30th October

On Monday A’Lupa arrived in the UK.
I spent numerous hours on the phone and waiting at the airport due to several cock ups on the passport, it was very lucky that the lady from the shipping company in the uk was an absolute saint without her help above and beyond the call of her job, A’lupa would not be here now, she was a life saver.
A’Lupa arrived on a failed passport which meant she should have gone into quarantine until it was sorted out.
The lad from Overhill quarantine kennels was great, he spent hours looking after A’Lupa until the vet in Europe could rectify all the problems.
Thankfully we found a great coffee machine while waiting.

I did manage to get the computer that I had promised myself I just need to get the software now and get the computer set up.

Finally got her home very late Monday night.
My first job was get Coosa in as he wouldn’t come in for Kate,
I was off up the field with my wellies and torch, bless him he was waiting at the gate as he must have heard my van come in, he looked rather wet and bedraggled.
He is much happier now as he has been moved back into his old kennel for a few months with Lycan, Taska and Siren, he will move out when Taska is in season then he can go back with Idaho for the early spring.

I was hoping for a bit of a rest after such a stressful day but no chance of that D’Quilla was getting ready to have her puppies, the first one arrived at 04.15 so I spent the next few hours watching the camera.
All went well she only lost one puppy and the other all seem very happy and feeding ok.
Wednesday Tarna had her hybrid puppies, three lovely little pups all doing well
They will be ready for new homes on the 19 Th of December.

Unfortunately no training for C this week as I had to stay home for the third litter was due and as I thought, arrived that night.

Thursday was so wet the last group of dogs came in at around 09.30 and other than Coosa and Siren they all stayed in until 2.30.this was great as I have a new lady helping out called Wendy, so even though she did not get to see how our normal day would be, we managed to groom, cut and bath two poodles.
This was Kates first day off for ages and she popped in to pick up Lobo and ended up staying for hours, so Lobo had a play with C and A’Lupa for a while.
We have not yet found which dog will be most suitable to kennel with A’Lupa so she is on her own still in pen 1 by the house, this will give her a chance to get used to the little dogs.

Early Friday morning things had changed rapidly.
Dora was doing fine with her puppies, poor D’quilla had lost two pups and Tarna was drooling very badly and looked like she was in respiratory distress and her chest was moving very fast, this meant her lungs were starting to fill up with fluid.
After a vets visit it was decided to be in the best interest for Tarna to take her puppies off of her and put them with Dora.
Two years ago Dora reared my Labradors puppies after the mother got mastitis.
Tarna is in the house in a cage so I can keep a constant eye on her, she is on a double dose of antibiotics and rimadyl.
She has a very serious chest infection, and a high temperature, so the next few days are very worrying for her.
She is eating and drinking ok at the moment, she spent an hour on the sofa sleeping on my lap then she went and put herself in a cage, this was a surprise as she has never been in the house or in cage before.

Saturday was a fairly normal day except we had help from a lady called Isi she was great, it was nice to have an older person with common sense and animal knowledge.
Kate hurt her back lifting so she felt terrible and couldn’t do some of the things she would normally do and Isi gave her a hand, which helped out.
In the afternoon Isi got to spend a bit of time with a few different wolf dogs, which she enjoyed.
As we had an extra pair of eyes and ears around I thought it would be good to introduce A’Lupa to Rainn so she had company, so far so good, tomorrow all being well they can go out into the field together.
Tarna is holding her own and seems a little brighter, but still just taking one day at a time at the moment.
Dora and D’quilla are both fine and so far the pups are doing well.

As you can see Dora is a fantastic mum as always, she has taken the puppies without any problem

Dora and pups

Sunday so far so good no major problems just very busy, no real change with Tarna except she has stopped eating.

I have been asked to put this on the blog.
I have no information on these dogs so please email the lady below if you can help.

The male has issues the female is ok.
They are 8 and 9 years old.

The male is the one with one ear down.

Am trying very hard to find a good home for them here in Jersey but am
on a very tight schedule so opening as many avenues for them as

They have until 19 nov to be re homed

This is a 10-month-old female I have here for re homing
She is a fantastic girl good on the lead great with children very friendly with people.
Good in the house in or out of a cage.
Ok in a kennel but far happier inside.
She would be suited to live in a house without another dog.
She can be left alone.



Akna mixed sled dog picture.

Racheal and the sled dogs

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