28th September

Sunday morning was a rush around; I put the house hybrids and house puppies out and fed them.
Dave put the food out for Coosa’s group going up to the pen area at the top.
I put Kiro in and fed her, then we went off down to the kennels and got everyone out, fed and cleaned before the first customer arrived at just before 9.30 to pick up his puppy to catch the ferry, he was just leaving when a family arrived to look at the last Labrador puppy left.
While I was busy with them Dave picked up in the paddock and then watered the first lot of pot plants on the wall.
Next job was to lock up the gates and let the dogs loose on the drive as no one else was coming to view dogs today.
I cleaned Kiro’s kennel and Dave fitted a huge paving slab under the gate by the house just in case she decided to dig one night when she is out.
I diced up 7 kilos of chicken breast for the little dogs and cooked and froze it in small bags.
I did the lunch time feeds for everyone and then we had lunch and Dave left for his five hour drive home.
I power washed the big front pen and then swept up all the leaves up in the track as we are coming to that time of year again leaves falling constantly for the next few months.
I wormed the Labrador puppies and then got the evening feeds ready.
Puppy yard washed and frozen feeds out for lunchtime.
I cleaned one of Coosa’s top pens and then got the two hybrid groups in at 7.30.
Monday morning was a cold start with a heavy frost.
House hybrids out and fed puppies out for a quick wee and then I left the house door open for them as it was too cold for them to stay out.

Rupert and Mills had the kitchen and yard.
Kiro back in and fed.
All the kennel dogs were out fed and cleaned by 8.30.
I did the fire then cleaned the bottom block while the house hybrids were out.
A customer was coming to pick up his puppy so I cleaned up the drive and put everyone in.
Ear cleaning on the house puppies and then lunchtime feeds.
The afternoon was sorting out a delivery and then quality time with all of the dogs until evening feed time then 4 hours of paper work.
Morning feeds done and bed for everyone including me
Tuesday morning was a heavier frost and very cold everywhere looked so untidy with leaves and bits of twigs all over the yards and paths.
House dogs out for a run then in for breakfast.
I put the two hybrid groups of feeds out and then down to the kennel to feed everyone else.
Coosa’s group went out into the paddock while I fed the puppies and put Razzles group out the front with their food.
I took Coosa’s group up to the outside pens and they had their bones.
Budd group went out in the field and then Razzles group in and the yorkie pack out.
I left both hybrid groups out in the field.
I cleaned all of the kennels and then cleaned up the drive ready for the first meat delivery; he arrived as I was leaving to go to the dentist.
I got home and put the next group of dogs out while I was sorting the meat out, then the next meat delivery arrived, after I had finished unpacking that one I fed the puppies and then gave all the adult dogs chicken carcasses.
After everyone was fed I went to the Osteopath for my neck and back, I came out feeling better but still not 100% so I have to go back next week to try again and get the third disk back in place, I had the take it easy lecture, which I must be honest I am trying to do so, not carrying too much and using the wheelbarrow for the shavings and bags of feed.
I popped into a couple of shops before coming home and stocked up with hundreds of pounds of puppy toys and treats, the bags were heavier than I had anticipated but needs must for the puppies!
I got home and let everyone back out and started cleaning outside yards.
I did an hour of paper work and then got bored so I brushed Cito who had decided it would be a good time to go into a full moult, bless her it’s her age.
I did the evening feeds and the dry feeds for the next morning and then had a dry food delivery of royal canin to sort out.
I fed the puppies and then finally had everyone in by 8 pm in the dark as usual.
I had an early night as I am normally shattered after training so I like to try and get some sleep on a Tuesday night ready for an exceptionally long day ahead.
Wednesday morning was an early wet start but that was fine it saved me the job of watering plants, it’s not often I am happy for rain but I certainly was today.
I got the house dogs out and then went down to the kennels and put everyone out but not for too long as I didn’t want the little dogs too wet and it looked like it would stop raining quite early so they would still get a long run later in the morning.
Everyone was out and cleaned fed and back in, I moved the puppies to clean kennels and then cleared their kennels out and washed them.
By now it had stopped raining so everyone was back out and then lunchtime feeds done.
I did some tiding up in the house and had lunch.
I cleaned the top pens were Coosa’s group normally are as they were staying out in the field and still had one pen to get into if they wanted to, next I cleaned the bottom yard and bottom block for the house hybrids.
I got the cage ready in the van for training and loaded up all my sisters’ stuff to take with me.
I got the hybrid groups in and left Coosa’s group up in the top kennel area and put the house hybrids down in their yard.
Puppies all fed bowls washed and everything ready for when I returned form training.
I only took Shiraz as Daisy was busy and could not train Noodles.
We had a good night Shiraz did well she was very tired by the end; I just need to spend a little bit more time working on her waits.
I took the silver and gold class, as we had some people off ill the class was not as big and they had a really good night with a lot of very hard work.
I got home and cleaned out he puppies and checked phone calls and emails.
I went up to get the Coosa group in for the night, I was on my way up to the top kennel area and thought it was strange as Shone normally will do a little howl when she hears me go up the field.
As I got to the track at the top I could hear some very strange thudding noises, I thought that sounds like something heavy on the roof, I was a bit wary thinking I hope to god it’s not rats, I thought it sounds more like bloody elephants.
As I walked down the track I could see eight eyes, Oh my god the hybrids were on the roof!
I tried to coax them down and then realised Coosa was not on the roof, I ran around the pens feeling very sick and Coosa popped his head around the corner, the relief as I gave him a big hug and shut him in the pen, next River jumped off the roof into the tree line on the bank with that Aimi came over the top of her, I shut them both in with Coosa.
Taska came to the edge of the roof but Matzi would not come near, she was no way going to leave her brother, not for anything, I told her to stay and ran down and phoned Kirsty, she was her within minutes I had the ladder ready and we both had head torches as it was pitch black, not a star in the sky.
I climbed up the ladder and sat talking to Taska in the hopes of getting Matzi closer to me as I knew carrying 50 kilos of dead weight on a roof was not ideal.
Kirtsy was stood on the top of the ladder talking to them both, Matzi was half way across the roof so I said to Kirsty I would try and get him to the edge and hold him by the neck and lower him down and pray she could hold his weight.
We had him part way off the end of the roof when his breathing got very shallow, I pulled him and Kirsty pushed him back up and we sat talking to him for a minute, we were terrified he was going to stop breathing, he was quivering like a jelly.
When he was a little more settled Kirsty grabbed his back legs and had the front of him, he suddenly had both of his paws wrapped around my leg and I thought oh my god I am going over with him, with that he pulled one of his back legs from Kirsty and was gripping it on the edge of the roof sheet, she managed to get his leg back and I unwrapped his front paws from my leg.
I lowered him own and Kirsty was balancing on the ladder and said now let him go I won’t drop him, god only knows how she held that weight, she lowered him to the floor and let him down he was so relieved, he wasn’t the only one, he stood back and watched Taska who was laying down in the middle of the roof.
We were talking to Taska as it must have been very frightening for her to watch her brother disappear off the end of the roof.
I picked her up and lowered her to Kirsty, she spun her body and went to jump we held on to her for grim death, aching and in pain neither of us were going to let her go, we got her down without any major problem.
Taska went to check Matzi was ok and then came back and gave Kirsty a big kiss, Kirtsy was so pleased with her, you could tell both Kirsty and Taska had a special moment, it was moving to see how Taska was so pleased, and I think it was more that Kirsty helped her brother who she loves so much.
I then I took them all down to their kennel for the night.
Kirsty went back down to the house and poured us both a glass of wine well-earned and very much needed, a glass turned into a bottle while we were chatting.
We were aching and poor Kirsty was sinking, Matzi had released his fear pheromones and let Kirsty have everything on the way down the ladder.
The next morning Kirsty was off to work at 5.30, tired, aching but not smelly,
After her first job she rang me to see how they all were, by this time I had chance to have a proper look at the situation in the light, Coosa had fell through the roof into the pen you could see all of the broken sheeting on the floor where the roof is on two levels he had jumped from the top and gone straight though the lower roof, thankfully he was fine I could not find any cuts on him, he did look a little stiff when he came out of the kennel but so did River and Aimi especially walked very slowly up to the pen in the morning.
I am so gratefully to Kirsty I don’t think there is anyone else in this world that could have got them off of that roof with me given the fact that they are not people orientated.
Anyone else and they would have jumped right off the high end of the roof and caused themselves some serious damage.
Thursday morning was a cold but nice crisp morning, all the dogs were out and fed, I cleaned everyone out and moved the puppies to new kennels.
Hannah arrived while I was washing the last two kennels; she went straight into grooming one of the bitches in pup.
I went and let the two hybrid groups out and did the fire.
I came back and dried the kennels and then cleaned the bottom block and yard.
I did a bone collection in Coosa’s field.
My next task was to rearrange the dog’s room in the house ready for my yorkie to have her puppies, I changed the room around and cleaned the floor, I left it to dry and went off to wash the bowls the kennel.
While the hybrids were out I picked up all of the broken roof sheeting and put it on the fire.
Lunch time feeding done all puppies and adults, I left the yorkie group out in the drive for a couple of hours.
I had to give Hannah a hand with Shiraz as she is an inpatient little poodle and did not want to stay on the table, she was brushed, bathed and had her face clipped and ears cleaned that was enough for one day.


I cleaned the house puppies yard and then go the frozen meat out for the hybrid groups for the morning.
I spent a bit of time doing lists for the account ready for the books to go in.
I had a few phone calls with new owners looking for puppies later in the year.
I got the evening feeds done and then got the morning feeds out ready.
Coosa’s group were getting noisy so I went up and cleaned their spare pen and changed all the water buckets ready for the morning.
I brought everyone in at 7 pm and then let Kiro out.
Friday morning all the dogs were out by 7.45, I did some adverts and emails before the meat delivery arrive, he came at about 9 am so all that was unpacked and frozen.
I burnt the rubbish and then brushed Cito and Shone while I was up at the top.
Next I cleaned the bottom block and yard.
I had a few things left to finish on the accounts which took longer than I thought, but having a new book keeper that has now taken over from my mum is great as I really don’t have the time or inclination to want to mess around with anymore paper work than I really need to.
I cleaned the yards and then got the lunchtime feeds ready.
I spoke to a couple of people looking for a hybrid pup from our next litter due pups should be born around November ready late January /February 2015.
Deposits are now being taken for this litter.
I fed the puppies and then Kate arrived so we went off to Trago mills and bought hundreds of new puppy and adult toys and about 1000 more chews.
We got home and Kate went off to her Harvest supper and I fed the puppies and let everyone out until dark and then locked everyone up and let Kiro out.
Saturday morning I started really early as I wanted to be finished for when Wendy and Brian arrived but unfortunately they broke down not that far from here and got relayed home again.
I washed Coosa’s kennel and the puppies kennels and used my new squeegee that Dave had bought as he said he thought it would be better than the ones we were already using as it is more like a foam than a rubber, it was brilliant so this saves on time with towel drying, I still go over it after with a towel but it really will cut down on the amount of towels that will have to be washed and dried this winter.
I disinfected the bottom hybrid yard and bottom block, I left it to dry and then moved the house puppies into there and cleaned there yard so they were not running water in and out of the house.
I was on and off the phone to the agent as we had an increased offer on mother’s house, I spoke to both of my sisters and Nathan so all being well we may have a good chance of a sale on the house before the winter, it will make my life easier as I am the one running up and down to sort stuff out all the time.
I did the lunchtime feeds and then spent some time in the field with the poodle group as I have just moved Kola and Enya the two cockapoo’s into the poodle group as they are now old enough to hold their own in that group.
I spent quite a while on the computer sending everything to Jaq to update the mini labradoodle web site with new pictures and new litter due dates.
I took some pictures of the hybrids but they were too excitable and wanted to run around so I soon gave that up as a waste of time.
I cleaned up in the drive and the paddock as no visitors were here today as I only have 1 puppy left to sell so dogs have been out all day.
Budd was driving me mad barking at the hybrids so I sneaked up the field and throw a bucket of water over him that soon made him be quiet, he doesn’t seem to understand they could eat him.
I cleaned the puppy’s room in the house and then fed everyone and went off to Taunton to pack some more of my china and stuff at mums.


River in the hedge


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