29th April

Last week’s blog went on early as Jaq was away.
Last Sunday was really busy pups leaving people viewing, thankfully Kate has come back, most of her domestic plans are getting sorted out and she hopes to be able to take lobo home more when she moves for now he still lives here.
Monday was really horrible and wet the dogs were not too happy about spending more time inside, it was so nasty that we had to shut the hatch on Idaho and give Reo and Iman her inside kennel for the day so they did not have to get wet, even though they have a really big shelter in their pen but Iman is thick and stands out in the rain when other dogs are going out.
A slight improvement in the weather in the evening so I got everyone out for a good run later that night.
The house dogs came in really muddy as they are smaller.
I have had a nightmare with people swapping and changing which labradoodle puppies they are having and the dates they are leaving keeps changing.
Steel has settled down now and seems happy to be away from her pups, I still have pups for sale from her litter.
Kirsty’s boy Beau is doing really well he has gained loads of weight and is running around with the other dogs quite happily, he has been booked into training, so the next session will have another large Wolfzone group of dogs from poodles to labradoodles and wolf dogs.
I was happy I thought I had all of my poodle litter sold then I have three pups left but thankfully the next day I had sold all of them except the two I had always planned to keep.
I have spent several hours on the internet searching for new dogs this week until early hours of the morning.
Tuesday was good it stayed dry all day so Kate and I got everything done without any problems.
We did the microchipping on a litter of pups.
I planned out my routes for viewing dogs and got as much prepared for Kate as she was going to be on her own on Wednesday while I was out picking up dogs.
I had a mad rush to the bank as I found two dogs in Leicester and Racheal went over and looked at them for me and paid a deposit on them.
Rach was collecting the girls for me on Wednesday morning and I was off the Wolverhampton to see a Yorkie female then on to Leicester to collect the two Cockers from Rach.
Wednesday morning the weather was absolutely horrendous, I did as much as I could with the dogs before I left, it was 8 am and Kate came in and took over here for the day.
Mum and I left, we had a 14 hour trip with an hour stop at Racheals, we had a look at the dogs and the Eskimo pups, they were absolutely huge, and they were definitely as big as my hybrid puppies from my last litter.
Rach had prepared some food and a nice strong coffee, it was really nice and then on the road again.
These were probably the worse driving conditions with rain wind hail stones and flooding not to mention the damn traffic.
I was really pleased to get home, I think Kate was equally pleased to see me, she was shattered.
Kate went home and I fed and settled the new dogs in, let the rest of mine out and went to bed.
Thursday morning was dryer so I had another early start and got everyone out just in case we were in for another wet day, but it was not too bad thankfully.
After the main cleaning was done the new dogs were all wormed and vaccinated and the puppies leaving at the weekend were all wormed.
We had another girl come and have a look around to possibly work one day a week, but I think she was a little over whelmed by the size of the place and the different breeds.
I took out Lobo’s stitches and his little bob tail has healed perfectly.
Kate stayed all day to catch up on power washing and paper work.
Ali came in at 5 so Kate could finish and I went off to pick up another Cocker female, for a few hours more horrible driving in the rain.
I got home not too late and settle in Miss Ellie, had a coffee with Ali, put the dogs out for last toilet and off to bed.
Friday was Jo and I, we did well no problems, just very busy.
Kate was popping in to pick up lobo for a few days at her mums.
Kirsty came in to get Beau his vaccination so he can start at training next week.
Jenny, one of our transport drivers came in to see her puppy from Steel, she has picked a female and called her Larni, she will join Jenny’s pack as soon as Jen has got some things sorted out ready for her.
One of the labradoodle puppies went off to her new home in the afternoon, so I moved the remaining puppies in to the whelping area, cleaned out their kennel, took the whelping box out and moved reo and Iman back up to the top block as Iman was starting to get very vocal when other dogs are coming in and out from the field, thankfully we had a spare kennel to move her into or she would soon have upset the neighbours.
Shaun and Isla dropped in and picked up some meat or their guys, it was only a flying visit as they had plans for the evening.
I got Coosas group in and Taska flew down to the kennel far quicker than the other two and ate most of the food, poor Coosa did not look happy he was crying, I did give him some more.
I have had a long chat with another lady who seems very suitable for the job and she is also called Alison she is coming on Monday to see how she likes working here, poor sod she will be thrown in at the deep end as kate will still be away so it will be just the two of us and I have dogs going in transport to the ferry and people viewing Steels pups.
If Alison likes it and feels she can cope then her normal day would be a Sunday, which will be good if Kate needs to leave early or if I want to go out.
It is also helps if people are viewing pups.
Saturday was very busy mum came over as I was on my own so it was an early start and thankfully the weather stayed fairly dry.
Mum sorted out the kc paper work and contracts for the poodles leaving on Sunday.
I had nearly finished all the cleaning when the first people turned up to view the older wolf dogs.
After they left I had about half an hour and a couple came to pick a labradoodle puppy.
Then the next one to leave was a labradoodle pup from Tease that I have let go to a friend on breeding terms she is called Crumble a really pretty second generation pup, she will eventually come home to be mated to Razzle.
Apart from Coosa and Matzi objecting to the little dogs being out in the field a bit longer than normal that was the only howling that I have had all day, they have all been very good.
I went up to get the Coosa group in and he was standing at the gate he jumped straight over Taska and went like a rocket to the kennel, I think he had been planning how to get their first and get more food than her, Lycan just stands back and looks at them.
Sunday will be very busy as Jo is off as she has had an accident on her horse and aggravated an old fracture in her foot, it will be a very early start as I have 5 puppies going.

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