29th November

I didn’t have time to write this last week as it was an exceptionally busy day.
I had nearly finished the morning feeding and cleaning when Wendy and Brian arrived.
I finished off while Brian put a new gate at the end of the kennel so we can get around the side easier to check bait boxes and clean the windows.
Next was to move all of the large appliances out of the house.
We popped out and Wendy treated us to a full English breakfast very nice this set us up for the day.
We picked up bones on the way home for the dogs.
I made sure nobody was booked in to see dogs as we had so much to get finished.
We cleared more stuff out of the house to the container and garage.
I did the lunch time feeds and it stayed dry thankfully.
Brian and Wendy took up all of the boarding on the top of the floor boards upstairs and then the curtain poles down and doors all taken off.
We had a big fire and burnt everything.
Wendy and Brian left and I got all of the dogs finished in and fed, Kiro and Reo out for the night and then I had a shower and off to Laura’s mums for dinner and to meet Sophie my new granddaughter, I had a really nice night, I got home late and finished the dogs fed Shone and Cito and then bed.
A dry morning so everyone out and fed, kennels all cleaned and then Shone and Cito out in the field and I cleared the last of the stuff from the house.
I moved a few loads of compost and then got the lunch time feeds ready as I was going out for a short time as everyone was meeting at my sisters for a birthday party for one of the grandchildren.
Everyone been out for another run and fed.
I went out for a couple of hours and then home to get everyone fed again and finished off taking stuff out of the house and then let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
I spent the evening sorting out bags full of paper work form the house that was pileing into the grooming room.
A cold start the outside water buckets had a thick coating of ice.
Everyone out and cleaned and fed.
Drive cleaned up.
The builders arrived at 8 am to start on the house renovations; I let them in and then finished off the kennels.
I had to pull apart all of the chicken as it hadn’t defrosted and I needed it ready in a couple of hours to feed.
The fire place was all excavated so I took bags full of twigs up to the burning pit and burnt them.
I fed Coosa’s group while I was up at the fire.
The metal all loaded into my van to put in the scrap pile outside the gates ready for when I do a scrap run.
I had a couple come up to view their puppy and then I started the lunch time feeding.
Everyone was out for a good run in the afternoon.
My sister came over and we went through some things with the builders and sorted out the rest of the paper work for the building control.
Everyone in just before dark and then Kiro and Reo out on the drive.
A damp start but everyone out and cleaned and fed the builders arrived so I put the dogs in and picked up in the drive.
The next group of dogs went out and I went to have a chat with the builders.
Next the tree surgeons arrived to start cutting down and trimming the trees at the top of the drive.
I cut up the chicken and labelled it all for Kate ready for her to feed.
I was going out for my sister’s birthday.
I left just after I had fed most of the dogs and Kate let the dogs in and out and cleaned the boards in the kennels and sorted the washing out.
It rained most of the afternoon.
I got home and helped Kate finish off and then we vaccinated 9 dogs and wormed the lab puppies.
Morning feeds all done ready.
Everyone was fed and all the dogs came in.
Kate stayed for a drink and we left Shone and Lobo to play while Cito sat with us.
An early start which turned out to be great as all the dogs got out for a good run before the rain.
Everyone one and back in before the builders and tree surgeons arrived.
I fed Coosa’s group and then took Cito and Shone to the bottom block so they could run around and stay dry.
I went off to the vets and had Shiraz my poodle scanned, she is in pup so I am very happy about that.
We got home and cut up all of the chicken and fed everyone.
I popped down to check how everything was going with the builders and the trees all was looking good, plenty of progress in my short absence.
Everyone out for a good run in the afternoon, evening feeds done and then off to the dog training presentation evening.
A nice evening with a good turn out.
I got home just after 10 pm and then let the bitches out and fed Cito and Shone.
A very wet morning most of the dogs were fed in the kennels and then let out for a run so they had less chance of getting soaked.
It was a much slower morning but everyone got out and then I fed Coosa’s group.
I had a couple come to view their puppy, they stayed about half an hour.
I had a quick chat with the builders and then cut up the chicken ready to feed.
I popped into town to pick up bones and then the bank.
I got home and fed everyone and got them out for another good run.
I went to the dentist and came home and started the evening feeding and brought everyone in and locked up after the builders had left.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.
A damp but not a total wash out so everyone out clean and fed.
Hannah arrived to groom and then the builders arrived.
I locked up the gates and then the rain was getting heavier so I had the labradoodles out with me on the drive and I power washed the front pen.
I had wolf dogs out in the field and then swapped the labradoodles for the labs out on the drive.
I was happily power washing away when suddenly I was being pulled backwards, when I turned to see what was going on two of the labs had the power cable and were pulling as hard as possible, I quickly turned it off and put the labs in to front pen while I carried on all round the kennel washing the path.
I fed everyone their chicken and gave them a quick run and then my sister arrived to have a meeting with the builders and then we went out for a couple of hours Christmas shopping and lunch.
We got home and I let everyone out again and got the evening feeds ready.
Everyone in and fed, the builders left and then I got Rupert out for Hannah to do his ears.
Hannah stayed for coffee and then she left and I let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
I put dinner on to cook as Kate was coming over later.
I did some paper work and then Kate arrived with Lobo to play with Shone.
We had dinner and a chat for a few hours.
Kate left and then Reo was screaming, I went out to see what was going on, I could hear Kiro but I couldn’t see her anywhere.
Somehow she had got in to the yard by the house; I am not sure she didn’t go down the bank and over the roof on the lean-to and jump off into the yard.
I let her out and then peace and quiet returned.
Oh my I woke up thinking not again the rain was so heavy I was wondering how the hell I was going to get the dogs out without them drowning.
I put Kiro and Reo away and then took Shone and Cito to the bottom block.
Coosa’s group went straight up to the top kennel area where they could eat early and stay dry if they wanted to.
Most group where possible were fed in the kennel and then each group went out for as long as they could in between heavy showers.
Everyone was finally out, fed and cleaned.
I took all of the old bedding up to the fire and then came down and washed all of the bowls and water buckets.
I wrote the last three days blog as I had been so busy and not had chance to do it before.
I had several calls to make to the building suppliers for prices and then had to contact a couple of people for sandblasting as we have excavated the old fire place and it need a serious clean up to get the stone back to its former state many years ago.
All the chicken was cut up ready; it took nearly two hours to feed everyone in between the heavy showers, Cracker sat with me in the office while her puppies had their food as it was too wet for her to go outside.
I had lunch whilst waiting for the rain to stop.
It dried out so another group out and I picked up in the pen and the drive.
The afternoon was unbelievable the rain just got heavier and heavier, the dogs would have needed life jackets to go out again it was awful.
Everyone had bones in their kennel to give them something to do as they were going to get bored of this pretty soon.
I brought Cito and shone back from the bottom block as it was getting really cold they came in and slept on my bed.
I got the evening and morning feeds ready and then bedded everyone up more as some of them came in wet.
I locked the kennel and then went up to get Coosa’s group in when I got back to the kennel I was furious I couldn’t unlock the door even with loads of wd 40 it took ages and no still didn’t get in so I had to go back around and in through the back door.
It was pitch black but the rain had stopped for a while so everyone went out again for another run.
I let Kiro and Reo out for the night.

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