2oth July

Sunday morning was a nice start all the dogs out and cleaned by 9.30.
After the feeding was done I put the two hybrid packs out and cleaned the bottom yards.
Hybrids came in for food and then I fed the kennel puppies.
I spent most of the afternoon tiding up and digging weeds in the new patch I am hoping to plant in soon.
I cleaned ears on the little dogs and brushed Crumble.
I poo picked the paddock and did the fire which burnt all the weeds I had gathered.
I fed everyone and then brought the hybrids in.
Kirsty rang up and said she was bored so did I want to go to the beach with Shone and she would take Lupus.
I bedded up the van and went up and picked Kirsty up, we went to Saunton sands, the dogs had a great time, Lupus wanted to play with every dog he saw, Shone said hello to the other dogs and carried on just doing her own thing.
Towards the end of the walk Lupus kept laying down he was absolutely shattered and needed to conserve his energy, that was just as well as the walking became very tiring we had to walk on the dunes as the tide was rapidly coming in.
On the way home we stopped at the pub and had a really nice meal.
I dropped Kirsty off and came home to finish off my dogs and do morning feeds ready.

Lupus resting

Running in the water

Shone watching the birds

Monday morning was hot all the dogs were out playing early, I wanted to be finished as I had people arriving at 10 am to see the little dogs and then more people coming at 11.30 to see the hybrids.
I washed the kennels and got the hybrids out and cleaned their yard so it was dry ready for when they came in.
The timber delivery arrived for the weekend.
Tuesday morning dogs all out early as it was very hot, after everyone was cleaned out and fed the hybrids went out in the field while I sorted out the meat order.
I went to town and picked up some post crete ready for the weekend for the front fence by the house.
I got home and the second delivery of chicken had arrived, I sorted it out and did the hybrids evening feeds.
I burnt the rubbish and changed the water bucket and then did the lunchtime feeds.
I spent a few hours in the afternoon doing paper work whist letting each group out for short periods as it was too hot for them to be out for long.
I put the puppies out for another play before bed, when I went to get them in for feeding they had all been in the paddling pool, so I emptied the water out and fed them outside hoping this would give them time to dry off, they were not best pleased after they had eaten they were running around looking for the paddling pool.
They dried off and I moved Coosa’s group over to field two as it was only 6 pm and still hot, the house hybrids went out and I left them all until 9.30 then I went and got them all in and fed Coosa’s group their chicken.
I let Rupert out in the yard with the house pack, he was his normal self-bullying Siren, as he was not listening to me and kept giving eye contact to Siren I put him in the bottom yard on his own while I played ball with the rest of them before bed.
Wednesday morning started off dry but then the drizzling rain started at about 7.30, all of the little dogs had been out by that time so they were all back in their kennels with bones and chews.
I walked up the paddock to let the hybrids out and could hear running water, there was Kiro sloshing around in the water where she had eaten the tap off of the water butt, I have now put two chains in the fence panel to stop her getting to the next tap we will have to put on this weekend.
I put the house group out and cleaned their yard.
Emails checked now time to get the van ready for training and swat up on the testing for tonight, fingers crossed Shone plays ball as she can have a mind of her own at times, it will probably be the A recall that lets her down especially if she has to walk past a male examiner.
Cam has arrived to help out with digging the posts for the new fence by the front of the drive ready for Saturday morning when Brian arrives.
Off early to training, the first class testing went very well Lupus and Jazz, two wolfzone bred dogs, passed the bronze.
Next class was Amelie and smudge for silver, another two wolfzone dogs, they both passed.
Unfortunately Shone failed on go to bed which really surprised me, she did go to her bed but she hesitated and I had to take two steps forward, on a positive note her A recall which was worrying me went very well.
I am probably not going to repeat the gold with her as I will have 3 dogs in training, two starting in August and another in October so it will mean limited room in the van and too long for Shone to wait before her class starts, I am not worried as I now she can do everything I need her to do at home and out in public she is very good.
We got home late and I checked everyone and did the morning feeds before bed.
Thursday was a really hot and muggy day none of the dogs wanted to be out for too long.
I had jobs to do in the house and Hannah was here grooming so I spent a large part of the day helping her.
I had the plumber here in the afternoon looking at the boiler again, she will have to come back next week and fit a new flue but she has got me hot water on a temporary basis.
By the time it had cooled down the dogs finally got locked up at nearly 10pm.
Friday morning hot damp and muggy, everyone was out by 8.30, all fed and cleaned out, fire done and the meat delivery arrived, all sorted out and unpacked.
I cleaned the yard and bottom block then spent some time out in the field with the two hybrid groups.
I fed the little dogs before customers arrived to spend time with the hybrids.
The little dogs were all out in the yard playing with balls and jumping in and out of the paddling pool, most just had wet feet but the cockapoo’s looked like they had a full bath and the tiny yorkie looked like a drowned rat.
Saturday morning was an early start as Brian and Wendy were planning on being down by 8 am to do the fence by the house.
I had all the dogs fed, out and cleaned ready so I could help them.
We were worried about the weather as the forecast did not look good.
We put the first post in and went to do the second; this was where things started to go wrong all the holes were in the wrong place, great start.
Brian re dug all the holes and post creted the posts in and fixed the last panel of the 358 mesh fencing.
We took rails off the fence in the garden and replaced it with mesh as it gives the dogs a better view.
Wendy and I planted loads of the plants that Mum grew for me and water them all in.
I did the dogs in between planting and helping Brian.
We stopped for breakfast and then back to work.
The hybrid group had to stay up around the kennel area a few times in the day as they were howling and it is frustrating having to keep stopping and go up and stop them making a noise.
The little dogs alternated out in the front pen until the hybrids were locked in then they went out in the field again.
We had a massive storm at about 4.30 which stopped us for about half an hour so I got evening and morning feeds ready.
I fed the pups at about 5 pm and then back out planting some more.
We helped Brian put the wire up and then stopped at about 8 pm for food.
After we had eaten I got the hybrids in and finished the kennels while Brian and Wendy finished off fencing and putting the gate up.
I just need to move or plant the rest of the plants and then Kiro can have the drive at night with her kennel open until I get her another kennel to put closer to the middle of the drive for the night and then she can go back in her own kennel in the day time.

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