2nd December

Last Sunday Kirsty and I did the main dogs and Kate did the bitches and pups.
Kirsty left at 9.30 so Kate and I did the rest of the kennels and power washed Idaho.
I hosed all down the steps as it was covered in mud and leaves, then we scrubbed Roxy’s pen from top to bottom.
Kate left at lunch time so I spent a couple of hours power washing the bottom yard, steps and part of the labradoodle yard.
I had got most of the dogs done when Kate came back to give me a hand as we needed to be finished by 6 pm to pick up kirsty and we were meeting up with my mum and Wendy and Brian in Taunton.
We had booked a Chinese buffet, which was very nice but not really a good night to be going out with all of the flooding.
Kate drove which was good so I could have a drink, even though I only had one it was still nice not to drive for a change.
We got home and I let all of the house dogs out and checked everyone outside was ok.
Monday was an early start at 5.30 so I could get as much done before Kirsty arrived.
We had the main of the cleaning finished by 10 am.
I did the house dogs and sorted out some building stuff with mother before the building inspector arrived to check the timbers and steels for the new kennel block.
We ordered the windows for the new building so once the roof is on and the windows are in them it will be water tight and we can start planning on what is going where.
I am waiting for a price on the rendering but it probably won’t be done until the spring as we are getting a lot of frost now.
I have been speaking to a kennel build company from up north and he has given me some ideas for the kennels for the small dogs and we have discussed about the doors for the wolf dogs so that they cannot see the little dogs when they come out of their kennels.
I am also looking into under floor heating In some of the kennels.
We have decided that we are going to tile all of the floors as this makes cleaning much easier, I am not 100% happy about the fact that when tiles are wet they are slippery but we have tried just about every type of floor paint and nothing really holds up to constant chemicals and power washing.
I am really hoping that we will be in the new kennels by the end of next summer.
The afternoon was terrible the dogs howled most of the day, so by 3 pm I had enough and put Coosa in with a beef bone.
I finished outside at 4.30 and then came in and did the house dogs and the bitches with pups.
Tuesday morning was a really cold start and the dogs were horrible, howling constantly all the boys wanting to mate Taska.
I popped out for half an hour and Kirsty said she had not managed to achieve anything as she spent most of her time running up and down the steps to stop the noise.
When I got back we vaccinated some of the puppies that are due to leave this weekend.
I spent the afternoon hosing and tiding up the muck heap just so I could be up by the top kennel to help keep them quiet.
The rain started at about 3.30 so everyone came in and got fed early.
I went off to the osteopath.
Wednesday morning was really cold and yet another day of the dogs being very vocal, so not a very productive day.
I went off to training with C all went well except she was a cow to do her distant down, eventually she did it.
I really hope she is good next week as it is her test.
Thursday morning was really cold all of our taps were frozen and we did not have any running water outside apart from the top block.
It was 11 am before the water was running so this made us run late.
Kirsty left at 1 o clock she went off with two of the pups that are going to Dubai in January after the rabies vaccines have been done.
As I needed to do some work in the house with paper work and answer some emails so I put Matzi down in pen 1 at the bottom and Coosa in the yard this saved me running up and down the steps to keep them quiet!
After I had finished with paper work I cleaned the bottom yard where the labradoodles live and Coosa sat quietly and watched from the yard in the bottom block.
I did not let anyone out in the field for an hour and half so I could get on with my jobs.
Friday morning was Kate Kirsty and I, it was very cold with everywhere being frozen and limited outside taps working.
We did the first lot of pups and labradoodles altogether then Kate did the top kennel while Kirsty and I did the rest of the pups.
We had a couple of people visit and a puppy leave.
We had a large amount of meat delivered, the dogs quantity of food is increasing as the weather is so cold.
After lunch we managed to hose everywhere as the taps had defrosted.
I fed everyone and then went off for two hours to the hospital while Kate carried on letting dogs out and cleaning out pups.
Kirsty came in for a while to help out so Kate could finished before dark.

I got back and feed the pups and then got the morning feeds and frozen food ready.
I got in just after 6 pm and did the insurance for the pups leaving and then groomed and clipped a couple of poodles before going to bed at 11 pm.
Saturday morning was just Kate and I.
We let the doodles out and cleaned their pen.
We did a quick clean and feeding of the pups.
We then went up to the top kennel and did the four inside pens.
Kate did the house dogs and bottom pens while I was seeing people who were looking or picking up pups.
We had several of our hybrid owners come and visit today.
We had to salt the entire floor in the new building as it was like a skating rink and scrape all of the ice and water out and make sure it was well salted for the bricklayer to come early Sunday morning.
After Kate had left I hosed the bottom house dog yard.
The pups are cleaned out constantly in the day and water checked and changed.
I had a couple of unsuitable hybrid enquiries and a sensible doodle couple coming tomorrow.
I spent a short time with each puppy group.
Everyone was in and finished by 6 pm, in to answer emails and phone calls.
Akna K9 Academy
SDAS National Championships at Ford Estate, Scotland on Sat/Sun 24th/25th Nov 2012

Gaynor Donley-Williams running Vadar (owned by me), Will (son of vadar) and Murdoch (son of mya, vadar grandson) placed 2nd in the 3 dog open class

Also Gaynor running Jade (owned by me daughter of vadar) and darwin (another akna owned dog) placed 6th in the 2 dog open class

Stu malcolmson running Dakota (jointly bred by shoshone and akna a vadar son) placed 3rd in the bike class

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