30th January

Thankfully a long and busy weekend over with, another new week begins with a wet Monday morning roll on summer.
As most of you who have been here know how busy we are and those who read the blog can see we are constantly working with our own dogs, for some reason I am being constantly plagued with people phoning or emailing for advice on rescue dogs or problem dogs they have got from rescue centers or other breeders who are not happy to give any advice on the pups they have sold.
Why can’t people do their research on the dogs and ask the breeders a lot more questions before getting over excited and just going home with a puppy, mostly the end result is the pup is the one who suffers in the long run, I have sympathy for the dogs but despair at the owners.
I regret to say that I am no longer going to be able to advise on any dogs that have not been purchased from my kennels, I have very little spare time and what I do have will be devoted to my own dogs and the loyalty that I owe to people who have purchased a dog from me.
I have several people visit here to meet the dogs and then come back and purchase a dog at some point in the future, today especially I have had
Constant phone calls and viewings for the Cockerpoo and small puppies, and two calls for advice on dogs I have no idea were they come from.
Many of my Cockerpoo and labradoodle pups are sold to first time owners so this can take up a lot of my time making sure they are prepared with everything they need for their pups when they arrive home with them.
Lobo is home after his weekend away with Kate his girls are pleased to see him back.
Rupert has been out training today and then Cito late on Monday evening for a walk around town in the fog to see how she is after being away, she was very good given that you could hardly see where we were going.
I have been busy getting in front with as many jobs as possible to help Kate out as I have training with Rupert on Tuesday, two puppy viewings and lunch with Shaun, Isla and Wolf.
Tuesdays training went exceptionally well, also went out to lunch with Shaun and Isla. We discussed a new wolf research plan, the rest of the week meetings and future projects.
Kate did the dogs on Wednesday whilst wolf and I went training with Rupert and cito. Wednesday evening we took peaches and C training, also in the class was Bazz, one of Saffi’s pups and Narla a Wolf Hybrid. They all have come along very well in the past couple of weeks. Kate took Peaches and C home, to do the evening kennels and let the house dogs out as I was going out for dinner with Shaun, Isla and wolf for yet another late night.
Thursday morning very wet, most of the dogs only went out for a short run, Wolf and I went to the vets while Kate did the dogs. Then we went out to do some training with Rupert. Came home to do the evening kennels and then out yet again.
Friday morning was taken up with puppy viewings, and then we went out for the afternoon. Roxy was rehomed today. Wolf and I went over to see Shaun and Isla which I presumed was just for a meeting, some how ended up being an awesome experience I went in with Cheyenne, Tejas and Natar. This was a brilliant experience especially during season. The only down to it, I came home smelling of a wolf and covered in mud, But well worth it. My plan is to spend more time at Shaun’s with the wolves now that Kate has fully got the idea of running the kennels on her own. This enables me to have the time out I need.
Saturday morning was exceptional cold thankfully dry. Quannahy is happy and settled in her new area which she is due to whelp on the 4th of February.
I have been burning the candle at both ends for the last week and somehow still feel good for doing so, it must be the company of very exceptional friends that has made this week a very special one.
Due to Kate working all week she has finally got a day off Sunday, so Wendy and Brian are going to come down and give me a hand with the dogs and some odd jobs that need doing.

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