29th September

Sunday morning was an early start well it was for Reo he mated tory at 3.30 am and caused no end of commotion in the top kennel block, I ended up holding tory still as she wanted to walk around the kennel, Moon was howling, he obviously thought he was missing out, Kiro was barking the place down.
I was none to pleased as I had hoped the Tardak injection would have worked.
After the fuss had all died down I had a coffee and then stayed up in the kennel with the dogs.
I let them out at 6 am it was still dark, the first two groups went out and I got the feeds ready for them coming in.
I let the next two groups out and brought Coosa back in after 15 minutes as he was being an arse and stared howling, I left his group in an outside pen with their bones and chicken carcasses.
Moon went out while I cleaned out Idaho, he came in and I fed them two.
I left the Coosa pups in field two and Reo and Tory in field one, they all had their feeds outside.
I came down and let the house dogs out and did their feeds and the rest of the feeds ready for when Maddie arrived.
At 7.30 we put Budds group out in the yard with their food and then fed all of the puppies and cleaned the out.
After they were finished we let the poodle groups out and fed them and cleaned them out.
We washed the yards down and then Maddie did the vet beds and paper on the bitches with pups and the house dogs pen, I washed the bowls and did the water.
I went up and started at the top kennel while Maddie finished off in the house.
I cleaned the pens and Maddie came up and swept and towel dried them.
I started power washing the track out to the field and then all of the boards that go over the front of the kennels when dogs pass each other.
Next I did the top part outside the top kennel and then the sloping pen where Shone, Narla and the Coosa pups are in the day time.
Maddie did re cleans on the pups and kept then yards clean.
After I had finished power washing I had a couple come and view puppies, when they left we fed the pups and I went back to cleaning, we cleaned all the drains out.
I swept the floors in the house and Maddie burnt the rubbish.
Next I had emails to answer and phone calls to make.
I booked another family in to view dogs, and booked a hybrid viewing for the following weekend.
A quick coffee and snickers for lunch and then I had to feeds the house dogs and the little dogs.
Allan, a friend of mine turned up with the kitchen units for the new kennel, so we unloaded them and put them in one of the spare rooms in the kennel.
I had a nice email and picture of Rainn out with Nobby ‘s dogs, all went well when he picked her up from Cambridge she has settled in quite well in the house with Nobby and his family where she will stay until a permanent home is found for her.
Nobby said Rainn is very thin which is a shame as she left here over weight; it’s lucky she was found before she lost anymore weight.

Rainn out with Nobby Clarkes dogs

I cleaned the yards and then cleaned the ears on four of the doodle group.
I fed the puppies and then brought the dogs in from the field and locked everyone up just before dark.
I brought Narla and Shone down to the house and they both came and had a pay with the yorkies and just crashed out in their beds.
The yorkies kept going for another two hours running around like lunatics using Kia as a climbing frame and then they fell asleep on her back.
I wrote today’s blog with Rupert the poodle on my lap, I can’t leave him with the other dogs at the moment as Narla and crumble are both in season.
Monday morning was another awakening with Reo mating Tory and Kiro going mad.
I put Coosa out and Kiro out first, I got the pens ready for washing.
Moon then went out along with Shone’s group of six; I left them out and Reo with their feeds.
I fed the rest of the dogs at the top and then down to let the house dogs out and fed them.
Feeds were made and waiting for Amy to arrive, then we let the house dogs in and went out and put three little dogs out to eat while we started feeding and cleaning out puppies.
After they were all done Amy did vet beds on the outside pups while I cleaned the two poodle groups.
Amy did the water buckets while I was on the phone to a customer and then she did the paper and vet beds on the house dogs.
I washed the feed and water bowls for her.
Amy did a quick check on all the pups and then picked up in the yards.
I went up and started cleaning the top kennels and then Amy came up and swept and dried them.
Reo came in and Coosa went out, I did the fire and then fed the rest of the bones.
We came down and got the next lot of washing on and unloaded a feed delivery and stacked it and burnt the boxes.

Amy wrote my breeder number on all of the puppy packs for me, I booked a vets appointment for tomorrow to get the rest of the passport done for a hybrid pup.
Kia is booked in for another check up on Friday and Kiro will be spayed at the same time.
The Tardak seems to have worked on Siren so Kiro is furious with him, she is getting quite snappy towards him now, he wants to sleep at night and she wants to be mated so she is jumping all over him.
We did the lunch time feeds and re cleaned puppies.
Amy left and I did the chicken for the little dogs and fed all of the house dogs.
I power washed a pen and then cleaned all of the bones from Coosa’s field and changed the water buckets.
I cleaned the floors in the house and then fed the pups and then cleaned the bottom yard.
I brought everyone in and locked then up for the night.
Tuesday morning was an early start as I needed to go to the vets with Aimi for the rest of the passport to be finished.
I let the dogs out very early so they could all be fed before I left, I cleaned Kiro’s pen out as Siren is disgusting with peeing everywhere at the moment.
I came down and put the house dogs out and made the feeds for everyone.
Amy arrived first and we fed all of the pups and cleaned them out.
Maddie arrived and I left the two of them with a list and assumed that they would do the normal daily routine but when I got home due to a misunderstanding none of the dogs had been out for four hours so I was not very happy at all.
I fed the little dogs and house dogs as soon as I got in and sent Maddie to put Kiro out.
I spent the afternoon outside cleaning and power washing; I didn’t get in until well after dark.
In-between cleaning and feeding I had a family come to view puppies, they were here for a long time.
I finally came in after everything at 9.15 and by then I could be bothered to eat or do anything so I sat with the house dogs for an hour and sorted out a couple of phone calls.
Wednesday morning I put Kiro and Coosa out first and cleaned Kiro’s pen, when they came in I put Reo out and cleaned his pen.
Coosa came in and I fed all the dogs that had been out.
I left the Coosa pups out and Moon while we were feeding and cleaning out the pups.
The house dogs came in for their food.
We did the vet beds and paper on the bitches in the house.
We went back up to the top and cleaned Idaho and the four inside kennels.
Rubbish all burnt and then the yards were cleaned.
I was in and out of the house as one of my doodle girls was not very well she aborted her puppies, she was very good about it and didn’t get stressed thankfully for her.
We did the lunchtime feeds and then Maddie left and I spent four hours power washing the paths and steps and the bottom yard, I still have plenty left to do as the green slime is coming back again.
I swapped over dogs in the field and fed puppies in between.
I came in as it started to get dark and rain.
Narla and Shone came down to the house and then I got the frozen feeds done for the next day.
Thursday morning I got the first two groups of dogs out and cleaned Reo and Siren kennel, Maddie sent a text to say she was ill, so I brought the two groups in and put the next two groups out and came down to feed the house dogs and puppies, I cleaned all the pups out.
I went back up and swapped dogs at the top.
I put the poodle groups out with their food and cleaned them out and then went back around and changed all the water buckets for the bitches and pups.
It was now time to do the lunch time feeds and cut the chicken for the little dogs.
I put all the dogs in for an hour as the rain was not stopping and I didn’t want the little ones wet.
Coosa’s group had to go in the inside kennel for a while as they were driving me mad with their howling.
I had a meeting with the drainage guy for an hour which was necessary but bad timing.

Then I had half an hour on the phone to the company making my new kennels.
I let all dogs back out as the rain was slowing down and then got the frozen feeds done for the next day and defrosted one of the freezers.
I did the biscuit feeds for the evening for the pups.
I fed everyone and then locked everyone up for 6 pm as it was raining and they had been driving me to distraction with howling on and off all day.
I brought Shone and Narla down and fed them before bringing them into the house.
I finally got on to the computer and had dinner for 8 o clock.
Friday morning was an early start as I had the vets booked to take Kia in and get her lump checked out again and Kiro to be spayed.
It was raining but not too bad so each group went out and then came back in for food.
I cleaned two kennels and Moons pen.
I came down and let the house dogs out and fed all of them and got the feeds ready for the rest of the dogs.
Maddie arrived and we fed all of the puppies and cleaned them out.
All the doodle and poodle groups went out and had their feeds.
We went back up to the top and swapped over dogs so Coosa could say in for most of the time while I was out.
I did the feeds for Maddie for everyone for lunch time.
Maddie wrote her list of jobs to get done and then she papered my van ready to load dogs.
Hannah came to groom the little people.
I went to get Kiro to put in the van and bloody Siren was tied to her, I was really fed up with him as I had hoped the Tardak injection would have started to work by now especially considering that he has a very low drive for mating anyway.
He has only ever mated kiro in his life and this has only been this year.
When they finally finished we loaded the dogs and I went off at just after 10 am.
Coosa was a pain while I was out and Siren was kicking off, so Cito had to go in with him just while I was out.
I got home and Maddie left I brought Kia in and she had her lunch, I got Kiro out and she has to be the first bitch that has been able to walk straight back up to her kennel that soon after a spaying, she went back in her kennel and felt very sorry for herself.
I fed everyone their lunch and had a quick chat to Hannah while we cleaned Rupert’s ears.
I cleaned Razzels yard and swapped over dogs and put buds group out.
Next I moved the two lab bitches into a pen on their own as one of them is in season.
I fed the housed dogs and cleaned the puppies out again.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the morning and did the biscuit feeds ready for the puppies evening feed.
I cleaned the poodle yard and then fed the pups and by this time it was just after 6 pm and the dogs had tried my patience with the barking and howling so everyone went in just before the rain started.
Shone and Narla came down and had another feed and stayed in the bottom block for a while.
I sorted out my emails and phone calls.
I am furious with a person called Eve Albrecht she is a liar and a disgrace and very untrustworthy.
Last weekend she assured me the deposit had been put into my bank account for a hybrid puppy.
She signed a sales contact and then said she could not pay the full amount that was agreed, could I reduce the price, I said no.
She emailed again and asked if she could have the puppy and then she would sign an agreement to say she would pay the money off two months after receiving the pup.
Again I said no as I don’t know her or how trustworthy she would be, she promised she was honest and reliable and did not like people that were not.
I said as you are so honest I am sure you can borrow the money from a friend and not from me as she has never met me.
I had gone to a lot of trouble for her getting the rabies vaccine done and the passport, transport to the airport was already arranged and I had the prices for the fights.
Next she emails and said the price of the flight was too expensive so she would drive over and pick the puppy up.
I sent her three messages telling her I was not getting the health certificate for the puppy.
She is a complete liar and certainly not trustworthy at all.
Saturday morning the weather was absolutely chronic the rain did not let up for hours everyone went out for short spells all day long.
I cleaned one of the kennels and put everyone out and fed them.
I did the house dogs and the feeds for the pups.
We fed and cleaned them out and the poodle groups fed and cleaned out, thankfully we have the bottom block that is all covered so the little dogs can go out without getting soaked.

Amy did the kennels with me and Wendy and Brian did a lot of odd jobs.
We burnt all the rubbish from the builders in the new kennel, gutters had to be cleaned out as the leaves had filled them already.
Brian and Wendy moved all the spare plasterboard from the kennel, they also put a new table in the house as the coffee table was too low and the dogs kept sitting on it and eating my paper work.
Amy did the lunchtime feeds for the pups and I cut up the chicken for the rest of them and we fed all of the little people.
I spent a short time sorting out my emails and the last couple of day’s blog and then back out and cleaned all of the yards.
Dog all out for an hour as the rain had slowed down.
I got the frozen feeds done for the morning and the feeds for the pups for the evening all ready.
I fed the pups and cleaned them out and locked everyone away.
I had a quick bath before Kate arrived to look after the dogs so I could go to my sisters for dinner.
I did the morning feeds ready and then Kate arrived so we had a coffee and a chat.
Kate did some paper work and looked after the house dogs and made sure Kia was ok.

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