2nd September

Last Sunday Kate and I did the dogs and Wendy and Brian came down to finish off the lean-to.
Thankfully the weather was good for us all day.
We got everyone cleaned out and power washed Idaho’s pen then Coosa’s outside pen and Matzi’s day pen.
A family came to pick up their puppy then it was straight back to work again.
I only had chance for a five minute breakfast this was the first time I had seen Wendy and mother who cooked our breakfast on her birthday, Kate and I were non-stop.
All the vet beds were washed and out to dry by 10 o clock.
After Kate had gone I cleaned all behind the bottom block of kennels and cut the brambles down and made sure the drains were clean.
Wendy worked with Brian all day and I carried on with letting dogs in and out and feeding.
Kirsty came in to do Roxy and Atlaz, I just leave her to get on with feeding, cleaning or just sitting in the pen spending time with Roxy.
I had another visitor in the afternoon that came to view the yorkie pups.
We stopped for half an hour as mum had cooked us a roast dinner then straight back out to finish off the lean-to.
When Brian had finished we went up and measured the pen to put dividing panels in and another safety gate so when we moved Atlaz in with Idaho he cannot have contact with Coosa’s group or it will create noise between the two boys.
We put a tarpaulin over the shed roof up by the top kennel as it may not hold up to the winter,I was going to buy a new shed this year but I think I will leave this one up for one more year and get one next summer.
It was nearly 10 pm when they left so I then came in and got all the morning feeds ready, washed the yard and the little dog’s pen before getting on the internet and ordering the panels and a new collar for Coosa for when we are away.
Finally at just after 12, I was too tired to concentrate anymore so I gave in and went to bed.
Monday morning was Kate and I the weather was typical bank holiday rain, rain and more rain.
The dogs were itching to go out but that was short lived as they were not keen to get soaked.
Kirsty came in very early before work to do the two dogs, she done her bits with them and off she went to work.
Kate and I finished the rest of the cleaning.
I put the house dogs out and when I came back down the steps by the house I slipped and twisted my ankle, I was not happy, so I came in and did some work on the computer to try and take the weight off it for a while.
After Kate had left I did the puppy book updates and let the dogs out for the afternoon run in the rain.
Kim and Karen phoned up to say Hoshiko one of our Saarloos boys was in the vets today as he was lethargic and started being sick, while we were on the phone the blood results came through from the vet, nothing too out of the ordinary so I expect that when the antibiotics take hold his temperature will drop down again.
I went out to feed and while splitting the chicken carcasses one of the sharp bones cut straight up through the crease of the skin between my thumb and finger, great now just waiting for the third disaster of the day.
I had everyone in early as the rain was still pouring down.
I did the frozen feeds ready for Tuesday, and then Kirsty came round with Lupus so we went out for a walk with Coosa and Lupus.
Thankfully it hardly rained at all while we were out.
Tuesday morning I did a couple of hours cleaning with Kate.
I spent a couple of hours grooming with Hannah and then Vicci came up with Buck her Saarloos and we went up the park and meet Kirsty with Lupus.
We took all three for a walk, three entire males and not an issue they were all very good,
After we had walked for a while I handed Coosa’s lead to Kirsty and she walked him, he was good even when he realised that Kirsty had him he was not really fazed.

Coosa loves his Mum

After we had been round the park and the woods we left the dogs in the van and went for lunch.
When we got home I was between grooming with Vicci and Hannah and letting dogs in and out and feeding.
It was really nice to see
After everyone had gone I had a meat delivery and finished off outside.
I spent the evening with the house dogs, then bed.
Wednesday morning Kate and I cleaned until 9 am then I went out with Coosa and Kia to meet Kirsty, Coosa is great when we are out but people are so bloody inconsiderate, they just let their little dogs come running up to our dogs, I told the guy to call his dog back he said why is yours nasty, I said no he is bloody scared, when he picked up his dog Kirsty said thank you, that was far from what I muttered.
What idiot lets a little rat dog come running up to three bloody great big dogs all on lead??? Not that I dislike little dogs as I breed yorkies but some owners need to learn basic manners when they are out in public.
On the way home I popped into Sainsbury’s to get Coosa some more sausages.
I had people viewing dogs at lunchtime.
It just happened to be that my labradoodle viewing was at the time of a very heavy shower so the dogs were happy to stay in for 45 minutes.
I got everyone out without them getting wet then fed.
I went to training with C all good except we are struggling badly with the send away, I need to find a way around this or she will not pass her gold test in December, she is a frustrating as she is not fast on anything really but she does do 98% of what you ask of her.
I didn’t stay to help out with the next class as I needed to be home and getting myself organised for Thursday morning.
Thursday was an early start as I needed to be in Taunton for 9 am to get a sliding window put in my van ready for when Coosa has his new cage fitted.
I did the house dogs, bitches and pups then helped Kate get the labs and doodles cleaned and hosed out, got all the feeds out ready then off to Taunton.
On route I got a huge stone straight in the middle of the windscreen two nice big cracks and one of them had a six inch run down the middle.
After the window was fitted we had to leave it to set so a friend of mine took all of the boarding off of the floor in the van and we cleaned it out underneath as some hair was trapped between the board and the floor.
We fitted the old cage back in and I came straight back to South Molton and into the chiropractors.
I got home at 7.30 so it was along day for Kate; she was off as soon as I got in.
I got Coosa in and gave him some beef bones as Kate has already given him his chicken and took the house dogs up the field.
I found my insurance details ready for a phone call first thing on Friday to get a new screen.
After getting the feeds ready for the next day and washing the yard I finally sat down for an hour before bed.
Friday was Sophie and I, we got the housed dogs and bitches out then the labs and doodles, I left Sophie to start up the top while I phoned the insurance to get the screen done, they said it would be a week, umm I think not after complaining bitterly they are now coming on Saturday afternoon.
We finished the top kennels eventually after 10 phone calls for puppy enquiries.
Sophie did drains, the fire and odd jobs while I did my emails more phone calls and lunch time feeds.
After lunch I spent the afternoon out in the field with each group so I could brush some of them and others just to play and be with them.
I was just tiding up the nettles I had pulled out when the phone rang again, it was Kirsty’s home number, this was a surprise as she had told me she was working, after hearing snorting and chewing noises I realised that it was not Kirsty ringing but one of the dogs, I phoned Kirsty at work so she could get hold of her son to take the phone off of the dogs or she would have no phone by the time she came home from work.
We had really nice sunshine all day which pleased the dogs they were all laying around in their yards or pens.
Kiro has be very good today she has been quiet and she spent all of the time out in the field with me picking nettles.
I came in for a while to get a list ready for Brian for the weekend to do some more odd jobs just to keep us up together.
I spoke to Rach to finalise some detail for the event, we still have bookings coming in.
The dog show event you can enter on the day or online.
A’ Lupa is looking for a new home she is a pure bred Czechoslovakian wolf dog.
Lively but friendly not to be with young children as I am sure she will probably knock them over.


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