29th March

Last Sunday was a nice day a little cold at times but dry and great for fencing field three.
I did the house dogs and then fed Sara and the lab group, Kiro went in and then I went up to the kennel and let one out.
I was half way through cleaning when Wendy and Brian arrived so we stopped for a coffee and then Wendy helped me finish off and Brian went up and started getting the holes dug for the new fence on the boundary.
We finished and burnt the rubbish.
Coosa’s group stayed in field two and the paddock for the day, Cito and Shone stayed in field three, Narla and Siren stayed in field one, the rest of the dogs alternated in the drive.
The house dogs had the bottom block and the yard with the door open to get into the house.
I got the frozen chicken out for the next day and cleaned the lab puppies out.
I had a customer come and view puppies and then we had a bacon sandwich and then I cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
I went up for a bit to have a chat with Wendy and Brian and then my next puppy viewer arrived, after they left I swapped over dogs in the drive and got all the bowls washed and changed the vet beds.
I went back up for a bit to see how the fencing was going and have a rest really while having a chat about what we do next.
I was playing ball with Razzle’s group in the drive and Shone came straight over the top of the gate in field three so she won’t be up there on her own until I have got some gate extensions made.
I took cito and Shone into the house so they could play with the house poodles and swapped dogs in the drive.
Wendy and Brian tidied up and then we had a walk around to see how all the new plants were coming along, Wendy gave me a lesson on weeds and then we had a coffee before they left.
I got the evening done and put my dinner in the oven and then started to feed everyone as it was now 6 pm and I only had an hour before the last groups needed to be in.
After everyone was fed I brought Coosa’s group in and then Siren and Narla came in, the lab group went in and Kiro and Reo came out for the night.
Monday morning was a good start but light rain was forecast for the afternoon.
An early start house dogs out and then Kiro and Reo in, lab group out and fed and cleaned.
I went up to the kennel and did everyone as quick as possible, I left Coosa’s group out and off to the vets to get a vaccine on a puppy leaving today.
When I got home I took the puppy in and then let a group out on the drive, Shone and Cito out in the field and the house dogs out in the yard.
I cleaned the puppy room in the house ready for a new dog to go into.
Next was to get the fire done and then the lunch time feeds so I cut up all of the chicken and then fed everyone.
The puppy owners arrived and then off home he went.
I had lunch and then swapped over dogs and got another cage in my van ready for going to meet Rach tonight in Worcestershire to pick up my new Labrador puppy called Ruby, Rach had picked her up for me from up country at the weekend, also I have to bring back Rach’s poodle for mating with my boy Budd.
I got the evening feeds ready for the kennel dogs and the house dogs.
Next was to get everyone in and feed and then let Kiro out and get changed ready to leave to go and meet Rach to pick up my Labrador and Dolly Rach’s bitch for mating.
I had a good drive up and we had a nice meal and then I came home which was a terrible drive home, the fog was so bad I missed the turning on the link road and ended up going right into South Molton and coming through town.
I unloaded the bitches and then had a coffee for going to bed.
Tuesday morning was a nice start but cold.
All the house dogs went out and had food and then I went up to the kennel and let everyone out and fed everyone and cleaned the kennels.
I had to meat deliveries both early so I put Cito and Shone out in the field and Coosa’s group next to them and a group in the drive with the house dogs in the yards and then cut up all of the chicken.
I got the lunch time feeds done and then sorted out some paper work for the puppies going later this week.
Dolly is happy back in with her old group and Ruby has settled in well with her Labrador friends.
I had a call from one of my owner’s families today to say their mother has been taken very ill so I am having her puppy back for the foreseeable future, she will be fine as she will slot into my lab group.
I was so cold I tried to do as many inside jobs as possible so I clipped one of the poodles and then went into the house and hoovered, I got the evening feeds ready and then the morning feeds and my dinner.
Time to swap dogs so back to the kennel and let the next group out and get the feeds done up there for the night and the next morning.
I had a bit of time before feeding so I hoovered the kitchen and office area.
I moved the lab group to the bottom block and hosed their yard.
The bitches were fed and then it started to rain so I got Coosa’s group in as quickly as possible and fed them.
I was really glad of an early finish as I was so tired from the drive the night before.
Everyone locked up and then Kiro out and Shone and Cito in.
I had an early night as I was still catching up on sleep, not that it helped I was up at 3 am with a horrendous tooth ache and couldn’t get back to sleep.
Wednesday morning feeling pretty awful I let the house dogs out and fed them, and then kiro in and the lab group out.
I went up and did the kennel dogs everyone out, fed and cleaned.
Coosa’s group out and then Cito and Shone out, I picked up in the drive and then did the fire.
Frozen feeds out ready for the morning and the house dogs out in the yard.
I had a couple of puppies to clip as are leaving soon so I did them and them microchipped them both.
I had a short time with the Labrador group and then went out in the field with Razzles group for a bit, while I was out there I picked up in the paddock and then the bottom part of field two.
In for breakfast and get the first load of washing on and clean the puppy’s room.
I got everything ready for training and then printed the letters for the people not taking the test next week.
I did some more pictures of the puppies and then had a nightmare downloading them; this tried my patience a little.
I brought the shaving and bags of food in from the container and then got the lunch time feeds done.
The afternoon was brushing dogs and a few phone calls.
I got the evening and morning feeds done in the house and the kennels and then got changed and fed everyone before bringing in Coosa’s group and feeding them.
I moved my van across the road so I could leave Kiro and Reo out when I left for training.
Next I brought Shone and Cito in and fed the house dogs and then let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
I loaded up Shiraz and then off to training, we had a great night all went well and Shiraz was really good.
I got home and let the house dogs out and then did the puppy room and put everyone to bed.
Thursday morning was a very cold blustery start the house dogs went out and Kiro in and then the lab group and Sara out for breakfast.
All the kennel dogs went out while I cleaned them out and got the puppies fed and cleaned.
Coosa’s group went out and Shone and Cito out in the field.
I cut up all of the chicken for lunch time feeds.
I had a puppy leaving but there was a problem, the people got totally lost their sat nav took them all around the coast and they were an hour and half late.
Just after they had picked up their puppy the next couple arrived and took their pup.
I burnt the rubbish and brought Cito and Shone in and fed them and then let Narla and Siren out for an hour.
I bathed and blasted Shiraz she needed to look perfect for the afternoon outing.
I fed everyone their chicken and then had a fast bath and got changed.
Everyone was locked up except for Coosa’s group.
Shiraz and I went off to meet my sister, we had to go to a funeral of a wonderful teenage girl from our training club, she was taken at 16 years old, and she battled with extreme dignity but lost her fight to leukaemia.
There was over 40 dogs lined both sides of the entrance to the crematorium as the hearse arrived every dog sat still and very quiet, they were so well behaved, Ellie’s family was so pleased everyone came with very well turned out dogs wearing black bandanna’s.
We popped the dogs back into the car and then joined everyone else in the garden of the crematorium as there must have been 200 people in attendance, it was a very sad day but a wonderful send off for a very special young lady.
I got home and let all of the dogs out for a good run and then fed them.
Osama came to meet Sara, she was a little shy but very good really, we had to talk about changing airlines to fly her to Kuwait as its very difficult to arrange a double legalisation on the health certificate within 48 hours by the time he left I still had a couple of hours left to do with the dogs and cleaning the puppies again.
I finished outside at just after 9.30 and then let Kiro and Reo out and fed the house dogs, I was worn out so I couldn’t be bothered to eat I just went to bed.
Friday morning was cold windy and drizzling, I did the house dogs and then put Kiro away and then fed the labs and Sara.
I did the kennel dogs, all cleaned out and fed and then the first meat delivery arrived so I let Cito and Shone out and burnt the rubbish.
I cut up the chicken for the lunch time feeds and then Bess the Labrador puppy arrived for a stay until her owner is out of hospital.
Next was a puppy leaving, they were only here briefly so I then got on with feeding and swapping dogs around.
Kirsty popped in for coffee and a chat so we went up and spent some time with Coosa’s group and then with Reo and Kiro, and then Kirsty left.
The house dogs came up the drive for a run and then I spent quite a long time on the phone rearranging the flight for Sara.
My next job was to go to the vets with Sara and get the kennel cough vaccine for Sara as she will now have to spend between five and seven days in quarantine kennels before flying, this will give the airline time to arrange the health certificate and get the legalisations done.
The airline has been great they have said they are happy to feed her chicken carcasses if I portion them up into meals for her.
I also had to take a puppy for one of my owners for the first vaccines as they were picking him up on Monday but there has been a problem with the new house they are moving into so the puppy will be staying for another few weeks.
I got home from the vets and then let everyone out again and then did the feeds, I was expecting a customer to arrive but then I checked my emails and they had cancelled so I fed everyone and then another meat delivery arrived I took out what I needed for the lab group and then froze the rest.
I put the house dogs out in the yard and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them, I washed up all of the bowls and then got the morning feeds ready and locked up the kennel.
Kiro and Reo went out and then I hosed the labs yard by flood light as it was now pitch black, after I had finished cleaning the yard and brought the house dogs in and fed them and then had dinner and wrote the blog.
Saturday morning was a damp start but not raining, I did the house dogs and then put Kiro away and let the lab group out and fed them.
I cleaned and fed and let out all of the kennel dogs and then put Cito and Shone out in the field and did the fire.
The young puppy group we in the drive and all of a sudden the heavens opened up so I put the puppy group in and then put the lab group in the bottom block so they would stay dry.
The house poodles went back in the house and I cleaned their room and re papered it for the night time.
I hoovered the office and kitchen area ready for people coming and then picked up in the drive and opened the gates.
My puppy owners arrived to pick up their puppy.

I got dogs out when I could as it was raining so much.
Everyone was fed their chicken for lunch and Cito and Shone came into the house they were fed with the poodles.
I had a hybrid owner message me to say he could not cope with his dog, so I rang Kirsty and made the arrangements to go to wales and pick him up in the evening.
I took Shone out in the drive to play ball with her as she was going to be in for a long time at night once I had left to go and pick up the puppy.
I caught up on the blog as I knew we were going to be late home.
Coosa’s group had their food and then went back out in the field as they were going to be coming in early.
I got the labs kennel bedded down ready for the evening just to move them after they had eaten.
Frozen chicken was out of the freezer for Sunday and then I did the evening feeds ready as everything was going to happen in a rush at 5 pm.
Everyone was fed and had their last run and then I went up and got Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I got changed and had a quick coffee and then let Kiro and Reo out and off I went to pick up Kirsty.

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