2nd June

Last Sunday was Sam and I the house dogs were finished when she arrived.
Dave arrived to paint the first coat of paint on the new plaster in the office and store area in the new kennels.
Mum was cleaning in the house and washing bowls before people arrived.
We put Razzles group out and then Sam did the pups at the pups at the front while I did Kiro and started the next three lots.
Feed bins up, rubbish out, washing on, we were on a roll sun was shining and the dogs were all happy and fairly content not too much noise.
We went straight up to the top kennel and did the groups up there and Idaho, Sam disinfected Moons pen and I hosed it all which took more time than normal.
We came down and disinfected the puppy pen and then went straight on to microchipping two litters of pups.
I fed and wormed the Coosa pups, oh my what a mess they are so intense about getting the food as fast as possible.
Sam swept up the garage and did dry feed bins and odd jobs.
We did the lunchtime feeds before visitors arrived, our little cockapoo boy that has been here on holiday went home just after lunch; they are really nice people they bought me a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine.
After Sam left I had another puppy viewing.
I filled up all of the disinfectant buckets ready to clean down all the yards as I wouldn’t be able to do them until after our training class that finishes around 7 ish.
I gave Kia and Coosa a brush and swapped over dogs, I needed to get the house dogs out in the field early so that I could leave Coosa and Matzi’s group out while we were training, well that didn’t work because after half an hour they wanted to come in as it was blowing a gale up in the field, so I brought them in just before people arrived.
I fed the little dogs and the bitches and pups.
Training went well and I managed to finish just after 7 so it was not as late as the week before.
I let the house dogs back out, put the bitches back with their pups and cleaned the yards.
I got the frozen feeds out ready for the morning and locked everyone up for the night.
I came in and spent a short while with the Coosa pups before dinner and spending a couple of hours with the house dogs.
I prepared the morning feeds put all the dogs out for a last toilet before they went to bed, spent a couple of hours on the computer and then changed the vet bed again on the Coosa pups and fed them again, by this time it was gone midnight.
Monday morning was kirsty and I the feeds were all ready and most of the house dogs were finished.
We let Razzles group out and Kirty did the whelping area at the front while I started the other pens.
The first lot of washing was already out and the next two lots in, feed bins out and paper for burning, we had a lot to get though as the forecast was rain.
We finished the bottom groups and then up to the top, I started inside and Kirsty did Idaho.
After we had finished them we did the house dogs and then photos of the pups, most pictures were good but we need to do the Coosa pups again as they are not so good.
Kirsty did all of the odd jobs while I downloaded the pictures and emailed them to people, this is time consuming.
We did the lunchtime feeds and then cleaned the yards, Kirsty picked up muck in field two while I spent some time with the pups.
After Kirsty had left it started to look very dark and the clouds looked like they were about to explode.
I put Coosa in his day pen and let two groups out at a time so everyone had been back out before the rain.
I moved Narla, Shone and the hybrid pups into the covered yard, C came into the house, Kiro and the labs and little dogs fed quickly and away in the kennels.
I had just got the last two groups inside and the heavens opened up, and persisted for several hours, all the road out the front of me was flooded.
All the little dogs had the covered yard so they were ok.
I spent time with all of the wolf dogs giving them a brush in their kennels so they had something to break up the day.
I did the frozen feeds and tidied up in the garage, I was just killing time in the hopes the rain would stop so I didn’t get drowned when I hosed the yards.
I spent time playing with all of the hybrid pups for just over an hour, you could spend all day with these pups and still not want to leave them.
By 6 pm the rain was not stopping so I hosed all of the yards and got soaked.
I came in just before 8 and had dinner.
I spent the evening with the house dogs.
Tuesday morning was kirsty and I, the house dogs were finished and we were ready straight away to get Razzles group out and clean all of the bottom groups with bitches and pups.
After they were all done we did the top groups and then I had to go into town as I had a list of stuff to get sorted and desperately needed more paint.
I sorted out the chicken delivery and Kirsty got all the boxes out to be burnt.
When I got home Kirsty had already fed the pups, so I unloaded my van and then cleaned the floors in the house.
I fed everyone early just to be prepared as I was expecting another afternoon of rain, but thankfully I was wrong it didn’t start until 4 pm so that was a bonus.
I had a really nice afternoon Kia had a quick brush she gets a short brush everyday now so I can monitor her as she has got some small lumps appearing again.
Tory had a brush and Coosa had half an hour brush and half an hour play, he is so soppy at the moment he just wants to sit on my lap and give me kisses, I think he is still missing Rainn, Tory was being a hooligan she pinched Coosa’s bone right out of his mouth and made him cry, then she jumped on him and started to try and mate him by this time he had his head firmly planted inside my jacket.
I had to come down as I had people viewing puppies, after they had left
I came in for a while and cuddled the Coosa pups before getting everyone in and cleaning the yards and getting feeds ready.
I had another meat delivery just arrived so I sorted all of that out and got the frozen feeds out for the next morning.
I went out in the bottom yard and played ball with C and Shone for a while.
I fed and locked up all of the dogs and did some paper work for a while, before sitting down with the house dogs.
Wednesday morning was a rushed start as it looked like it may rain, I had finished the house dogs and we went straight into Razzles group out and bitches and pups feeding and Kiro out.
After they were all finished we did the top pens and Idaho.
We came back down and did the house dogs and changed vet beds.
We cleaned the yards while the house dogs were out in the field.
Kirsty did the whelping area while I went out for more paint.
When I got home we did the lunchtime feeds and cut the chicken up for the little dogs.
I had people here for their weekly visit of the Coosa pups, we spent quite a while in with them and feeding them.
Rainn was really good she just wanted attention.
After they had left I went out and had some time poo picking up in the field and playing with the dogs.
I had another puppy viewing late afternoon which was fine as we are off from training for a month.
I got the disinfectant’s ready as I did not want to start cleaning too early as the dogs were all happy just lying around in their outside runs.
I did some lead work with Ranger and Chief.
I gave all of the house dog’s bones and left them in the yard outside the house.
I got the morning feeds ready and unloaded the food delivery of more biscuit.
John came down with another meat delivery and then I started to put dogs away.
Rainn came out in the bottom yard with C while I was cleaning.
I finished hosing the yards and came in with the house dogs.
Kirsty dropped off chicken, I left the room of a few seconds and when I came in C had jumped on Ollie my yorkie, I wrapped him in a blanket and put him in his cage while I got all the house dogs in and locked up as fast as possible then straight off to the vets at record speed, I was feeling very ill by the time I reached the vets, partly from shock and probably my driving.
When we put Ollie on the table we could not raise a vein as his blood pressure was so low.
I thought I was going to pass out tiny little leg and large needle not good.
Eventually Gavin managed to get the cannula into the jugular and I went out for some air before I would have ended up on the floor.
I went back in feeling terrible and held Ollie while Gavin stitched the cannula into the neck.
He gave him a fully examination and said it was not looking good as he had punctured his lung.
I spent a little time with him giving him a cuddle and crying my eyes out.
I got home and let the house dogs out and went to bed I didn’t sleep at all; the other yorkies cried all night and would not settle.
Thursday morning I got up and felt terrible I did the house dogs and got he feeds ready for the bitches and pups.
Kirsty arrived and we put Razzles group out, I phoned the vets early before they opened to see how Ollie was and they said he was lifting his head on his own and he was stable.
I carried on leaning the kennels and we did Kiro and the bottom groups, Kirsty did the whelping area.
We got the meat feeds all taken up and ready to feed the top groups.
I went out very quickly to get more paint and phoned Kate to tell her about Ollie as he was very special to her, she had said when he comes home she would have him for a while to recover.
I phoned the vets back again to see how he was and all was still well they said he hadn’t deteriorated he was just the same and comfortable they had now got a drip into his leg and the blood pressure was much better, so I wasn’t feeling quite so bad.
We got the house dogs out and I was on a call to a customer who is picking up a puppy soon and the call waiting went twice so I rapidly got rid of her and phoned the vets straight back.
The news hit me like a brick Ollie had just passed away; I was devastated, I felt sick and so sad Ollie was such a special dog to me probably on a par with Coosa and Kia.

Ollie with Lola

Jerry and Jude arrived to see their Coosa pup just as I had the news thankfully they are friends so they understood how I was feeling.
Kirsty let them in with the pups while I went and phoned my mum to get her to arrange the cremation so I can bring my little boy home.
The house dogs are so unhappy they know Ollie has gone and the yorkies are very upset they are still crying and not eating very well.
The day still had to carry on as I am feeling very upset with C for being a clumsy big puppy I have put her out in a kennel as I feel she will be better outside and not around me just at the moment.
I have now decided even though I have put a lot of time into C with her training and using her to help train other people’s dogs that I would be better to sell her as she will be a constant reminder of Ollie and I don’t feel it’s fair to her to keep her here anymore.
I swapped over dogs and fed all of the little dogs and then spent some time out in the field.
The hybrids are so perceptive they all came for cuddles they knew I was not feeling good.
I came in to do the dreaded deed of telephoning one of the people that have put a deposit down on a pup from my yorkie girl sired by Ollie, I explained the situation and she was very understanding, I really wanted to have a part of Ollie rather than buy in another male.
So I am keeping the little boy and calling him OJ after his dad.
Sam arrived to look after the dogs for a few hours so I could take Shone to my sisters to go out with her for a walk with all of her dogs.
We had a really nice time.
I felt fine until ¼ of a mile before returning home and then started to feel very upset again knowing I was coming home not to be greeted by Ollie.
I got straight into brining Matzi in and cleaning yards to help take my mind off things.
I didn’t bother with dinner so I stayed outside until gone 9 pm when I then locked up the bitches and pups.
I spent a couple of hours with the house dogs before bed.
Friday morning was Sam and I, the house dogs were finished when Sam arrived and Razzle group was already out.
I had cleaned out Kiro and the hybrids were fed and out all the pups had been fed.
I was part way through the bottom pens when Sam came in, we finished them and then cleaned the bottom yards and did C’s pen.
We went up to the top and got the lab group out and Sam did Idaho while I did all of the water buckets.
We came down and put the house dogs out before Moon went out so we could get the meat sorted and get everyone fed before it was too hot and they are not so keen to eat.
I fed everyone and burnt the rubbish.
Sam carried on and did the house dogs and the washing while I went and bought a 100 litres of paint hopefully that will be enough to finish the new kennel block inside.
Sam fed the pups before I got home, so when I got back Dave and I unloaded the paint and then Sam and I unloaded the shopping.
Sam brought the washing in and did a few odd jobs before leaving.
Kate came round to pick up bones for a friend and spent a little while here before going home to get packed as she is moving this weekend.
After Kate had left I spent a while with the Coosa pups and then swapped dogs and got feeds ready.
I put the last dogs in at just after 7 pm and cleaned the yards before mother came over to cook dinner and do paper work.
Saturday morning was Sam and I doing the dogs, Dave was painting and Wendy and Brian were finishing off the pen that was the bottom block, wiring the top and putting up an area where we can store disinfectant’s brooms and stuff.
We also needed to get all of the old kennel panels out of the pen ready to make the new yard when the new kennel block is finished.
Mother was on the coffee’s and food along with paperwork and cleaning.
I had nearly finished the house dogs when Sam arrived as she is now coming in a bit earlier in the week as it works better for her with the bus times.
We put razzle group out first then hybrid pups out, Kiro and the bitches with pups.
We cleaned everyone at the bottom and let C out with Shone and Narla out with the hybrid pups.
We went up to the top kennel and cleaned every pen top to bottom and got rid of all the dust and cobwebs.
Sam cleaned Idaho and then we did Moon and burnt the rubbish.
We came down and did the washing and the house dogs.
Wendy put Cito and C out while Sam did the vet bed with Rainn’s hybrid pups.
I was out with a customer visiting her puppy with her family.
After they had left we had quick breakfast and then back out to help Wendy and Brian.
Sam did the whelping area and some of the odd jobs.
I fed the Coosa pups and answered some emails.
Sam stayed on all afternoon to help out as she could see how busy we were, it was a great help.
We moved the dividing panel in Rainns pen so she has a Huge pen as the puppies are getting much more active and they need room to run around.
Dave helped us move the panels from the bottom block and then I dropped them home and grabbed a Chinese on the way back as we were all starving, after we had eaten we went back out and finished off and then cleaned all of the yards and locked everyone in at about 9.15, I did the morning feeds and spent an hour chatting to mum before doing the blog.

Coosa puppies

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