28th October

Last Sunday was Kate and I, we were really busy, sun shining and visitors most of the day.
Also had to bath and blast one of our poodle adults as she has just been rehomed.
Kate left late as usual.
We had one of our owners who happened to be fishing in this area brought us a load of newspaper that we are extremely grateful for, unfortunately I was on an international call so Kate sorted it out.
Mum came over to do paper work and cleaning, as always a nice cooked roast, I think that is the only cooked meal this week, but that’s nothing new.
Akna racing results
Deans Doubles – Organised by Wyedean Mushing – Forest Of Dean – 20th/21st Oct

Class DR4 Open – 2nd – Racheal Bailey running Jerry-Lee, Darwin & Jade (csv cross)

3rd – Gaynor Donley Williams & Anne Sharman running Tokala, Murdoch (Csv cross), Will (Csv Cross), Vadar (Csv Cross), Mya (Csv Cross), Austin (Csv Cross) & Vika (Csv)

Class Scooter – 1st – Stu Malcolmson running Dakota (Csv Cross)

Monday morning was Kirsty and I.
I did the labs and doodles while Kirsty did the bitches and pups.
I was off talking to the guys sorting out a price for the new kennel block while Kirsty did the dogs in the top kennels.
In the afternoon I got everyone fed and out in the field again.
The house dogs went out and got so dirty I had to bath two of them before they could come back in the house.
I got the last group in as it was getting dark at 6.15.
I locked everyone up and hosed the yards and made sure all the morning feeds were sorted out.
I had a couple come down to view hybrids and spend time with Tory and the pups.
After we had finished chatting we went off down to the pub to see Kirsty and Lupus.
I got home at 11.50 and got all of my house dogs out then went to bed.
Tuesday morning was an early start as the couple wanted to come back and spend time with Matzi and Coosa.
Kate and I got most of the dogs sorted by 9.30 when or visitors arrived.
Coosa has made another friend he likes nosing and licking females and doesn’t really pay much attention to their partners.
After our visitors had left I went straight off to the dentist as I had cracked a tooth.
I got that sorted and then came home to get the meat delivery unpacked and frozen.
I got Coosa’s group in so we could put the little dogs out.
Kate stayed for lunch then I did the afternoon feeding and exercise.
I took my diary up to the top kennel so I could get all of the worming dates written out ready to type up for the folders for the new litters.
I checked on the dry food and put in another order for puppy food for when these pups leave.
I then spent a couple of hour’s power washing the horrible green slimy stuff that we seem to get constantly.
I finished everyone at around 6.30 and then had a rare chat with my son for half an hour.
Wednesday morning was Kirsty and I, another dry day, all was good Kirsty was changing vet beds and doing pups after the dogs had all been fed and out for their first run.
I was power washing Atlz and Roxy.
Kate popped in to pick up Lobo to go out and meet her friend for a walk; well her quick visit was not so quick, as unbeknown to me a pallet of dog food arrived and while she was unloading that anther delivery of food from Royal canin arrived.
I came down after I had finished and Kate stayed for toast before going off for her walk.
Kirsty went off to work.
I fed everyone and then power washed the steps and the bottom yard.
I had managed to get myself about an hour behind by the time I was nearly finishing.
Kate arrived back with Lobo and was great as she knows the routine so well she helped me for the last hour, I would no way have finished in time to have gone dog training without her help.
Kate put C in the van while I got changed and then off I went.
We had a good night C did well and has a reasonable amount of enthusiasm.
I got home and checked everyone and had a cuddle with Coosa before letting the house dogs out.
Thursday morning was so busy we only had time for one coffee and that’s fairly drastic here as we are all caffeine addicts.
Kirsty and I were on the run for 4 hours solid.
I was power washing the labs yard while Kirsty was doing bitches and pups and changing vet beds.
I was impressed as it’s only a couple of weeks that she has been back working here again, as she has still been coming in and out and helping out with odd things and socializing with dogs and pups I forget that he does not know the drill as kate does.
When you take that in to account she has been doing really well.
It does make life so much easier with even just the little things like were certain stuff is kept and what dogs don’t like other dogs.
After Kirsty had left, my licencing officer turned up for a yearly check-up and Coosa decided that he would get everyone including the poodles howling, thankfully it was short lived and he didn’t mind.
All is good with the licence and he even came down to look at the part built kennel block which is the current project.
Everything was good and no advisories with the licence renewal.
After that was done I carried on with cleaning and putting dogs out feeding and brushed Kia.
I wormed all of the new pups, they were not very impressed, but it has to be done.
Hannah was here grooming she had a productive day 9 dogs brushed and bathed which was good.
I had people come to view dogs then off to the osteopath for a bit of therapy.
I came home and let all the house dogs out and checked the pups.

KENNEL COUGH WARNING I was asked to pass this on
In the last week I have received TWO reports of Kennel Cough in our local area.
One client who attends the classes in Farndon and one whose dog attends the class at Baliss Garden Centre.
Remember to look at the website WWW.thecheshiredogtrainer.co.uk
Francis Illing
Friday was Kate and I.
We started off dry and then when our second groups from the bottom block were out the heavens opened up, so it was dry floor quickly and get them in before it got too wet.
I left Kate to do the top block and outside pens while I did the bottom yard and waited for Lorna to come round and have a look at a couple of days work and doing some alternative therapy case studies with a couple of dogs.
Then I went into town for some dog food and shopping.

I got back just as Vicci arrived for the day and then meat delivery had arrived so I sorted the meat out while Kate and Vicci unloaded the food.
I was busy with someone viewing dogs while Kate was taking pictures and bagging up straw.
And then Kate was letting dogs out while Vicci and I scraped and swept all the new building as the floor was getting really sludgy and it needed doing before scaffolding goes up and builders come in to measure for the roof timbers.
That was a disgusting job it took an hour and we had sludge up to our ankles.
We also cleaned out the bottom of the fire so it as more airflow to burn quicker.
We are normally fitting the rain to burn all the paper as quick as possible.
Vicci and I did the dogs for the afternoon.
It makes more time for more odd jobs to be done when Vicci or Wendy and Brian come down as they know a lot of what has to be done and the dogs they can do pretty much anything with and Coosa who only comes in for me or Kate is she manages to trick him.
After most of them were out and fed Vicci headed off home while I finished off outside.
It was really nice to see Vicci again as it means like months ago even though it was only 5 weeks.
We now have one possible male pup and 1 female from Tory still available.
We also have two female pups from Kiro available.

Kiro's puppies

Saturday morning was busy and freezing cold I should have had gloves on.
Kate and I we nonstop cleaning and rushing around as we had a constant stream of visitors and phone calls.
At about 10 o clock the rain started and it go even colder, so everyone except coosa’s group stayed in for an hour.
Kate took some more pictures for me.
I came in and swept the floors in the house and then washed out the whelping areas and did the washing.
I got everyone back out after Kate had left, and then fed them all before my next visitors.
I brought coosa and his group down to the yard so Gary and his family could see them, Gary is one of our new hybrid owners.
I locked everyone up and took Gary and the family down to the pub to see Kirsty and Lupus.
We also met up with another couple at the pub who are looking at a hybrid pup.
We had dinner with them and had a very nice evening.
I came home and did all of my dogs and answered my emails before bed.

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