29th December

Last Sunday was a glorious start to the morning still dark but dry and nice, then the sun came out and I got the house dogs done and then went down to the kennels and got the little dogs done.
All was well until I put Coosa, Matzi and the rest of the hybrids out and then the heavens opened up and it absolutely bucketed down.
I finished the cleaning and then went back and did the house dogs, Shone and Narla were in the bottom block, and I let the little dogs out in the other yard.
I cleaned out the puppies in the house and then a family came to view my last poodle pup.
Next I let the lab group out and fed them and then got them in quickly as the rain started again.
Each group were fed in between heavy showers.
I fed the puppies and the little dogs and then got all of the meat done for the next day.
I had to brush Narla, Cito and Shone as they all live in the house and I am getting fed up with hair all over the place.
I got everyone’s beds down and started bringing the dogs in and feeding, I locked everyone in and then had a chat to Rach.
Last week I was asked to take a couple of dogs to do a visit, as it was not possible for me to do this I asked Rach as it was a ladies dying wish and a friend wanted to organise something as soon as possible.
Rach phoned me to tell me how the day had gone she had been out for the day spending time with a terminal ill lady in Durham.
The three dogs that were with Rach were Napu, Vader and Jerry-lee, the dogs were very good and the lady really enjoyed the day.
Monday morning was really horrendous the rain was coming down so hard it was bouncing about two feet up the side of the house.
I did the house dogs and then Amy arrived and we did the puppies.
When we went down to the kennels the rain had slowed up a bit so we let the poodles out in the yard and Razzles group in the paddock, we fed the pups and got the two kennels clean in case we had to get the dog in quickly.
While it stayed dry we cleaned out the puppies and then got the two groups in.
Next out was Kiro and Reo, we fed them and cleaned them out and then put Coosa and the hybrids out, after about 20 minutes of torrential rain Amy put the hybrids into pen 4 in the old kennels and fed them all bones, she also fed Coosa’s group while I carried on cleaning.
After we had finished we filled up all of the spare bins for straw and shavings.
I went to town to get a few bits and the post office, while I was out Amy did the house dogs and cleaned the bottom block.
When I got home we sorted out a meat delivery and got he feeds ready for the next morning as well.
I fed all the little dogs and the rest of them in the kennel.
All of the dogs stayed in except Coosa’s group until 3 pm.
The rain stopped for a while so I let everyone out and then got them all in at 4.30 just before the heavens opened again.
I did a few jobs in the house then I went back and fed the puppies and locked everyone in.
I spoke to my mum that was not a great phone call she is still not well and Nan is much worse, on top of that one of my closest friends lost her dog today and he was extra special.
I think he may be keeping Kia Company now, they were friends for many years.
To lose a soul mate so special and so suddenly takes some dealing with my heart goes out to Rach, I know what she is going through and words cannot describe the pain, Jerry will have passed over to do good on the other side and light up many more lives, run free Jerry and be happy from all at Wolfzone.
Tuesday morning Christmas Eve the weather was unsettled, I did the house dogs and then we did the first group of puppies.
We went down to the kennels and fed the pups and got the first two groups out and fed.
I cleaned out the puppies while Amy did water buckets, next out was Coosa and the hybrids, I cleaned them out while Amy cleaned out on of the old kennels at the top as the hybrids were in there yesterday to eat as the rain was so bad.
We had three groups out while I finished off the new kennels and Amy did the fire.
Next Amy did the house dogs while I had a chat with the digger driver.
Amy picked up all the leaves in the drain behind the bottom block while I cleared all the leaves from the roof and the gutter.
Next we did the feeds for the next day and then fed everyone their chicken.
Amy left and I spent some time out with the hybrid group as I wanted to get Taska moved so that when she comes into season she is not with Coosa and Matzi as I am planning on her going to Italy to be mated, we are hoping for a litter to be born in May 2014 so if you are looking for a very special hybrid then please contact me as soon as possible to reserve a puppy.

I got all the straw and shavings stocked up for the next couple of days.
I fed Shone and Narla and disinfected all of the yards.
I brought everyone in and done the feeds for the evening and the next morning.
I finished at about 5 pm, so I came in and took Millie’s stitches out from her c section she had.
Mum came down so I had already started to get dinner ready.
After dinner we opened our presents as it would be too busy doing dogs and getting finished in time to go out for lunch.
Christmas day {Wednesday}
I got the house dogs out and fed and then the first group of outside puppies, next I went down to the kennels and got the first two groups out and then fed the puppies.
The hybrids and Coosa went out next and then Reo and Siren alternated in the paddock.
I had to worm all the puppies.
After I had finished cleaning and getting the lunch time feeds ready I came up to the house and cleaned the house dogs out and then cleaned the yard.
I fed everyone lunch and then brought all of the dogs in and got changed.
I went out for Christmas lunch with my mum and my Son we had a really nice five course meal and then came home and I let all the dogs out for a very quick toilet stop in the bottom yard and then fed everyone.
Even though I had not done as much with the dogs as I would have in normal I was shattered.
We spent the evening watching some tv.
Boxing Day {Thursday} morning
I started early as the dogs had been shut in for a long time the day before I did the house dogs and the first lot of puppies and then straight down to the kennel.
The weather was not good so I put one group of doodles out in the pen and Kiro in the field and then fed everyone, this gave me time to get the pens clean by doing a large pen and a small one rather than trying to do two of the big pens at the same time.
Next out was a doodle group and Reo, I did their pens and then put Coosa and the hybrid groups out, Brian and Wendy arrived and Brian did my gutter ready for the building inspector to check when he next comes over.
Wendy helped me with the kennels as the hybrids and Coosa’s pens were really dirty everything had to come out and clean them top to bottom.
Next Brain and Wendy burnt two days’ worth of rubbish for me and then tightened the bolts in the panels in the temporary yard as the wind had been so bad it was vibrating the bolts loose.
I dried the pens with Wendy while Brian brought me down some shavings.
The morning ran really late as the kennels were much harder to clean, so we went up to the house and had breakfast.
I cleaned out the house dogs pens and let them all out, mother kept an eye on them while we were outside.
I fed the puppies and then did the meat for the next day so it would be defrosted in time.
I fed everyone their chicken carcasses.
Brian did a few odd jobs and then we moved one of my computer cabinets up to the new kennels ready for when we move the computers and the web cams get moved.
Brian and Wendy left and I power washed the bottom block where Shone and Narla go when it is raining.
I did the feeds and brought everyone in, I got changed and we went over to my sister’s house for a family Boxing Day buffet, and to give presents to people that we had not seen on Christmas day.
We had a really nice evening and on the way home my mobile rang in a place where I would never normally get a signal, my Nan had died so that finished off the nice day, when we got home mother and I both spent ages on the phones talking to family.
Friday morning I had done the house dogs when Amy arrived, she started the first group of puppies while I washed up and then I went to help her.
We fed and cleaned out all of the dogs in the new kennels, Amy did the rubbish and the odd jobs.
I fed the hybrids and Coosa’s group and then got the frozen feeds done for the morning.
We did the lunch time feeds and then cleaned two yards.
We swapped the wolf dogs over and ran the little dogs.
Everyone had their chicken carcasses.
I moved the poodle bitch down to the kennel as she has had enough of her pups.
I power washed Coosa’s outside pens and the hybrids day pens then went down and power washed all of the bottom block and yard.
It was getting dark when I finished so I got everyone in and fed them all.
I did the feeds for the morning and then came up and did the house dogs and the puppies.
Saturday morning I was doing the house dogs when Amy rang to say her alarm clock had not gone off so she would be late.
I did the first group of pups and then went down and fed and started cleaning the lab group out.
Amy arrived and we got everyone out and fed.
Amy did water in the outside pens and the fields while I cleaned out the kennels.
Amy did a couple of the ones I had just washed and then we finished in there and the meat delivery had arrived so we did the feeds for the next day and packed the rest away.
We did the house dogs and then burnt the rubbish; I fed the hybrid groups while Amy cleaned up in the field.
We fed the puppies and then cleaned the bottom block.
I had a customer here so Amy did some odd jobs and clearing up leaves.
After the puppy and Amy had gone I did some sorting out in the store room in the new kennel and then a friend came up to pick up food, we had a chat and she had a look around.
I fed the little dogs and the labs and doodles their chicken.
Next I washed Razzles old yard as Shone and Narla had been out there.
I had a couple of vaccinations to do and then I started getting dogs back in ready to pop out to Argos.
When I got back I fed everyone and then did the puppies and housed dogs.
I had a few phone calls and then thankfully nearly finished for a couple of hours before bed.

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