30th June

Sunday was a busy morning mum was washing bowls and cleaning in the house and sorting out paper work.
Sam and I were doing the dogs; Wendy and Brian took off one of the kennel gates and wired a 10 ft gate so the dogs have more room to go through the gate when going out to the field.
I did the house dogs and got all the feeds ready while Sam did the front whelping area and changed the vet bed for the bitch out the front.
Sam did the Coosa pups while I was moving Ranger to his day pen with Narla and Shone, next out was Kiro.
Razzles group came out into the yard and had breakfast while I cleaned them out and then we cleaned Kiro and Rangers pen.
We went up to the top I put the labs out while Sam cleaned out Idaho.
We cleaned everyone out and fed them, we got all the rubbish burnt and then the house dogs out in the field while their pens were cleaned.
My first visitors came to view pups while Sam did the odd jobs.
After they had left mum did us all breakfast and then we spent time in the fields pulling and cutting grass back from the new trees so Brian could go in with the brush cutter and make paths around the field.
Wendy did some nettle weeding and got stung to bits.
I had another person viewing dogs for their second visit.
I fed the pups and cut all of the chicken up for the little dogs as I knew I would end up running late with people here and needing to finish in time as we had training in the evening.
I cleaned the bottom yards so the training yard would be clean and dry for the evening.
We then went down and measured in the new building for the skirting boards and doors so Brian could order them for me.
I got all the frozen feeds done and left them in the freezer ready for the next morning.
I brought all the washing in and sorted it out.
Everyone came in and the yards were all cleaned.
My training class went well, the dogs are very advanced for their age and are really enjoying learning, there has been such an improvement with the little cockapoo girl.
We had a chat after training and I then let my house dogs back out and did a bowl collection and locked everyone up.
I came in for dinner at about 8.30 and got the morning feeds ready.
I had an early finish just after 11 pm.
Monday morning was a slow start as I was feeling a little rough.
I did the house dogs with Sam’s help, then Sam did the front whelping area while I got Ranger out and fed him.
We put the lab group out.
Next was Kiro out and then Razzles group.
We finished down the bottom and then went up to the top kennels.
We put Reo and Matzi out; while they were out we did their pens and Idaho.
After they came in Moon and Coosa went out. All the pens were finished and the house dogs went out.
The Coosa pups went out into the bottom yard so they could run around for the day.
Sam cleaned all the house dogs and did the vets beds while I went out to get shopping and shavings.
I left a list for Sam as I was out for an hour and a half, she had finished everything and done some odd jobs and changed over dogs in the field.
I got home and we unloaded the van and then fed the Coosa pups.
I had a few calls to make and emails to do.
Next was vaccinating puppies.
One of my puppies’ buyers came and picked up their pup to take to the vets for a puppy check.
We fed all of the pups and the little dogs.
I got Coosa in so I could put some more lotion on his bum as he has made it raw again; while I had him in he had his ears cleaned and a brush.
I had to brush Moon as he is now moulting; the field was covered in fluff from his undercoat.
While I was out in the field I walked around and checked all of the fences to make sure they hadn’t been digging, Coosa has dug a four foot hole in the field but it is not near the fence so that is fine.
I cleaned ears on a few of the little dogs and checked nails ready for Hannah’s list for this week.
I got the disinfectant buckets ready checked everyone’s water and then played with the Coosa pups for a while, the yorkie pups had been running free in the house so I put them away and then brought the Coosa pups in for the night.
I put the house dogs out in the field and cleaned all of the yards.
I got the morning feeds done and came in at around 8.30 and spent the evening with the house dogs, except Shone and Narla as they didn’t come back in from the field until it was nearly dark.
Tuesday morning I did the house dogs and Sam did the front whelping area, then Sam put the lab group out while I did Ranger and the bottom groups, then we went up to the top kennels.
Sam did Moon and Idaho, I did the other three pens, everyone had been out and pens clean, we went down and let the house dogs out; Sam did cages pens and vet beds while I washed all the food and water bowls.
I sorted out the meat delivery and got the bins ready for everyone for breakfast.
We fed everyone and burnt the rubbish.
Sam took the whelping box apart in Rangers kennel as he has now had to move in with Kiro and Siren, I need the kennel for one of my labs.
Sam fed the pups and cleaned the whelping area while I cleaned out Rangers old kennel and scrubbed the whelping box ready to move bitches in the morning.
I did the lunchtime feeds and cut the chicken up for the little dogs.
All the washing was out on the line early.
We took the Coosa pups out and put them in the bottom yard so they could run around for the day, thankfully the weather has stayed dry, and it helps to have them outside as we are so short of newspapers, Wendy supplies us with more than most but we can’t get enough.
I spent time out with the dogs picking up bones and brushing them.
I cleaned the yards and locked everyone in at about 7.30 then Kirsty came down with the chicken carcasses, we had a chat for a while and I came in and brushed Shone before having dinner and spending time with the house dogs and pups.
Wednesday morning was a hectic start, everyone wanted to go out at the same time.
I let some of the house dogs out and two groups from the top, then the second group from the house went out while I was feeding in the whelping area.
Razzles group was out while I fed Ranger, Kiro and Siren, they all seem happy together.
After I had finished cleaning at the bottom I got the top groups in and then got the next groups out while I cleaned all three of them and Idaho.
I put the Coosa pups out in their pen with toys and bones.
The house dogs went out; I changed all of tier vet beds and water.
Kirsty and Sam popped in for a while we had a chat and coffee.
After they had gone I cleaned out Kiro’s pen and moved the lab bitch.
Next I cleaned the whelping area and checked everyone’s water as it was hot.
I did the lunchtime feeds and let the bitches out again.
I had time to take some pictures of the Coosa pups and play with them, next was play time with the yorkie pups.
I spent some time with the poodle as I am needing her to feed a litter of cockapoo pups as the mum has very little milk.
The afternoon was ears cleaning and letting dogs out.
I popped up to see Bobby to see how she was getting on and then came home and I cleaned all the yards and locked everyone in at about 7.30.
Thursday morning the lab group up the top were driving us mad with the noise and having to keep going up and telling them to be quiet.
I finished the house dogs and Sam did the feeding in the whelping area.
We let Kiro, Siren and Ranger out in the field and bought the other halo the lab group down to the bottom, some have joined Razzles group and some have gone In Kiro’s old kennel, we cleaned out the bottom groups and got the new pen ready for the dogs that have moved down, the bitches in pup have now got a separate kennel to go in at night when they can’t be monitored as well as in the day time.
After we had finished doing all the changes at the bottom we went up and did the top kennels and brought Kiro’s group in.
Sam finished off cleaning up there while I came down to see people that had come to look at Daisy my Cocker bitch, she was not managing to feed her pups and they were dying one by one so I have rehomed her and moved the remaining pups onto my poodle, they are feeding well and all seems goods far.
Greg was here tiling and Nathan was here to put up lights and help Greg.
My sister phoned up to come over and pick up dog food and stuff so I quickly rushed up to town to get food for lunch.
We fed all the pups and I put out Matzi as he can stay out for a longer time than anyone else without causing any fuss.
I took my sister down to the new kennel and then showed her around so she could see the progress since her last visit.
We had lunch and then I got Matzi in and carried on outside with feeding and putting dogs out.
We had horrible drizzle all afternoon so Shone and Narla came in as the Coosa pups have the covered pen.
Mum phoned up to say Nathan’s dog Roxy had just had a fit and wasn’t too good so Nath left and went up to see her and spend time with her as he was not going to be able to take her home as normal.
I got the feeds ready for the next morning; I brought the Coosa pups in at 8 pm and spent some time playing with them.
I went back out and cleaned their pen ready for the next morning and spent a couple of hours with the house dogs.
I put everyone out and then went to bed.
At 4 am my poodle woke me up to go out as I looked down the side of the bed I was an extra set of ears Narla had decided to open the gate and was sleeping one side of the bed and Kia the other, Rupert the poodle was asleep on mothers bed.
I went back to bed for a couple of hours.
Friday morning Hannah was here grooming she was happy that all the little dogs are now down the bottom so this makes it easier for her to get them in for grooming.
I had finished the housed dogs and feeds were all ready for the bitches and pups.
Sam fed the front whelping area and Jezz while I cleaned up the bottom yard and fed Razzle’s group and the other bitches.
We changed all the vet beds early so they could all be tumbled dried as we had light rain again.
We finished the bottom groups and went up and put out Kiro and Reo’s group.
We cleaned them and Idaho, then Matzi and Coosa’s group went out, after they were cleaned out and everyone fed Moon went out and his pen was cleaned.
The meat delivery had arrived so I fed all the little dogs at the bottom and sorted all the chicken out to be frozen.
Sam did some odd jobs while I sorted out he dogs to be groomed with Hannah.
We put the Coosa pups out in their day pen and got their pen washed and left to dry while we did a few other jobs.
I had a couple come to view puppies and then I cleaned the yards ready for the house dogs coming in from the field.
We did the water in the whelping areas and vet beds in the house.
I did the rest of the lunchtime feeds and then spent some time on the computer.
I did a re check and clean on puppies, I fed the Coosa pups whole chicken carcasses.
I gave Coosa a quick brush and Moon.
I got the pens ready for Matzi and Coosa coming in I washed Matzi’s pen.
All was going well I was in time with everything as I had planned a 7 pm finish.
Then came the bombshell Nathan phoned up just before 5 pm he was really upset Roxy had another fit, I phoned his vet to make an appointment for 6 pm to Euthanize Roxy as she really was not herself anymore.
I phoned a friend to come and finish off my dogs, I got Coosa and Matzi in as fast as possible, I made the feeds for the puppies and left.
I was really worried about getting to Taunton on time as it was Glastonbury and some of the roads in Taunton were closed, I arrived at the vets just before Nathan and sorted out the consent form and the bill, I was trying to make things as stress less as possible for Nath.
I had explained everything to the vet nurse before leaving here and even then when we took Roxy in he wanted to try and put her on medication for the epilepsy, had they of kept her records up to date they should have known that she had seen my vet and was already on medication, after establishing we were not prepared to try anymore drugs he put her to sleep, it was very sad but I am grateful that she will not suffer anymore and Nathan will not be stressed about it as he has been for months now.
I popped in to see mum while I was there and had a coffee then back home to do my dogs and finish off.
I put the house dogs out to the toilet and checked the bitches that are due to whelp.
I did the frozen feeds and the morning feeds, then I had dinner at about 9.30, I spent a short time with the house dogs before going to bed.
Saturday morning was a damp start but not too bad.
I put two groups out at the top kennels at about 6 am and then did the house dogs.
All the feeds were done when Sam arrived, we did the front whelping area and changed vets beds so the washing could be done straight away.
Sam put Jezz out and did her pen then one of the poodle groups while I put Razzles group and the bitches due to whelp.
I cleaned all their pens and then helped Sam do the other bottom group.
We went up the top and put Kiro in and outside pen and brought Reo and A’Lupa in.
Coosa and Matzi’s group went out while we did Idaho, Kiro’s and the other two pens.
I left Sam to dry the kennels and put Moon out after Matzi was in.
I came down and did the blog for the last couple of days while Sam cleaned Reo’s pen.
I put the Coosa pups out while Sam put the rest of the house dogs out.
We did the inside pens and the bitches in the house, all the floors were washed and the next lot of beds washing.
The yorkies and my yorkiepoo were running around the house while we were sorting out their beds.
Shone and Narla were out in the field.
The house dogs came back in and Cito and C went out.
We had breakfast and then I started to do some lead training with my Coosa pup.
Sam cleaned whelping boxes and did odd jobs.
I cleaned the yards and then did the paperwork for puppies.
I brought Narla and Shone in and Sam put Cito out and did the fire and muck buckets.
I cut up all the chicken for feeding at lunchtime, we fed the pups and then I had a meeting with the guy about drains in the new kennel.
I had my yorkie pup owners come and pick her up.
I put each group out for just over an hour and then Kirsty and Malcolm came down to see the Coosa pups and Kirsty held the puppies for me to take their pictures.
Next Wendy and Brian arrived; we spent more time playing with the Coosa pups and then Brian got the brush cutter out and cut some more of the middle field.
Brian rodded the drain as it was blocked with a kong toy from the lab group.
I cleaned all the yards and Wendy helped me move the spare whelping box.
We fed everyone and let Shone and Narla out in the field.
Wendy collected and washed all of the bowls; we put the Coosa pups away and Wendy and Brian took me out for dinner when Jan arrived to keep a listen out for the dogs while we were out, we had a nice meal and then back home, I let the house dogs out and we had a play with the Coosa pups before they left.
I did the morning feeds and spent some time playing with the house dogs before going to bed.

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