had 4 people booked in to view dogs the first one emailed 15 minutes before she was due to arrive and said the price was too high.
The next people turned up to view hybrids after a couple of hours decided they would have a Czech wolf dog first time round.
We did the lunch time feeds and then the next person didn’t bother to ring or turn up.
We swapped dogs around and then popped into the house to see how the builders were getting on.
All is coming along well with the house.
My next visitors arrived and picked their puppy.
After they left we sat down for half an hour and then back to work, Vicci was keeping a check on Chianti and pups, as the little bitch was still being held on mum to feed.
I sorted out emails and phone calls.
Vicci left and I did the evening feeding and then started to wash the yard and the pens.
All the dogs were in by 8.30 as it was quite wet now.
Up at 5.45 all the dogs fed exercised and cleaned out by 8.45.
I saw the builders and then popped into town to get some more food for the party in a couple of weeks’ time.
On the way home I went to the butchers and picked up meat.
I let dogs out and sorted out the shopping and then cut up the chicken and fed everyone and the puppies.
A quick clean out on the pups and then time to play with Shone’s group.
We had a bit of rain but not too much so the dogs were all happy.
The afternoon was spent with the puppies and kennel dogs and sorting out the next years breeding program.
I made up the evening feeds and then got everything ready to take up to Nathan’s tonight as I am going up for dinner to see Sophie.
The afternoon was split between letting out dogs doing feeds and spending time with the puppies.
I did the evening feeds and then left.
I got home and fed Shone’s group and locked everyone in for the night and then brought Shone’s group up to the kennel.
An early start which was lucky I managed to miss the rain that started at around 7.45 am.
Everyone finished and then time to get out some things on the internet for the house.
I was over the moon when I checked my emails to find the tests had come back for Voodoo he is DM and DW clear so just hip scoring next year and I am hoping for a great stud dog.
All the builders arrived and then the electricians arrived.
Everything is coming along well today
I had visitors arrive to look at the snoodle pups.
After they left I did the lunch time feeds and then we had a spell of rain but not for too long.
All the dogs went out again and then I did a mating with Winter and Autumn.
This is his first mating after his hip scoring at the weekend, he was very good no messing around just got straight on with the job.
All the dogs had a good time out and it wasn’t too muggy for them.
I caught up on some paper work and then got the evening feeds done.
I cleaned the yards and bottom block.
Shone’s group came up and I locked up the top group.
I fed the pups had dinner and fell asleep.
I woke up Thursday morning with my coat and shoes on my head thanks to Voodoo, as I turned over he pounced on me for the usual morning cuddles and bite on the arm.
Everyone out fed and cleaned all finished at the bottom kennel and then the top dogs finished by 9 am, it was a relief to know they had all had a good run as the forecast was not so good for today.
I let Autumn out with Winter for a second mating while the rest of her group were in the field.
After the mating I washed up and then had breakfast.
I did the paper work for the puppies leaving and had a cuddle with the pups while waiting for customers to arrive.
Finally my customers arrived and then went off to have a think so I did the lunch time feeds.
I got a call to say 30 mins and then an hour past and I got another call to say they wanted to come back later in the afternoon.
People have no conception to how difficult it can be to accommodate them.
I locked the gates yet again and let the dogs out.
While the group were out I stopped for lunch as I had a hair dressing appointment early evening and wouldn’t get chance to eat.
I spent the afternoon letting dogs out, ear cleaning and another mating with Winter and Autumn.
Evening feeds done and then off to the hairdressers.
I got home and fed Shone’s group and put everyone else away.
Frozen feeds done ready for the wolf dogs for the morning and biscuit feeds done for the kennel dogs.
I finished about 9.30 as it was raining.
It was a bit of a damp start but not wet, I finished everyone by 8.45 but it really was raining by this time.
I had a chat with the builders and then popped into town to pick up milk and doughnuts.
I picked up a freezer full of bones for the wolf dogs.
Did the final mating with Winter and Autumn.
I had to get a few pictures of puppies and then do the lunch time feeds.
It had dried up quite nicely so everyone went out for a good run.
There were a few things to go through in the house and then I put the beds in the rooms that had just been finished and carpeted yesterday.
I had untold bags to take upstairs and unpack to try and find bedding, pillows and duvets.
I got fairly sorted out and then it started to rain so I had to shut everyone in and feed Shone’s group and then bring them up to the kennel with me.
Instead of waking up to my shoes and coat on my head
Everyone out and done and Coosa’s pen power washed.
I had a local couple arrive to pick up their puppy.
I did some weeding going up the steps as I was constantly being attacked by over grown plants.
Next was another couple viewing puppies.
After they left my screeding guys arrived.
I fed the puppies and did the lunch time feeds for everyone else.
I started to power wash the steps down to the house and then stopped half way through and swapped over dogs and let the screed guys out.
The dogs were happy to get back out on the drive for a run around.
I spent time with the puppies and then had visitors to see labradoodles they were here for quite a while.
After they left I shut the gate sand let the dogs back out again.
I finished power washing the steps and then swapped over dogs.
I did the evening feeds and then another customer arrived to see puppies.
Next was to power wash Shone’s yard then the next flight of steps.
I let the last groups of dogs out and fed the bottom hybrid pack.
I quick clean out for the pups and Shone’s group up with me for the night.

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