2nd November

Sunday morning the dogs decided to get me up at 5am, nice start to the day.
I put the house dogs out and fed them, then brought the puppies back in and fed the hybrids.
I went up to the kennel, I was waking up now and realized I had a raging tooth ache.
I let the bitches out and fed the puppies and cleaned them out, Coosa was in the paddock waiting to go out into the top pens.
I cleaned Coosa’s kennel and then let the bitches in and took his group up.
The next two groups went out while I cleaned their kennels, all were finished and I went up and let coosa’s group out into the field and then Narla’s group in field two, Shone, Cito and the house puppies went out in the drive while I cleaned the front pen and then picked up in the drive from the rest of the dogs being out earlier.
I cleaned the bottom block and the bottom yard trying not to get the wall too wet that Brian had rendered the day before.
I brought the house dogs into the bottom yard and then left the yorkies out in the drive while I unloaded my van from the rest of the stuff I picked up from my mums on Saturday night.
I took Cito up to the paddock ad brushed her and then I picked up from the paddock, from there up to the fire and burnt everything including a lot of the weeds Wendy and I had pulled out the day before.
I de boned Coosa’s field and then put Narla’s group back in the bottom block.
I got the feeds ready for lunch time as I needed to get everyone fed on time due to people viewing puppies in the afternoon.
After everyone was fed I had two lots of people arrive to see pups.
When they had left everyone was back out again for a couple of hours.
I shredded loads of junk mail from mothers house and then put the bed down ready for Coosa coming in.
I fed everyone and then Coosa’s group came in and I locked them all up and let Kiro out for the night.
Monday morning was a nice start still dry and not too cold, everyone was out and fed by 8.30 so I put Coosa’s group out and Narla’s group and then took Shone and the house dogs out in the drive after they went in I brought my three pups from the kennel out into the front pen for a while.
I went around all the fields and checked the fencing and deboned the fields and then did the fire.
I had people view puppies they were here for ages.
I did the lunch time feeds and then changed Coosa’s group to field two and Narla to field one as my neighbour had a house viewing.
I went off to the dentist, when I came home I felt really rough and wiped out I just wanted to sleep, having this tooth out knocked me for six.
I got the rest of the dogs out and then did the evening feeds, I brought everyone I just before 5.30 and then did very little for the evening.
Tuesday morning everyone was out and finished the cleaning by 9 am, I did the fire and then put the two hybrid groups out; I let the house pack out in the drive for a run while I picked up from the dogs that had been out earlier.
I sorted out both meat deliveries and move some more food up to the new kennels.
Kate popped in and picked up bones as I was on over load.
I did the lunch time feeds and tried to eat some lunch but my mouth was still too sore.
Kirsty came down for coffee and we did some lead work with the poodles and my three puppies I am keeping up in the new kennels, they were really quite good I was pleased with how quick they picked up on walking on the lead.
After Kirsty left I let the next lot of dogs out and got the feeds ready for the morning and the frozen feeds.
I took Molly out for a run on her own as she is better without the other dogs.
Shone and Cito spent the afternoon with the puppies in the bottom block as it was nice for them to have more space.
I sorted out some more stuff for the accountant and then did some emails.
I washed everyone’s vet beds and changed all the outside water buckets.
Cito had another brush and her ears cleaned, Shone had a quick brush as she is not shedding her coat.
I ordered some more food and chews for the next couple of months.
Michael came down and had a chat about the fencing on the last field as he is due to start it this week.
I had people view puppies and then I did the evening feeds and brought everyone in for the night and let Kiro out.
Shone has taken up doing guard duty on the little puppies in the house she lays right across the cage and then pushes any of the dogs away if they go anywhere near the cage.
Wednesday morning was a horrible wet start to the day
House dogs all out and fed, bottom hybrid pack fed and cleaned
I left coosa’s group in the paddock while I did the rest of the dogs as it is easier to bring him in when he starts howling.
All the dogs were out for a short run and then back in as the rain was getting heavier, I scraped the water off the front pen before each group went out but it wasn’t long before they were wet and needed to come in again.
I had people come and view puppies but they are not looking for a pup for six months.
I got the morning feeds out to de frost and then did the lunch time feeds.
I took the puppies and the house pups out for a run after they had all eaten.
I got my cage ready in the van and then loaded up everything for training.
Michael arrived to start the fencing in the last field, then I had another delivery of road plainings so we have enough here for when John gets time to do the drive for me.
Puppies room in the house was the next to be cleaned out as they would be in when I was at training, they stayed in the bottom block with Shone and Cito while I did their room and cleaned their yard.
I got everyone in and fed them all before getting ready to leave for training.
House dogs all locked up and Shiraz and I went off to training, we had a really good evening Shiraz as very good, she absolutely loves seeing all the other puppies and the people, she is getting better with her waits and heel work is quite good now.
We finished and tidied up.
When I got home I fed the puppies and let the house dogs out and then bed.
Thursday morning was nice and dry everyone out and fed, I cleaned the kennels and then Hannah arrived to groom.
I changed everyone’s vet beds and then did the fire and put the hybrid groups out
I took the house puppies and the kennel puppies out in the drive for a play for an hour and then they all went back into their beds to dry off and have a rest.
I cleaned the bottom yard and the bottom block and then did the lunchtime feeds and let the puppies back out.
Hannah and I stopped for lunch and then I cleaned Coosa’s pen and changed all the field water buckets.
I did some adverts and then spent some time making phone calls.
Hannah was on her own so it took her longer to get through the dogs and Razzle took an hour and a half to dry.
I did the lunch time feeds and fed everyone, then took the puppies out for run, Shone and Cito went out in the field while I was out with the pups, after they had their run I fed them and left them out in the yard for a while.
We stopped for lunch and had a quick chat then Hannah went back to grooming while I dusted a few of the kennels.
I cleaned all of the yards and swept up bags of leaves everywhere.
I wormed puppies and started to wean them while the bitches were out, that was a nice mess but they did like it so hopefully soon they will eat on their own.
I did my emails and sorted out some orders.
I had a delivery of biscuit not too bad only 10 bags so it didn’t take too long to unload.
Next was frozen feeds out for the next day and then I did the evening feeds. I spent some time out playing with Coosa and got flattened by Matzi who is always over affectionate.
They came in and had food then the bitches came in.
I cleaned up in the drive and then locked up the top kennel and let Kiro out for the night.
Friday morning I got up and felt really ill, the day was a disaster until just after 2 pm when I managed to walk without passing out, I muddled through very slowly and finally finished at 5 pm I didn’t do any extra jobs just the basic feeding and letting dogs out.
Saturday morning thankfully I felt fine when I woke up, house dogs all out and fed, Kiro back in and then I went down to the kennel and let the bitches out and fed the puppies and cleaned them out.
Coosa’s group went out next, he wasn’t out in the paddock for more than a few minutes before he started everyone off howling, if this continues then her will stay in until the rest of the dogs in the kennel are finished.
I changed all of the vet beds and fed the puppies, the bitches came back in for their food.
Everyone had been out so I took Coosa’s group up to the kennels and fed them, Narla’s group went out in the field while I was finishing off in the kennels.
While I was up there I thought it was much more likely for Coosa to stay quiet if I was around for a while so I cleaned the four kennels that are part of his under cover area and then picked up all the leaves in the track, I then worked my way right down to the bottom yard picking up leaves and then cleaned the bottom yard and bottom block.
When I had finished I went in the house and cleaned the puppies room and changed the water.
Next was burn the rubbish and do the field waters.
I brought Narla’s group in and let Razzles group out while I got the chicken cut up ready for the lunch time feeds.
I took some pictures of the puppies and put them on the computer.
I fed everyone and then went into the house for lunch, my next job was to answer emails and send pictures to people.
I took the house puppies and Rupert up the drive with my kennel puppies, Rupert was not too keen on being pulled around by the pups so he found himself a spot out of their way.
While I was out with them I picked up in the drive and then got the shavings and food for the next few days out of the container and put in the kennel.
I took the pups back to their yard and put Rupert in the house, Shone and Cito stayed out for a bit longer.
I put the next group of dogs out in the drive and got the evening feeds and the next morning feeds done.
I brought Narla’s group down and fed them, then got Shone and Cito in.
Next was Coosa’s group in and evetyone fed and locked up for the night.
Kiro out and gates locked.

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