2nd October

Wolf dog puppy ¾ Czechoslovakian puppy still looking for a home due to cancellation.
Makzim, As he is named is a very outgoing and friendly pup he is intelligent, nice nature and stunning looking, he has now moved into the yard group with Kate’s boy Lobo Roka my pup that I kept from Boots and the labradoodle girls that I have kept from Rosie lee.
He has settled straight into the group and seems very happy.
All has gone well this week no disasters, except a blocked soak away which we have sort of got unblocked but it may still need a little more attention, I think we will add that to Brian’s list as Kate was not amused getting covered in slurry and she did stink.
We feel like we have under achieved a little with the light fading earlier in the evening and autumn looming.
Kate and I have worked in different areas to get through the morning a little faster as I have been preoccupied with telephone calls due to my niece being very ill in hospital in New Zealand.
Everything seems be against us in the early part of the day.
The middle of the day goes really well then a major rush to finish the evening.
We have not found anyone suitable to take Vicci’s place; so far our applicants don’t look like they would be able to cope.
We have decided unless we feel someone really has got what it takes we are not going to spend time training them.
When the right person comes along it should make our days a bit easier.

Coosa has decided that he wants a nice big den site right by the fence; he has dug down 3 feet to make a nice little spot for himself.
We are going to cover it back in again and start a big area more into the middle of the field ideally not by the fence line.
This week has been a bit of a shock for him as he has now gone into full winter coat.
He is a happy boy at the moment as Dora and Eba go out for exercise in his field, this kills two birds with one stone as it helps to stop Coosa from putting on to much weight as he spends most of his day sat around with Siren, it also helps us to get another pen of dogs exercised at the same time.
Meli and Storm are both still looking for new homes.
The whelping area is empty for a while before the next litter is due.
Tease the labradoodle in the whelping area has adopted the poodle pup, as she was getting too big to stay with her mum Lulu the poodle, that has adopted the labradoodle pups from Bisto the Labrador.
We have had several visitors this week, our last Labrador male puppy has gone, all Tease puppies are now sold and they leave on the 15 Th of this month.
We have 4 Labrador females still to find homes for and one black mini poodle.
Tarna is looking like she is definitely in pup, so that will be an exciting litter, unfortunately due to Vicci leaving Kate has cancelled her holiday that was booked around the time of the whelping.
She is now going to just take a couple of days off the weekend before.
At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a good time to get anytime off, the weekend Kate is away I have got six people coming to pick up Labradoodle pups.

Shaun and Isla came around on Friday afternoon most of our time was spent watching and playing with Labradoodles, of course we did have a percentage of time with the wolf dogs but Shaun is very drawn to the little doodles.
I can for see a labradoodle as part of the family sometime in the future for Shaun; this will surprise a few Wolfie folk.

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