28th July

Sunday morning was another early one, I went up and put the radio on and told them all to shut up at 3.30 am.
I let the first two groups out at 4.15 and came down and let Cito, Narla and Shone out in the yard.
I cleaned the first two kennels had a coffee and then let Coosa and Matzi’s groups out and came down and got the food ready for the bitches and pups.
I fed the house dogs and got the dogs from the field in, the wolf dogs in the house went out at 7.15 and I started feeding the bitches and pups.
After they were all cleaned and fed I brought the first group from the house in and put the next two out.
I finished cleaning the top kennels and burnt the rubbish.
Sam came in and changed all the vet beds for me; mum arrived to sort out cleaning and paper work as most important dinner.
I took Shone and River for a walk around town they were both good especially River she was in the lead most of the time.
I got back and had breakfast; Sam was sorting out the washing and hanging up vet beds.
I cleaned the Coosa pups pen out and washed it down, they went back in there with shone and Narla and I cleaned the yard.
Next the bitches and pups were all fed and cleaned out again.
There was more of a breeze today so the dogs went out up until 1pm.
I fed the doodles and lab group their chicken and then the house dogs were all fed.
Mum did lunch while I cleaned the yards and washed Razzles yard and the lab yard.
I got the frozen feeds ready and left them in the freezer for the evening.
I had an hour and half to sort out paper work and go down to the new kennel and sort out some stuff with mum.
Kiro went out at 4 pm, she wanted to come back in by 4.45, and then Moon went out.
I put Matzi out as he is good and won’t want to come in too quick, this gave me chance to have dinner.
I fed all the bitches and pups and then got the frozen feeds done.
All vet beds in and ready for the next morning, paper stocked up and blue roll done.
Shone and Narla went out and I left all the other dogs in outside pens until 10.15.
Monday morning was another seriously hot day; the first dogs were out at 4.45, I did the house dogs and bitches.
Back up and swapped dogs over, cleaned two kennels back down to pick up from the bottom groups.
Everyone was fed and cleaned out by 9 am, I started to wash the yards down and hang out washing.
I had people viewing pups; stuff to sort out with the tiler and the plumber, the morning just disappeared into lunch time.
Bitches pups and house dogs all fed.
Then it was time to arrange the flight and transport for one of my hybrids and book the rabies vaccine.
I kept the dogs in for the next two hours as it was so hot.
Kirsty came down to help me take the stitches out of the two bitches that were spayed, they were both much better than we expected, I thought they would be more fidgety than they were, I don’t like to do it without them being held as I like my fingers and don’t really want to lose one with the blade.
We had a coffee and a chat about the Coosa pups and what we were doing next with their socialising.
Dogs started going out again even though it hadn’t really cooled down that much.
I did some paperwork and a bit of weeding as the stinging nettles are taking over again.
Evening feeds done, kia and Moon brushed and all the yards cleaned.
Frozen feeds done ready for the morning.
I had dinner and then swapped over dogs.
Narla and Shone stayed out until 10.30, morning feeds done, emails done bed time.
Tuesday morning was a 5am start, it looked very dull I was expecting rain so I got on as quickly as possible, everyone cleaned exercised and fed by 9 am.
I washed all the vet beds and then took the Coosa pups all for a short walk on their own down the drive and up the side of the field.
Meat delivery arrived; I sorted it out and froze it straight away as it was now hot and defiantly did not look like it would rain.
I hosed all the yards and then did the lunchtime feeds and left them in the freezer ready for the morning.
I wormed pups and cleaned everyone out again.
The plumber arrived and connected up the water to the mains and put all the outside taps on.
He can’t get into the new kennel yet as the tiler is near the main door so he will be back next week to do the pipe work in there.
The afternoon was really hot so everyone stayed in for three hours.
I gave the Coosa pups a wash off as they were getting sticky from dribbling when they travel.
They were all very good, not bothered by the hose pipe they just wanted to eat it.
I cooked the chicken ready for training on Wednesday and put it in the tubs ready.
I had some time to just spend with the dogs checking ears, feet, dew claws and teeth.
Dogs started going back out until late; I had dinner and spent an hour with the house dogs before going back out to clean the yards.
I came back in at 10.30 and went on the computer for a while.
Wednesday morning was a warm start I got the first dogs out at 4.30 everyone was fed chicken carcasses by 7 am, this meant I only had to feed biscuits before going to training which would save me time.
I started the first lot of cleaning in the bottom group while the house dogs were in the yards.
Sam came in at 7.30 for a while, we finished the whelping areas and then loaded up the Coosa pups and went for a walk around town, they were good ,a couple were a little nervous when we got up into the middle of town as it was busy.
We put them back in the van and went for breakfast so I didn’t have to worry about eating before going out later.
When I got home mum was already at the house de frosting my house freezer.
I unloaded the new doors she had brought down for the new kennel and then she went and Sam left.
I did the lunchtime feeds for the little dogs and the house dogs.
Kiro, Siren and Ranger went out for an hour while I got the van sorted out and ready to go out later.
Frozen feeds already just to take up in the morning.
I cleaned the pups out again then ordered some dry food and the vari kennel for the hybrid pup Ranger flying out next month.
I fed all the rest of the dogs their dry food and wrote the last two days blog before loading up the dogs ready to leave.
Kate and I went off training we hadn’t gone a mile before having to clean the first lot of paper out of Shone’s cage.
When we arrived she was covered in dribble, this was shame as the week before she travelled quite well.
River was really good I couldn’t have been more pleased with her; she was good with all of her training and very good with the young children she took food very gently from them and wanted to talk to them.
Ranger was his normal daft self he is a little laid back for my liking, but very lovable.
Shone was very good her heel work is nice and tidy and stays are good.
We stayed for coffee after and watched my sister with her collie, she is doing very well for a 15 month old bitch that’s come from a farm and never seen a woman before.
We got home and unloaded and fed the dogs, Kate sorted out puppies and did the house dogs while I took Ranger back to his kennel and got the dogs in from the field.
I finished at just after 10 pm and then did morning feeds.
Thursday morning was busy, everyone out and fed by 8.30 am then all the odd jobs done, yards cleaned.
Kirsty went to the vets for me and got the rabies vaccine done and the passport sorted out for Ranger, he is off to Finland next month.
Hannah was here grooming I did not get chance to help her with anything, so I have booked her for two days next week, I needed to get paper work done and had people viewing dogs.
I spent an hour on the internet trying to book somewhere decent for Christmas dinner, what a joke it is July and already people are fully booked, I thought I was getting in front and being organised.
I booked the painter to come and paint the new doors for the kennel ready for when the carpenter comes next week.
I let dogs in and out to the field all day, Sam cleaned Coosa’s field from top to bottom of muck and bones, he had the choice of going into the other field but no he insisted on howling at her and trying to bark, she recorded the strange sound that was meant to be a bark.
I did the lunchtime feeds and cut the chicken for the little dogs.
I had a food delivery of dry food to sort out and stack up.
I was on and off the phone to pet plan all day in India as one of my cockapoo puppy cover notes did not activate and they told the owner her dog was not covered by thankfully I had printed out the cover note when I activated it.
Eventually it got sorted out.
I had an hour to clean dog’s ears and make notes of the next things needing to be ordered for the new building.
I did the evening feeds and got the bowls washed up as Sam and Kirsty were coming down for dinner as Sam had offered to make us a curry.
They arrived and Sam cooked dinner while Kirsty and I did the second vaccination on the Coosa pups and the first vacs on the yorkies.
I had an hour with them and had a nice dinner then back out cleaning pens and doing water buckets.

I finished outside at 10.30 and came in and did the morning feeds and tidied up, got all the dogs towels washed, dried and folded up ready to go back out into bins and the groomer towels all put away.
I had an hour with the house dogs before bed.
Friday morning was a 4.30 am start as I needed to be finished to get things sorted out with the painter and the plumber, then off to the builder’s merchants to pick up materials.
All the pens and kennels were cleaned by 7 am except Idaho’s pen which Sam and I did together.
We cleaned all the bitches and pups and washed all the vet beds and towels.
I got back and cleaned the yards and fed all the pups and unloaded and sorted out the meat delivery.
I had half an hour to sort out emails before changing dogs around in the field.
I had people viewing a puppy, and then I changed all the water buckets, re cleaned pups.
I cleaned the floors in the house and brushed kia.
I got Sam’s list done for her as I was going out in the afternoon to the chiropractor and then to cash and carry.
I got all the little dogs fed and the frozen feeds made up ready for the next morning.
I placed the food order for the next couple of months, we have now moved on to another food we are using Devoted, our wolf dogs are on the duck and potato and the little dogs are on chicken and rice, this one really did not agree with the wolf dogs as they are not good on rice.
I vaccinated a couple of the older dogs and did some paper work.
Quick lunch and sorted out a couple of phone calls.
Sam came in at 2 pm so I could leave for my appointment, I had an hour long session with the chiropractor and came out feeling fairly good after she had put two discs back in and straight to cash and carry to get my blue roll and washing powder.
I got home and Sam unloaded my van and we put everything away and then I fed the pups while Sam cleaned Kiro’s pen and moved dogs into their night kennels.
I got Coosa and Matzi in and then sorted all the pups out before dropping Sam home.
I got back and let all the house dogs out and did the morning feeds.
Saturday morning was a 4.30 am start, Coosa pups fed first and then I put two groups out and cleaned their kennels, then the wolf dogs in the house went in the yard with their feeds.
I swapped dogs at the top and cleaned their kennels, everyone at the top had biscuit.
I came down and put the little house dogs out and Razzles group while I made all the puppies food.
I cleaned the bottom two yards and then Sam arrived, she took the feed bins up for me as I am struggling to lift anything too heavy at the moment.
We cleaned out the pups and then I fed the top groups.
Sam loaded the Coosa pups into the van, Wendy and I went off to meet up with Kirsty for a walk, we walked around one of the big housing estates and round the bottom end of town and back to the van.
We got home and Wendy cleaned out my van, I put the pups away.
Sam had all of their pen cleaned ready for them.
Brian was taking down a tree for me; Stuart gave him a hand and then carried on with his painting
Wendy made lunch while I sorted out my emails and paper work for a puppy that was leaving.
Sam did the odd jobs while I was busy with a customer, after they had left with the puppy I did the lunchtime feeds.
Brian took the cage out of my van and white boarded it so if the pups are sick it doesn’t get through the mesh to the side of the van.
Stuart filled in the settlement cracks in the new kennel building.
I sorted out the dogs for the afternoon with cleaning and putting dogs in and out.
I power washed two of the bottom yards and then did the evening feeds.
Brian finished off odd jobs while I got the morning frozen feeds done.
I cleaned the pups out again then we went out for a roast dinner.

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