29th May

An early start, all the dogs done and finished by 8.30.
Dave went straight into the house and started rubbing down windows and sills, this was a long job that took all day.
I power washed Coosa’s pen and then the labs outside pen and the track.
I finished that and then swapped over dogs and hosed the front pen by the kennel.
I put each group of slightly older puppies out in the front yard and cleaned their kennels again.
I had 10 vet beds lined up for washing.
The yorkipoo puppies went out with Elsa and Oli and that gave me chance to spray and wipe over the office floor and re paper it ready for them coming back in.
Lunch time feeds done and the next groups of dogs went out.
I spent a couple of hours doing paper work and then sorted out frozen feeds and the evening feeds for everyone.
We stopped for dinner and then the next groups of dogs went out.
Everyone was in by 8.30 pm.
5 am is becoming normal around here now.
Everyone done and the top outside pens all hosed out ready for when the dogs come back in from the fields.
Dave gave me a hand up the top kennel area and then went into the house to do the painting.
I hoovered in the kennel and the kitchen as I had friends visiting and needed to get everything done as we were going to spend an hour chatting about dogs.
After my friends left I fed a couple of groups of dogs and then went out and picked up bones.
I got home and unloaded and then had a quick chat with the builders before going back to swap dogs and feed the next groups.
The phone was fairly constant for the morning, so this slowed me down a bit.
I spent the rest of the afternoon letting dogs out checking on things in the house and shredding paper as I have just bought yet another shredder I am catching up with the shredding now.
I had a lot of office work to catch up on and then I got the evening feeding done and then moved all the dogs that were staying out for a few hours while we are out tonight, Razzle had the bedroom with the doors open to the yard. Dave and I went off to see Nath, Laura and Sophie, we had a bbq and then home to get the dogs sorted out.
All the dogs had their vet beds changed and then the washing started, Dave went to do some more painting in the study/ dogs room in the house and I washed the top kennels and Coosa’s pen.
I quickly popped out for milk and doughnuts for the builders.
I had only been home a few minutes and then a customer arrived to pick up their puppy.
I cut up the chicken and swapped dogs around and fed everyone.
Dave and I had lunch and then he headed off home to Suffolk.
I had an hour playing with the dogs and then back to paper work.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with different groups of dogs and then cleaning outside pens.
I did the evening feeds and a customer came late evening to view puppies so I didn’t finish until nearly 11 pm.
I got everyone in the bottom kennels out and finished and then opened the gates for the builders and Hannah came to groom the little dogs with a trainee she is working with at the moment.
I then did the top kennel groups and washed Coosa’s outside pen.
The labs went over to field three and I went out to pick up meat and meet up with Kirsty for breakfast.
I got home and froze the meat, I needed to swap over dogs and get the labs in.
Lunch time feeds all done and then I popped in to see the builders and get some measurements for wrought iron doors to go on the outer side of the existing house doors so the dogs don’t get the chance to scratch and chew my new doors.
Everyone was out for the afternoon.
I had a lot to do with visitors and getting sorted out so I could do the vet run in the morning.
Evening feeds done and everyone in at just after 9 pm.
A ridiculously early start
Everyone fed cleaned vet beds changed and out in the fields by 8.30 am.
I cut up the chicken ready so when I got home it would be quick to just put it into everyone’s bowls and get them fed.
All the dogs going to the vets went out for a quick wee before getting crated in the van.
I left a number of dogs out in the fields and the drive and then went off to Gavin.
A slight delay when I arrived as they had a power cut.
First was to examine Razzle to see if Gavin could operate to take the tubes out of his nose but unfortunately he can’t do it yet so back in next Thursday.
Elsa the yorkipoo was spayed she is going to be homed soon.
One of my poodles had a DNA for opitgen testing for PRA, he is hereditary clear but the uk kennel club won’t except the clear on the FCI paper work so you have to go through all that hassle and expense to test again.
I also took a female poodle with Chili as she is in season and he would have been stressed without her.
The last one was Tease she was also spayed as she is going to her new home next month.
After they were all finished I loaded them up in the van and back home to put everyone back into their kennels for a few hours before feeding them.
I got all the bedding out of the van for washing and then fed everyone else and let them out.
My next job was to go and meet up with my sister to give her the dog food she had ordered and have lunch.
I left most of the dogs out and went off for an hour.
I got home and swapped dogs and changed all the water buckets over.
The kennel floors all needed washing through the hall so I did that and then made the evening feeds.
I ordered the gates for the house and then the gate for the dog room in the house when its finished.
Everyone was in late it was nearly 10 pm.
Everyone done in the kennels and then up to let Coosa’s group out and wash his pen.
I brought the wolf dogs in and swapped over groups.
Matt the plumber arrived to get some more done in the house.
I had a good clean up in the kennels and then a customer arrived and bought the last yorkipoo boy so now Elsa and Oli are back together again.
Washing out on the line and now to cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds.
Everyone fed and dogs out all day.
I got loads of towels and vet beds washed and then I heard the thunder it got worse over the next hour and much closer.
I ran around getting in the washing and bringing dogs in.
The plumber left and I locked the house.
Next was to bring Shone and her group in from the field and shut the gates.
I ran down and let Kiro and Reo out, I had just got in the kennel about 30 seconds before the heavens opened, luck was on my side thankfully as it sure did come down.
I got the bitches evening feeds ready and then everyone’s morning feeds done.
I re papered all the bitch kennels and then wrote the blog.
This has to be the earliest finish in weeks.
All in and sorted by 7.30.

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