29th May

May bank holiday weekend
Great week even though the weather has been all over the place.
All the dogs were a little spooky with the high winds we have had but never the less all happy and doing well at the beginning of the week.
In the later part of the week we have started to get real tension between Tarna and Tory our two Saarloos girls in the Coosa group.
We have now split the group into two before frictions turns into a fight.
This has created more work but it is better for the dogs.

Cedar is very well after her spaying she was back out in the pack after 3 days with out any problem.

Kiro has one female puppy left I am very tempted to keep her.

Cito has two male pups left they are now 6 weeks old, the other pups have been allocated to their new homes Rachael Bailey is having the Beta female called Vika, James is having the Beta male called Maska, another male is going to Ireland he is called Siege and I am keeping the other girl. she is not my normal choice as she is very sensible and only a mid to low ranking pup.

Echo was rushed down here from London on Thursday evening for a spaying due to a pyometra, she is now recovering very well and will be fit to travel home on Tuesday.
Kirsty and Vicci have been great they both worked to help out as Wolf and I stayed with Echo while she had her op.
Vicci has been here for four days it’s really nice to have here, as she is so easy to work with.

Wolf has been for another visit and brought a vanload of food, toys and treats, all of our storage areas are absolutely full to bursting point.
I have warned him to stay out of pets at home or we will have to build another storage area.
Not only has he been spoiling the dogs but also we have had some great times out for lunch and Indian restaurant for dinner.
Shaun and Isla are both well we popped over for a visit to see how everything is going with the new pens they are building and everything is coming together nicely.

Boots has two male pups and two female pups left; they are coming up for six weeks.
I am defiantly going to keep a female to replace the Boots Cedar line and it will also be company for one of my csv girls I keep.

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