30th November

Sunday was a nice day, the sun was out so we did the house dogs and then the kennel dogs.
Dave did some odd jobs while I started my four hour power washing up at the top kennels.
Lunchtime feeds done and then the dogs all swapped around, we had a coffee and then Dave left to go back home and I went back out and finished washing Narla’s top kennel area.
The fencing guys were in putting up the wire on the last field I have not had chance to check it all yet.
I got the frozen feeds out and then did the evening feeds; I cleaned all the yards and moved dogs around.
Reo and Vika went back out for a while before feeding and bed time.
I fed the kennel dogs and then locked them all up, I let Kiro out and thought I would have an easy evening as I had just had two and half nights up with a sick puppy.
I had dinner and then planned to have a bath and do some paper work, no unfortunately not to be.
I ended up getting Kirsty in as I had an allergic reaction to duck eggs, I called 111 and they got an ambulance straight out I had a really nasty rash over my entire body I looked like a lobster with a million white dots.
My lips were swelling and eyes inching, I went out to try and get kiro in but didn’t make it on the first attempt I was sat outside the house on the path I could not stand up and passed out, when I could get up I called her in and locked the door.
I put the puppies in their room and left Shone, Cito and Rupert in the kitchen with the upstairs.
After I had left in the ambulance Kirsty let the house dogs into the lounge as well.
After having tests and iv steroids and antihistamine, when I started to feel better I asked the hospital to ring Kirsty so I could go home as I am not keen on being in hospital, they said as long as I was not on my own that would be ok.
I got home and sorted the house dogs and morning feeds and went to bed feeling wiped out.
Monday morning was a real hard frost; I was a little slower than normal as I didn’t feel a 100% so I just carried on and worked though the morning as normal.
Everyone out fed and cleaned then I brought them all in and put the yorkies out for a short time as it was very cold, my fingers stuck to the gates and all the buckets were frozen, also all of the outside taps were frozen.
After cleaning I check my emails and then quickly went in town and got some more antihistamines as I need to stay on them for a couple of days.
I got home and swapped dogs around and then did the lunch time feeds.
I cleaned the bottom block and did fresh water everywhere.
The afternoon was so cold all the little dogs went out for a short time and the hybrids stayed out as they like the cold if it’s not wet.
I got the evening feeds ready and then loaded my sister’s food as I was going to see her for her birthday and stay for dinner.
Everyone fed and cleaned out again, bitches back with the puppies and house dogs all done.
I went out for a couple of hours and then back to get the house dogs out and do the feeds for the morning.
Tuesday morning was a wet start so I put the house dogs in the bottom block and then did the kennel dogs; they went out in separate groups one at a time so i was slower than on a dry day.
Everyone was out for a short time, and then back in with bones.
Coosa went out in the top kennel area with his food.
I put the house dogs back in and then Reo and Vika out into the bottom block.
As it was still raining I sorted out all the chicken that had just arrived and got the feeds ready for everyone, the hybrids and house dogs were fed first and then the kennel dogs,
I did the puppies and then cleaned them out.
When we had some breaks in the rain I let the kennel puppies out in the drive and then the other dogs into the fields and the yards.
Rupert needed his ears cleaning and plucking, so I did them and then stayed in the house for a little while cleaning and getting the evening feeds ready.
I had a puppy owner come for a short time to spend time with their puppy.
Coosas group went down to the bottom block and I hosed the puppies yard.
I wormed the house dogs and checked on Rupert he was fine after having his ears done.
While it was dry I picked up in the drive and the paddock and then did the fire before the next cloud burst upon us again.
As the rain started again I spent some time with Narla and Siren and then played ball with Kiro in her kennel.
Evening feeds ready and everyone in fed and clean, and morning feeds done.
House dogs all in and Kiro out.
I had planned to spend the evening watching tv and working with the house dogs and doing some paper work, tv was out of the question as the screen went on the tv within five minutes of putting it on I only had sound, a job for tomorrow to move my spare tv into the house
Morning feeds done and an hour watching tv with the dogs.

Wednesday morning was a damp cold start but thankfully not raining, house dogs went out and then Kiro in, down to the kennels and put the first two groups out and cleaned them out and fed puppies, then wormed the pups that were leaving at the weekend.
Coosa went out in the front pen at the kennel and Narla into the field, I had nearly finished off in the kennel when Coosa started howling so I moved him to the top kennel area with food, this did not keep him quiet for long so he went back into his kennel on his own while I moved Reo and cleaned Kiro out.
After everyone was cleaned out I picked up in the paddock and the yards.
I got the frozen feeds out as it is very cold now and takes a long time to defrost.
I did the lunch time feeds for everyone and got the evening feeds ready as I needed to leave early as we were testing at training.
Coosa was now on the move down to the bottom block as he was tuning up again.
I sorted out emails and banking on line.

I went off to training to set up and be ready for the first class to do some work before the examiner arrived.
We got the food laid out and the hall set up and then everyone started arriving so we got straight on with some work, the bronze class did well, two dogs did fail but one was only due to his over exuberance while waiting for his turn.
The other broke his stay which has only just started to be a problem in the last couple of weeks.
After the test we had a break and all had a bit to eat before starting the silver test, all went well all the dogs passed, one was a dog I bred last year called Jazz, a multi gene doodle and the other was Lupus Kirsty’s hybrid.

After the test was over the silver class stayed and had food and then we cleaned the hall and time for home.
It was a terrible drive home in the fog, I got back and let Kiro out and the house dogs went out to the toilet.
Morning feeds done and an hour watching tv with the dogs.

Thursday morning was a damp misty start, the house dogs went out and Kiro went in.
I let the first two groups out and fed the puppies and cleaned them out and got them back in quite quickly as the air was so damp they were quite wet.
The yorkies went out briefly and Narla and Siren went out, next was Coosa’s group.
I cleaned up in the drive and opened the gates as Hannah and Tracey were coming to groom and two puppies were leaving.
I put Reo and Vika away and let Shone and Cito out in the bottom block with the house puppies.
Everyone was fed and clean before any visitors arrived.
Hannah gave me a hand to microchip two litters of puppies and then I did the insurances.
The puppy owners came and went and then I cut up the chicken for lunch time, I fed the house dogs first then the kennel dogs while the girls stopped for lunch.
I spent a little time with Coosa’s group after they were fed, he was not too bad today, quieter than normal.
Reo and Kiro are still calling to each other but only when Reo is out in the yard, in the kennel he is quiet.
I cleaned the puppy room in the house and the floors had a wash while the puppies were out.
I had to pop into town and pick up some stuff the vets had posted and then a quick trip to Sainsbury’s.
I got home and put the next group of dogs out and then changed all of the waters.
I got the evening feeds ready in the house and the kennel, and then spent a bit of time with Narla and gave her a brush and more food she is eating constantly, poor Siren is staying right out of the way when he sees the food coming as she looks at him like make my day, I throw his to him and he just eats at the back of the kennel.
The house dogs had the bottom block all day as Coosa didn’t have to come down today which makes life so much easier.
I put my dinner on to cook and then fed the house dogs and the kennel dogs, then brought Coosa’s group in and locked everyone up and let Kiro out.
I wrote the blog and then had a free evening doing very little.
Friday morning was cold and damp, house dogs out, Reo and Vika in the bottom block and the first to groups out in the field and drive.
All fed and swapped over, the puppies were all fed and cleaned out.
The first meat delivery arrived so I started to sort that out and then a customer arrived to pick up his pup to go to Scotland.
After he left I carried on with the meat and got the lunch time feeds ready.
Next a lady arrived to see Milly my yorkie that was ready for rehoming, I was a little worried as Milly can be a bit particular about people but they got on really well and now she has gone to South Brent with a great Dane so they will be the odd couple in the village.
I also have another little yorkie for rehoming as I am cutting down on the yorkies and keeping more Labradors.
My last customer of the day so gates now locked and the dogs back out in the drive.
I did the lunch time feeds and let the next groups in the field and paddock, Coosa was down in the bottom block now so I could go to the house for lunch.
While I was in for lunch I fed the pups and cleaned there room out ready for the evening.
Frozen feeds out for the next day, Kiro and Reo cleaned out and the fire done.
All the dogs were out for another couple of hours while I did paper work.
Evening feeds done, puppies fed Coosa’s group in.
I did the morning feeds and locked the kennel up and then let the house dogs out before letting Kiro out for the night.
Saturday morning cold and dry, all the house dogs out and fed first two groups of kennel dogs out, all fed and cleaned out, and then the next two groups out, next out was Coosa group I put them in the drive so I could do emails.
I had people booked into to see Labrador puppies so after Coosa went out to the field I opened the gates.
Today was the day for time wasters; I had enough of idiots so time to spend some quality time with the dogs.
I did the lunch time feeds and then cleaned up in the drive, next was to hose the bottom block.
Coosa started to make a noise so I moved him back down to the drive and did some adverts.
Next was to disinfect the puppies’ yard and put them all in the house as it was getting cold.
Budd had a mating with a friend’s bitch I was starting to get worried I thought she may have gone over.
All the little dogs had to go out in the field as Coosa was on the drive.
I picked up in the paddock while they were out.
Evening feeds done and everyone locked up.
Kiro out with her food.

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