28th November

28 th Nov Blog

An eventful week with lots going on, we have had a lot of visitors viewing dogs for future litters.

Shaun and Isla came to pick up Wayakin, the girls were a little sad as they are normally kept in a group of 5 or 6 without a male, so having Waya for a couple of days was great fun for them.

Paul came down for a few days to get to know how we work here and get to know the dogs he was taking back to Orkney for his breeding program.

Paul has taken Kya, Kodiak, Nook and Lynx of the wolf dogs.
It is a bit strange without them here but much quieter I must say.
I now have a lot more kennel space, which is nice for the winter.

Not quite wolf dog news but Paul also has another new addition to his pack, he has taken Moppit my little F1 Labradoodle girl.
The reason for letting Moppit go was to reduce the noise as she was a major barker here, my neighbours are very good but it only seemed reasonable to give them peace and quiet.
The good thing is Mop can bark to her hearts content in Scotland and not upset anyone.
I was very sad to let her go but she will have a great home and be very happy, she will soon be joined by one of our young poodles called Dell.

Our little 8-week-old Labradoodle has arrived safely in Munich so I hope she enjoys her new home Elisabeth her new owner is thrilled with her new addition.

I have had a great cd with all my dogs videoed sent to me this week by Cathy and Bruce its really nice now just need to work out how to get it on to utube.

Jacket our little Zodi pup is doing well he is into everything so not long now before he can go to his new home, this will please Wendy as she has been up and down the m5 visiting constantly.

Dora and D’quilla’s pups are doing really well they are certainly going to be big.
One male pup from D’quilla is looking for a suitable new home.

Della the poodle has a couple of puppies left they are 6 weeks now ready in two weeks time.

Everything here has been frozen for the last couple of days but the dogs are loving it so I won’t complain.
Luta is due in two weeks time the sire is Reo.

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