2nd August

Sunday morning
What a terrible start to the day the rain was torrential, the house dogs went out and then straight back in for food.
The labs went up into the top kennel area as this would give them more room if they were going to be in for quite a while.
Kiro and Reo were already in waiting for breakfast.
We did the kennel dogs and then Dave was hoovering while I washed up bowls and finished off.
I then spent time emailing pictures to puppy owners.
The dogs went out in the field and pens in between heavy showers.
We went over to my sisters to pick up another three piece suite, we loaded up and straight home, it was a good job we did as when we got home it had just dried up so we unloaded the suite and then got everyone out again and fed them all.
I fed the puppies and then the heavens opened so we went out to lunch and then home to get everyone out again.
The labs stayed out for quite a while as they have good shelter in their pen.
Shone and Cito stayed out in the bottom block.
We got spare kennels ready for changing dogs around and then I did the morning feeds and evening feeds ready for the kennel dogs.
Dave brought in spare shavings for the morning, and then he did some work on the accounts while I was feeding and hoovering in the house.
It dried up again so I was back letting dogs out, we manually put all of the phone numbers from two of my old phones into the new ones.
I fed the kennel dogs while Dave put some wire over the electric cable to the treatment plant as Kiro is likely to rip out the cable.
I got the kennel dogs feeds done ready for the evening and then the morning feeds done ready.
I fed the pups and then we cleaned the bottom block.
I pulled out more ragwort in the garden and put it on the fire.
I cleaned up in the top kennel area.
Dave and I finished off the accounts.
Dave picked up in the drive and locked up the gates.
The labs went out for their last run before bed, they have now moved up to the top kennel area.
All the kennel dogs came in and then Kiro and Reo went out for the night, the house dogs came in for the night.
We got the morning raw feeds done.
It was a wet start so the labs out into the back pen with food, Kiro came in and the house dogs went out into the bottom block and then all came in for food.
We cleaned the kennel dogs out and Dave picked up in the drive.
As it was raining quite heavy we popped into town to pick up another phone for the house so we have new phones everywhere now.
We got home and let the dogs out and then picked up in the drive and opened the gates ready for someone coming in to look at wolfdogs; they were here for just over an hour.
After they left we let the dogs back out and fed everyone.
When feeding was over Dave did some repair work on the fence in Coosa’s field as they have been digging along the fence.
I started to clean the six kennels out in the inside block and then Dave dried them all.
All the meat was out for the next day and then I fed the house dogs their chicken.
I cleaned the puppies out and the poodles in the house.
The grooming room needed a bit of a tidy up and a clean out.
I got the evening feeds ready for the kennel dogs and then morning feeds done.
We did the fire quite late as the rain was fairly constant.
I fed everyone and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I locked up while Dave was picking up in the drive and locking the gates.
Kiro and reo went out and the house dogs all in for the night.
A cold windy start, rain on and off but not quite as bad as yesterday.
House dogs out and kiro and Reo in, the labs went out into Coosa’s field for an hour, I cleaned their kennel and then we did the kennel dogs down the bottom.
After they were finished Dave took everything up to the shed for burning later.
I cleaned the poodles out in the house and the pups vet bed.
The first meat delivery arrived so I froze all of that and took the boxes up for burning.
Dave went off with the brush cutter and I went off to the dentist.
I got home and started to do the lunch time feeds.
I left Dave out for the day with the brush cutter and I sorted out the dogs in and out and spent time on the computer sorting out things and paper work.
I got the evening and morning feeds done.
I left Dogs out and we went out for an Indian takeaway as I couldn’t eat lunch after dinner I fed the dogs while Dave cleaned out more gutters.
Everyone was in and fed the kennel locked up and Kiro and Reo out for the night.
The house dogs came in.
A cold but dry start the house dogs out and Reo and Kiro in.
The labs were fed and then went out, I cleaned their kennel and Dave dried it while I went down and put the house dogs away and then up to fed and let out the kennel dogs.
After everyone was done I did the fire and Dave went out with the brush cutter for the morning.
I had thirteen dogs to check ears and vaccinate, and get all of the cards up to date, so I got all of those done and then the lunch time feeds cut up and everyone fed.
All the dogs were out for the afternoon while I was working in the kennels.
I fed Coosa’s group quite late as I am going to training tonight and will be back home late to finish the kennel dogs.
The house dogs were all fed and Cito came in for the afternoon as she was very tired after being out in the field for two hours.
Dave finished out in the field for the day.
I brought most of the dogs in from the fields and then got ready for training.
We left for training and popped into Tesco’s on route.
Dave took some video’s of the classes, this was the first night back for a new term and the dogs did really well.
I was very pleased with Shiraz she really worked hard with all of the new tasks in the gold class, if she can keep this up she will be exceptional.
After training we came home and let the dogs out and fed the puppies and then stripped out Kiro and Reo’s kennel and scrubbed it all down and disinfected it.
Dave towel dried it while I got Narla and Siren in.
I left Kiro out with food and then brought everyone else in and spent an hour with the house dogs before bed.
A nice hot start, house dogs done Kiro in, kennel dogs done.
We did the fire and then Dave spent the whole morning hoovering dust in the kennels and going around all of the windows and beams.
I sorted out the meat delivery and then we went to mole valley for a padlock and chain.
We got home and had breakfast.
The architect came in for a chat and to go through the plans before the finished set were to be sent in today, all was good so fingers crossed now I get as much as possible that we have asked for.
I had people come and view puppies they were here for a short time and then I let the next lot of dogs out.
I did the lunch time feeds and Dave went off again with the brush cutter into the spare field.
Dogs were out in the fields and the drive all day.
We went to Mole valley and picked up a van load of shavings and a few bits for repairs.
We had a big royal canin delivery arrive so we unloaded all of that and then went in for coffee and sorted out the next jobs to be done.
I got the evening and next morning feeds ready.
Emails stated to come through today with the test results for the Labradors for dwarfism {sd2} I was very lucky to get five clear bitches out of 6 the last is a carrier, a little disappointing but it could have been worse.
Everyone fed and in at just after 9 pm and then I hosed the house dogs yard.
A cold dry start which was nice as you could tell it was going to be a nice day.
House dogs out and then the labs out with food, Kiro and Reo in.
We did the kennel dogs and washed 4 kennels out
Dave dried them ready for the dogs to go back into.
We had loads of boxes and rubbish to burn, and Dave did a couple of odd jobs while I got feeds ready for lunch time.
After all the dogs had been out I went over to my sisters for a couple of hours and Dave went back home.
My niece was having a birthday party for her eldest boy who was 4 today so we had a bbq and cake and then I came home to get the dogs fed for lunch time and let everyone out again.
I spent the afternoon letting dogs out brushing the scruffy ones and uploading pictures to the dog training page on fb.
Dogs were out until late and then I did the evening and morning feeds.
Everyone in at 9.30 and Kiro out.
It was a strange start, sun rain and then nice for a couple of hours before very heavy rain.
House dogs done, labs out and then Kiro in.
Kennel dogs all done and the fire done.
I picked up in the drive and then decided to have a complete tidy out in my office and take out one of the units and replace it with another that was better for the dogs toys to sit on.

I cleaned the poodle’s room and then the puppies in the house.
I washed the bottom block.
I swapped over dogs and then cut up the chicken for lunch time feeding.
I quickly went into town to pick up some more storage boxes for dogs toys.
Kate popped over for a couple of hours with the girls and we chatted while I was finishing off tiding up.
Lobo went out to play with Shone for a couple of hours.
We fed the lunchtime feeds and then Kate held the puppies while I got some pictures of them.
After Kate left I locked up the gates and swapped over dogs and then put my dinner on to cook while getting the evening feeds ready for the kennel dogs.
I fed the house dogs and then fed the labs and put them out in the field for a couple of hours.
I went in for dinner and then came out and fed everyone and the last three groups went out while I was feeding and putting dogs away.
Puppies cleaned out and everyone finished in the kennels and then just the labs to come in.
Kiro and Reo out and then the house dog are in for the night.

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