28th June

Sunday morning was an early start as Wendy and Brian were coming down.
I did the house dogs and then put the labs out and back down to bring the house dogs in.
Kiro and Reo went in their kennel.
I unlocked the top gate and I was doing the kennel dogs when Wendy and Brian arrived.
Wendy helped me finish off in the kennel and Brian went down through the hedge on the drive with the hedge trimmer.
We went up and I cleaned the labs kennel while Brian strimmed up by the fire and the top shed.
When we had finished up there I left the house dogs door open and then we carried some wire up to field three.
We had the strimmer and brush cutter up there as it had become very over grown.
We laid the 100 meter roll of wire along the ground on the bottom line of fencing by the road and then Wendy and I carried one of the thirty meter rolls of wire up to the top of the field ready to get that put up after we have cleared more of the weeds that need cutting down.
We went out for lunch and met Kirsty.
When we got back I fed the dogs their chicken and we carried on with some more of the fencing.
We cleared out the spare room in the kennel as it was fast becoming a junk room.
Wendy and Brian left and swapped all of the dogs around and then power washed the labs outside pens.
I cleaned the bottom yard and got the feed done for the evening and then the morning feeds ready.
Everyone went out again for their last run.
Coosa’s group came in and had food.
I locked up and then let Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in.
I was finished by 8.30 for a change, I was shattered so it was nice to finish off early and it had just started to rain so the dogs were happy to come in.
Monday morning was a very wet start so the house dogs went out for a quick pee and then the labs went out in the back pen.
Kiro and Reo in.
The kennel dogs all went out for a quick run and back in for food.
After everyone was done I sorted out paper work for the dogs that were leaving today.
I did the fire and then opened the gates ready for people arriving.
After they left I shut the bottom gate and let dogs out.
The house dogs went out and I hoovered and washed the floors.
I hoovered all the office area in the kennel and then brought Shone and Cito back in and let the labs out as they did not get long out in the early run.
I had a friend pop in for couple of hours so I cut up the chicken and fed some of the dogs and then someone arrived to look at my yorkie I am rehoming.
I had another friend arrived to have a look around as she hadn’t been here for a couple of years we had a coffee and a chat and then they left I fed the rest of the dogs and then locked up the gates.
I went to get the labs in but only a couple of them came down so I went up and they were stood 3 feet from the fence barking at Coosa’s group, they certainly should not have been just the other side of the fence, Coosa had ripped off the bottom struts on the big gate and crawled underneath.
I took the labs down and then brought Coosa’s group in, now I know how he keeps ripping up his feet.
I let Kiro and Reo out and then the house dogs came in.
Tuesday morning nice warm start the house dogs went out and then the labs, I cleaned their kennel and back down to clean the house dogs.
Kiro and Reo in
Kennel dogs done, the meat delivery arrived so I sorted it out straight away as it was hot.
Gates locked and dogs back out.
I cut up the chicken and then washed the bottom block and did the fire.
The house all hoovered, and washing out on the line.
I hoovered the office area in the kennel.
Lunch time feeds all done.
Kirsty popped in for a while as I wanted to try my rescue dog with Siren and Narla, he was a bit silly not quite understanding that you can’t mate them, he did settle after they gave him a few telling offs, I put them all away after a while as it was getting too hot, he can’t be left with them so I will put him out every day with them both when I can be around.
I spent another hour outside pulling up nettles with a group of dogs then had to come in and make a few calls.
John is coming to sort out the huge mound of mud about
Feet high we dumped in field three in the winter when it was too wet to take it any further up the field; it will be flattened of and made safe for the little dogs to run and down safely when the fencing is finished for them to go up there.
I power washed the poodles yard and let them up into the garden.
Kiro and Reo had a complete kennel clean out.
Labs out in field and I hosed their pens.
I stopped for dinner and then got the evening feeding done and brought everyone in and fed Coosa’s group.
Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in.
Wednesday morning another nice warm start, all the house dogs done, labs fed and out.
Kiro and Reo in.
Kennel dogs done, vet beds changed.
I did the fire and then swapped over dogs in the fields and the drive.
Hannah’s grooming list written up ready for Friday.
Puppies all wormed and checked over ears eyes and cords.
I put some food on for lunch and then fed everyone, I stopped for lunch and then fed the house dogs and brought Shone and Cito down to the garden
After lunch I swapped over dogs and then cleaned ears on some of the little dogs.
I ordered some more odour gene and disinfectants Nathan will pick it up for me as it’s much closer for him than me.
I gave Coosa a brush, most of his coat is nearly out now, probably another 10 days he will look naked bless him.
I pulled out the stinging nettles that were coming through the fence in the labs pen and changed their water as they had been putting their feet in it.
I picked up in the drive so there is not too much to do before I go to training with Shiraz.
Evening feeds done ready and morning feeds done both in the house and the kennels.
I spent an hour tiding up the fire pit so it now looks quite nice and neat until Kiro decides to start digging in there.
I fed everyone and then brought them all in and left Coosa’s group out with the top kennel area and field one.
Shiraz and I went off to training we had a really busy night lots of puppies.
Shiraz was being silly on her stays she got up twice which didn’t please me.
The rest of the evening went very well.
I got home and let everyone out quickly and brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
The house dogs all went out and then Reo and Kiro went out for the night.
Thursday morning was hot so I let the house dogs and cleaned the puppies out.
Kiro went in and then the labs went out with food, I cleaned their pen and then fed the house dogs.
I did all of the kennel dogs and then swapped the labs and Cito and Shone.
I did the fire and then went up by the top gate to start brush cutting all the way along the fence and through to the next area, this was going to be an all day job so I swapped over dogs and did jobs in between.
Next was to clean the bottom yard and the bottom block.
After I had finished that I did the lunch time feeds and then another hour of brush cutting.
I was on the computer for a while looking for a suitable pen to put on the drive to leave Kiro and Reo out at night with shelter but not so close to the house, this will give them more chance to hear and see anyone around at night as two of my neighbours have had break-ins last week, I knew something was going on as my dogs were going mad and I was out in the drive three nights running.
I found what I like so I have emailed it to Brian to have a look at.
Back out strimming for another couple of hours and then in to swap over dogs and do the puppies feeds.
I let my rescue dog out with Siren and Narla for a couple of hours; he will insist on trying to mate them both it’s just lucky that they don’t tell me off too badly.
Everyone was fed and then back out strimming until 9 pm.
Everyone now in and then Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Friday morning was a horrible damp humid start with odd showers here and there.
House dogs out then the labs out and cleaned.
Gates open for Hannah and the meat delivery and bone collection day today.
Kennel dogs all done and the fire done all deliveries arrived and sorted out.
My neighbour brought their poodle over to be clipped and then I cleaned the puppies in the house again and washed the floor in the poodles room.
I went shopping very quickly as I have people staying here tonight for the weekend.
I got home and sorted out the shopping and then cut up the chicken for the lunchtime feeds.
Everyone fed and two loads of washing done and dried.
I have been keeping an eye on Puzzle and Budd as she is in season and we have not been able to get a mating for the last three seasons so hopefully this will be the one.
I did Rupert’s ears and Hannah bathed all of the house dogs.
As the rain got heavier it gave me chance to catch up on some things in the house while the dogs were shut in for a bit.
I had lots of odd jobs to get done before friends arrived so I sorted out the house and then had a mad dash to bring one of my labs in as she had a falling out with another bitch that has just come into season, I brought her in and caged her in the house Kate was already at the vets so she picked up injections for me.
Kate came over and I sorted the lab out and then sent off a load of meat with her.
I got all my dogs’ feeds and stuff done and brought the last group in as my visitors arrived.
They settled their dogs in and gave them a run for an hour or so and then fed them and put them to bed.
We stayed up having a drink and chat until 2 am and then bed.
Saturday morning I did the house dogs and then put Kiro and Reo in for the day.
The fencing guys arrived to do some more in field three.
Labs out and fed.
I did the kennel dogs using just the back of the kennel for letting out as the other dogs were out the front.
After everyone was done the labs came in and then Cito and Shone went out in the field.
We had breakfast and then went and sat with Coosa’s group for an hour.
We came down and swapped over dogs had coffee and cake and then they left for a few hours.
I fed my lot their chicken and then did the house dogs, washing out on the line and then I got the dinner prepared for the evening when they arrive back.
My rescue dog is now going out with Siren and Narla all the time which makes my life easier.
I got the meat out to defrost for the next day and did the evening feeds ready for later and then the morning feeds done.
I did the fire much later than normal as there was so much going on today.
I spent some time with each group of dogs and then started feeding.
Coosa’s group stayed out and the labs were out for a couple of hours then went into the top pen area.
Kate arrived and gave me a hand with dinner.
Nicola fed her dogs and then we had late dinner.
All my dogs came in just before dark.

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