30th August

The rain was still coming down heavy this had now been for 9 hours.
I did the house dogs and then fed the labs and let them out into Coosa’s day pen to have a run but stay dry. I did the kennel dogs and the little dogs were only out for a very short time to have a quick loo time they were happy to get back in for food.
I had three families booked in for the morning to pick up puppies so I was very busy with them, the dogs all had toys and chews in their kennel and didn’t want to come out in the rain that heavy.
The rain cleared for a while so I fed everyone and then the dogs were all out for the afternoon, we only had a light shower.
I washed the kitchen floor and cleaned the puppy pen.
The bottom block needed a good clean as the house dogs had all been out there when it was raining.
I washed the bottom yard and then the front pen as the wolf dogs pee a lot and the little dogs would run through it.
I spent some time with my hybrid group as I felt they had been missing out since the new dogs arrived.
I had paper work to sort out and orders to get done.
I fed everyone and brought the last dogs in just before dark.
I had an hour with the house dogs and then put Cito and Shone upstairs and the poodles away so I could hoover the lounge and steam clean the floor before going to bed.
Another wet and horrid start to the day.
House dogs done and then the labs out into Coosa’s back pen.
Kennel dogs all done, I took several loads of washing to the house and then off to the vets with a puppy for a customer to get vaccines done.
I got home and then let everyone out again and fed them.
I went off to town to meet my sister we were having a couple of hours shopping for dresses for the wedding next month.
We had a great afternoon I managed to get three complete outfits I was really impressed and it didn’t quite break the bank.
I got home and let everyone out and fed everyone.
All feeding finished and dogs in for the night, I locked up just before 9 pm and let Kiro and Reo out on the drive.
It was still dark and the house dogs thought I had lost the plot but I needed to get everyone out for a good run and fed before leaving at 8.45 for the vet run with the five rescue csv’s.
I got everyone out and finished and they all went back into the kennels with chews.
My first meat delivery arrived so I unpacked it at the speed of light and froze it all.
Kirsty arrived and we loaded the 5 dogs and off we went with my van and Kirsty’s 4×4, we had a terrible drive as the road was closed so we ended up driving through country lanes with grass growing up through the middle, we arrived at the vets with 4 minutes to spare before sedating the first dog.
All were castrated and vaccinated then had their nails cut and checked over.
We loaded each dog back into the van as soon as the tubes were out and headed off back home just after 2 pm and unloaded the dogs, the 4 that will remain here for a while are in together and the rest were put into separate kennels.
All of my dogs came out and got their chicken carcasses and had a good run.
A volunteer from wdr arrived to pick up the first cvs boy Storm he has gone to kennel temporarily but fingers crossed a very kind man has offered to go and take him out for walks and may take him on for his forever home.
I spent some time with my own dogs and then Oli arrived to pick up River and Bear they have both gone to a kennel for a while until they can be found homes.
After Oli left I sorted all of my dogs out and fed them all and brought Coosa’s pack in and fed them and locked them up.
Kiro and Reo went out for the night and the house dogs all came in for food.
A great start to the day all was going well everyone was out fed and cleaned by 9 am, I went up to get the Labrador group in and poor Ruby was dripping in blood, she had a massive gash right down her throat I rang Gavin immediately and took her straight into the vets, he sedated her and spent a long time cleaning her up and sticking her so I left her at the vets for the day and Kirsty was going to pick her up for me in the evening as I had to be at training.
I got home and let everyone out again and cut up the chicken for lunch time feeding.
I printed off the dates for the new classes for training starting again in September.
I washed all of the yards and washed and dried all of the blankets from the vet trip the day before with the rescue wolfdogs.
I got new blankets in the van ready for Merlot and Shiraz going to training later in the evening.
Good night training apart from Shiraz was a pain with go to bed she looked at the bed like it was an alien but finally went in it.
Merlot was good he is coming out of his self.
Kirsty picked up Ruby from the vets and we put her in my van at training and then I brought her back and she has gone into the main kennel with my yorkie Ollie as he is on his own because Elsa has puppies.
I got the house dogs out and fed and then went to bed.
All dogs done and fire sorted by 9.30.
I spent time with each group of dogs and then did a little work with the rescue dogs.
Narla’s all sorted passport done ready for her new home she is off to her new home in Saudi Arabia next month.
Lunch time feeds done and then took some pics of the rescue group and spent time with them.
Next was to brush Coosa’s group and de bone the field.
Evening feeds done and everyone in by 8 pm I needed and early night.
House dogs all done and then the labs.
Gates open for Hannah and meat delivery, I did the kennel dogs and then Shone and Cito went out, I did not have time to help Hannah as I needed to spend time with the dogs and paper work.
I had several loads of washing to get washed and dried so I did a load each time I went through the house.
Chicken all cut up and sorted out for the day’s feeds and the next day’s feeding.
I had to go to the bank and then the post office, back home and fed everyone.
The afternoon was spent seeing people and then out with the dogs.
Lunch time feeds done.
The afternoon was brushing Cito and shone and then washing yards.
Evening feeds done and everyone back in and locked up for the night.
Saturday blog will have to go onto next week.

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