2nd january

Even though the snow has melted and we are back to mud the dogs are all ok, but not as happy as they were when there was snow to play in!
All the hybrid pups are now in new homes, 3 are staying in the UK and 2 are in London waiting for their rabies vaccinations and blood tests to be done before joining their new families in Saudi Arabia.
Talias last pup left today, going to a very nice family in the Midlands.
The infamous Reo has been busy again, he has mated Cedar, much to the disgust of Lycan who was mated 2 weeks ago by Reo. Yet another conquest of Reos is due her puppies within the next 8 days, this is Kiro, our pure bred CsV and she is looking like a barrell! Still on the mating front, Rupert has mated our Labrador, Jezzabell for the last 3 days.
Shaun and Isla are very pleased with their hybrid boy, who is doing well and growing rapidly!
Eba is ok after her slide in the snow and has had her stitches out today. Meli is still slightly lame but her stitches are holding ok.
Zamu, the Saarloos/CsV/inuit cross puppy is still looking for a new home and Luta a 6 year old Inuit bitch is also looking for a new home, she is an excellent all round dog who is good in the house.

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