29th July

Sunday was a good busy and very productive day; Wendy and Brian came down again we got the whelping cage ready for the Yorkie lola who is due to whelp.
A’Lupa’s area was cleaned toughly as she could be due any day now.
We have taken the dividing panel out of pen one and two which used to be the wolf dog kennels in the bottom block which now gives us a 12 metre under cover pen for the house dogs if it’s raining.
Pen four has had all of the paving slabs re grouted ready to move Lobo and Bobby back into when it is dry.
Siren has been moved into the top kennel as Rainn has come into season, Siren has never been used as a stud dog before so what will be who knows if he doesn’t mate her then I am not too worried.
We have changed all of the garage around so that the labradoodles have a much bigger pen but there is a dividing door so that we can split the next female that is due to have pups and keep her next to all of her friends.
Monday morning was ok everything went well which was good as this gave us chance to worm every dog and get them all done on the same day.
The only one I had a problem with was the little male yorkie we did him twice with two different wormers and both times he went mad trying to bite then he was sick so he will be done again but it will have to be on the back of the neck.
In the afternoon I bathed three of the yorkies as Hannah our groomer will be away now until the 10 th of August for her wedding.
By the time I had finished the yorkies it was time to feed everyone, and then I spent two hours power washing.
Tuesday morning was an early start as I needed to have everyone cleaned and finished by 9 am , which was ok I managed to get finished in time.
At 9 Shaun came over with Koomkee and one of his females so we could go and spend a few hours with the owners of Roka and get their problems ironed out.
We left Koomkee with Roka for a month’s trial to see how they get along.
It was so hot at times, nearly 30 degrees, we were so uncomfortable not being used to the sun like this, the dogs were finding it hard so they got in the shade at every opportunity.
When we got home I had not been in long and A’Lupa was starting to whelp, she had the first pup which was dead, the second was alive and the rest were dead, so all in all an absolutely crap night, I have some very disappointed prospective owners.
A’lupa and the female puppy are both doing ok.
I am going to put A’Lupa up for sale and if she doesn’t go then I may possibly keep her and try her for one more litter, either way I am not that bothered I would prefer to just take the financial loss on her and re home her.
Wednesday morning was just the same, really hot, so I got everyone out as early as possible and finished the cleaning as quickly as we could, most of the dogs just wanted to lay around in their pens they were not keen to spend too long out in the field.
I came in and answered all of my emails as I had not really had chance to do them on Tuesday.
After Kate left I spent time with everyone for a while as they were all in need of constant water changes and I brushed a couple of dogs that are still blowing their coats.
I went off to training for c to do her silver test, all went well she was very good, no problems she passed.
We stayed and had a buffet and I helped to tidy everything up than came home, it was a late night as it was just after 11 when I got in.
I let everyone out again then did a last kennel check, all was well the dogs had started to settle down from the heat.
Thursday morning was Kate and I, we got everything done early and then I shot off to get some shopping and do some extra jobs in town.
I got all of the freezers defrosted and cleaned, the garage has been cleaned out and all tidied up ready for Rosie the labradoodle to have her puppies.
All the house dogs have been sorted out for the next litters that are due.
I caught up with all of my emails and spoke to the people who were expecting puppies from A’Lupa, they are all happy to go on the list for a hybrid pup instead of a csv pup so that all worked out well.
I have spoken to several people this week that will also be coming to the seminar in Leicester in September.
Friday morning was Sophie and I, we did the labs and labradoodles then Lola the yorkie started to whelp so I was back and forth helping Sophie and giving her the next job to do whist whelping Lola and checking out the computer for a last minute holiday that I had promised myself ! Lola whelped in time for me to get away so I could be back in time for the 7 th of august.
Finally I managed to book a week in Turkey with a flight out from Exeter.
Kate came in for a couple of hours just to run through what needed to be done while I am away and what dogs would be where.
Kate has Kirsty on hand for any vet visits hopefully she will not need to do any.
Helen is happy to be around if there is any difficulties with the two litters that are due.
Mum came over Friday evening to sort out a few last minute things.
I have arranged with Shaun that Coosa and Matzi would go and stay with him for the week as Coosa will not come in for Kate and Matzi can be difficult to get in from the field if I am not here.
The rest of the evening was spent downloading tickets, checking passport and a few more bits of packing.
Saturday morning was Sophie and I, we knew we were in for a busy day as we had labradoodle visitors and I needed to get as many house dogs bathed and clipped as I possibly could, my holiday timing has not worked out great as my dog groomer is off for her wedding.
After we had finished the cleaning I left Sophie to do all the odd jobs and letting dogs in and out while I was clipping, thankfully none of my visitors stayed too long so I managed to clip 7 poodles and bath 4 of them.
I did the dogs in the afternoon in-between finishing off my packing and grooming.
I cleaned out my van ready to move Coosa and Matzi first thing Sunday morning.
I also needed it clean as it is going in the garage while I am away to have a cam belt and roof vent fitted.
I packed up all the food for the boys to take to Shaun’s with me as my two will not eat off a carcass like Shaun’s guys.
A’Lupa’s puppy has been sold to a very nice man who does re-enactments so she will be well socialised and even better he has a female wolfdog.
I spoke to Racheal so she can advise Kate on any veterinary matters that may occur.
Next week’s blog will be written by Kate.

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