31st January

Sunday morning was dry and very cold, everyone fed, cleaned and out.
While I had 4 groups out I power washed Coosa’s day pen as it was getting very muddy.
I came back down and then took my pup for a play with a few others in the drive.
Next was to get the registrations done for the poodle puppies, so they arrive in time for the litter leaving.
Chicken cut up ready and then I had an hour on the computer looking at pictures Wendy sent to my drop box, while I was looking at them I deleted a lot of old pics and spent some time up loading some to face book.
Everyone fed and out for more playtime.
I spent a couple of hours out with dogs in the afternoon.
The front pen needed a hose and then I got the evening feeds done and brought everyone in, the nights are drawing out a little bit more so they come in just after 5 pm now.
A cold dry start, everyone out, fed and clean.
The labs went up into field three and then I opened the gates for the builders and quickly went up to the butchers for bones before Nathan and Jake arrived to fit more cameras and a radiator into the kennel.
It was a little difficult getting dogs back into the kennel with electricians and tools everywhere so each group was out much longer than normal.
Today I had some good news, a female hybrid from Coosa and Rainn sister to my girls was sold to a great family in Czechoslovakia at around 6 months old, they have just had their first litter of 8 puppies from Elliejai the silver girl, she was the most beautiful puppy and continued to grow into a beautiful adult, now she is being a great mum, I wish them luck as this is an experience they have waited a long time for.

I had a puppy viewer and a lady come and visit coco as I am looking to re home her fairly soon, all went well and Coco will be leaving early February to go to her new family.
I fed everyone and then cooked the boys some lunch.
Next was to check the camera’s Nathan had installed and to get them set up where I wanted them.
Jake put an extractor fan in the bottom kennel as there had been some condensation on the walls in there.
Nath fitted a slim line radiator in the walk way of the kennels.
I had a chat with the builders to sort out where the bathroom lay out would be and to move the ensuite bathroom to the other end of the house now we think we can take out the old stair case
Next I had a long chat with a film producer for channel 5 to maybe do a short program about living with a wolf hybrid.
I got the evening feeds done and then brought everyone in and fed Coosa’s group.
Shone and Cito came in and had food, I took the puppy out for a run and then finished for the night.
Tuesday morning
A dry start but not for long before the rain came.
The builders arrived and then Nath and Jake arrived.
I fed and cleaned everyone out and then put dogs in different kennels so everything was ready for Nathan and Jake to run the wires for the radiator, Jake checked the fan that went in yesterday, it is working well.
The chicken delivery arrived so I sorted it out and froze most of it.
Most of the dogs were fed in their kennels as it was too wet and windy for them to be out for long.
The afternoon most stayed in with treats and cows ears.
I had to give everyone their run before bed in the rain.
Everyone in fed and finished.
I went up to Nathan’s to see Laura and Sophie as I didn’t get chance to go up in the day time with so much going on here.
I went up the link road the wind and rain was awful, when I arrived I fed Sophie and then had dinner and Laura and I took Ralph for a walk.
I came home and sorted out my dogs before bed.
Another wet start, everyone out and cleaned back in for food.
I popped into town and picked up bones.
When I got home the rain wasn’t quite so bad so I let everyone out and then cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
The afternoon was me sorting out things for the builders and letting dogs out when it wasn’t too wet.
Feeds all done ready and then the last dogs came in and I locked up and went off to training just with Winter.
We had a good night all the classes went well.
I did a quick shop on the way home and then got back to sort the dogs out again.
A dry start which was nice, everyone fed and cleaned out, Dogs were out in the drive and the fields; Cito and Shone went out and then went to the bottom yard so they could sit and watch the builders.
I had a brief meeting with one of the builder’s merchant reps.
Other than feeding and letting dogs out I spent the whole day sourcing materials and prices for the next phase of the house project.
I seem to be working later every night to catch up on my own stuff, the house project unfortunately is massive.
Dogs were still going out at 6 pm as we had some rain showers on and off in the later part of the afternoon.
Everyone in at 6.30 as the rain started again.
A wet start so everyone out and cleaned then back in for food.
Hannah arrived to start grooming; I spent just over three hours power washing as the dogs couldn’t come out because it was too wet.
I finally finished and then cut up the chicken ready for feeding, everyone fed and then I got Hannah to give me a hand to hold Rupert while I took his stitches out of his back end.
Next was more stitches out of another dog, my last dog to hold was Coco to clean her ears.
Dave arrived and then I went down for a quick chat with the builders to get another list for supplies for next week.
I brought all of the towels back from the grooming as Hannah goes through three loads of towels every week.
We popped into town quickly to pick up bones for the weekend and then home to get the dogs in.
All the evening feeds ready do I fed everyone and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
Shone and Cito came up for the night and had a run on the drive and then in for food.
Kiro and Reo out for the night in the rain again.
Morning feeds ready and finally finished about 6.45.
Another wet start but not too bad, everyone went out and the kennels cleaned and then back in for food.
I had a chat with the new owners of Bud, he has started to settle in now I was worried about him for a while and asked them if he didn’t eat and settle I would take him back but he does seem ok now.
When the rain dried up it was quite nice and sunny, while everyone was out we cleared out the study in the house and took a load to the tip, also the old bathroom suite all got tipped.
We just have some old paving slabs to move out ready for Kiro’s new pen and a load of wood to burn weather permitting.
Chicken cut up and lunch time feeds all done.
Apart from a hail storm in the afternoon the rest of the day wasn’t too bad until about 6 pm.
Everyone had another good run for the afternoon and then all in for feeding before bed time.
Shone and Cito out on the drive and Coosa’s group in and fed.

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