30th January

Its been a noisy week everyone seems to want to howl day and night, I have managed to hold off a migraine just, but its not been good Kate has been feeling ill all week and to make her day Eba jumped up at the door a smashed her right in the head.
Despite us feeling terrible everything has gone reasonable well to plan, we even managed to de staple another fence and take it down ready for the digger driver to put in the turning point into the new access.

The Labradoodle litter has all gone today except the little girl called Biscuit that I have kept, she is in the house with Razzel my new little male pup until the spring when they will both go outside along with my new little girl I am keeping from Saffi.

Kiro’s puppies are growing well they will start to be weaned next week, probably will have to take Kiro out to feed them as she is a little pig, not that she should be hungry as Cito her mum is still storing food for her, every night she gives her a chicken carcass when they go out in the field, there is a very strong bond between mother and daughter.

We have a new csv female this week her name is Tala a very sweet little girl, she is Cito’s granddaughter another little friend for Reo.

A’Lupa is doing well I am in contact with her breeder every week; I am looking forward to her joining us here.
She will be the last csv we intend to import, as the plan is to have three or four females and two males until Titan is retired.

We have a very nice Saarloos csv Inuit female two years old looking for a new home, ideally to be homed with another dog preferable a male, she lives in the house.

We have an unexpected litter of Labradoodle puppies ready for homes in two weeks time they are a very nice dark apricot.

Rachael Bailey did very well at Avemore she came second in her class with her Eskimo team, well done to Rach.

Fenn our wolfdog who went to Stuggart is doing really well he has turned out to be a big lad.

D’Quilla’s Hybrid pups have had the rabies vaccines and have another week before they fly to Saudi, they are both growing very fast.

I have had several enquiries this week for Hybrids, I would ask people to do the correct research into these dogs I will not home them to normal working family homes they need special requirement and you must have enough land to exercise these dogs properly not a 50 foot back garden.

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