28th February

A damp start but not raining, everyone out and cleaned and fed and then I took Coosa’s group up and fed them.
I power washed the front yard whilst three groups of dogs went out on the drive as I kept swapping them over.
The rest of the dogs were out in the fields.
After I had finished the front pen I cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
Next was to sort out with owners when the poodle puppies are being picked up.
I did some dusting and tiding up in the kennel and then hosed the yards by the house.
Dogs all swapped over and then I power washed Coosa’s top pen area.
Evening feeds all made up ready and then everyone went out for the last run before bed time.
Another damp start but everyone out and finished the first round of cleaning by 9 am.
I fed Coosa’s group and brushed Coosa.
When the next groups of dogs were out I dusted and washed all of the kennel dogs and the front pieces outside everyone’s kennel.
Next was to change all of the vet beds and wipe down everyone’s kennel panels and heat lamps as they were dusty again this seems to be constant with the new bedding.
My sister came over and hoovered everywhere around the kennels for me.
I washed all of the floors in the kennel and then the wet room and office area.
I spoke to a couple of people looking for information about the up and coming Czech litter.
My sister and I sorted out the next couple of week’s project for the house.
I did the lunch time feeds for everyone and left a couple of groups of dogs out.
When my sister left I popped into town to get some more bones and a few bits of shopping.
I got home and swapped dogs around again.
I had some emails and paper work to get done and then everyone out for the rest of the afternoon while I was unloading bones and stuff.
The last dogs came in just before 7 pm and then I had dinner and sorted out my list of things to do tomorrow.
A really busy morning getting all the dogs done and cleaned out before we started filming for channel 5. Adrian was arriving at 9 am for an early start; we had a coffee and a chat and then went straight into filming.
First we did Coosa’s group and then Shone and Cito and Lobo.
Next was preparing food and then an hour with Coosa on my bed
Off to the vets to see Gavin to get Tease scanned and Coosa’s ears checked as he had been rubbing them along the fence I had been cleaning them but it didn’t seem to be helping.
Gavin said there was lower down inflammation in the ear canal and he has ears mites so I have the stronghold to treat all of Coosa’s pack and drops for Coosa twice a day.
We got back from the vets and Kate and I did the dogs and Adrian left and when we had finished at 6 pm I went to see Nath, Laura and Sophie, I had a quick cuddle with Soph and then Laura and I took Ralph for a walk and then had dinner and I came home and did another couple of hours work before bed time.
Another nice dry morning so everyone done and finished by 8 .30 I fed Coosa’s group and then hoovered all around the kennel area, Hannah arrived and started grooming the little dogs.
I got all the vet beds changed and had some food before Adrian arrived to do another full days filming with the hybrids.
When we started filming we did an hour interview on film.
I was swapping over dog’s in the fields and yards in-between the different things we were filming.
Then we then did some filming outside of Kiro and Reo’s kennel to show the contrast between different wolf dog breeds.
Lunch time feeds all done.
We did some more with Coosa with his ear and then some of the feeding.
Kate spent time with Adrian and I got ready for training.
I left and Kate stayed on and finished up and then locked up for me.
I had a brilliant night training, Winter was really good and then my gold class were outstanding.
I got home and still had a couple of hours work to do, I still had River and Aimi to get in as they were being really difficult about coming in while Adrian was still here, Kiro and Reo had to be let out and then I had emails and paper work to do.
A nice dry morning and I didn’t have to rush as we have finished the filming.
Everyone was done and fed all the kennels cleaned and Coosa’s group all had their stronghold for the ear mites and then I fed them all.
I had a quick chat with Kirsty and then we met up for breakfast, the food was great and we caught up on the last couple of weeks.
I came home and swapped over all the dogs as I left 4 groups out and then I cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
I spent the afternoon sorting out a few bits for the house and then out with all of the dogs until evening feed time.
Everyone was in and finished by 6.30 as I needed some sleep to catch up on some sleep.
Everyone finished with cleaning and feeding by 9.30 and then general tiding up and getting feeds cut up and ready for lunch time as I wanted to spend time with the people coming to pick up Coco.
Coco was a little off with them when they arrived but she soon settled down, they stayed for coffee and then they took her home, I really hope she will be ok, I hate homing older bitches as they take a bit of time to settle in an new place, this year will be hard as I have another 3 or 4 older girls to home all labradoodles, all around 5 to 6 years old, they will all be spayed before they leave.
I spent time out with the dogs it was so cold I could hardly feel my hands.
All the lunch time feeds done and then back out for a couple of hours with everyone.
I popped out quickly to pick up some bits and met Kirsty and Jess for coffee and saw the bull dog puppies.
I got the evening and morning feeds done and then everyone came in and then Kiro and Reo out.
A nice cold morning everyone done and cleaned.
I had another move around with dogs to get a spare kennel as I have pups due next week and wanted to move the bitch ready for her litter.
Kennel all scrubbed nice and fresh for my poodle, I have moved her with one of the other girls that is in pup also.
I have had another change around in my room as Shiraz will be moving out of her kennel next week when the puppies leave and I am not sure if she will settle back into the group so as a back up I have now got a second crate in my bedroom.
I spent time out with the dogs and then did the feeds for lunch time.
I left 5 groups out and popped into town to pick up bones.
When I got home I swapped all the dogs around and then made the evening and morning feeds.
I went out with Razzles pack he is happy in with the two labs and 3 labradoodles just to give me some breathing space until the next puppies leave.
I had time out with the dogs and then everyone came in for feeding and bed time.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.

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