28th December

Sunday morning was another damp misty start; I put the house puppies in the bottom block and Shone and Cito in the bottom yard with the garage pen open.
Cola went out in the yard quickly, I fed them all and put Kiro and Reo away.
Down to the kennel and Narla out I changed the puppies vet bed and fed them.
Razzles group out in the drive and Jezz and Siren out in the paddock, I fed the puppies and cleaned them out.
Siren and Razzles group fed and cleaned out and then the poodles out in the field and the yorkies drive, after they were cleaned out they came in and the lab puppies went out in the front pen, Coosa’s group out in the paddock.
I finished cleaning everyone and thought it was going to be a painful morning if the rain kept on drizzling so I thought I would make the most of a miserable morning and take Coosa Christmas shopping.
I put the house dogs in and then the hybrids went up into field one and the kennel area.
Coosa in the van and off we went to town and then cash and carry followed by Tesco’s food and fuel.
We got home just before lunch time as I had a puppy leaving and another meat delivery due.
I took Coosa up to join the rest of the pack and then fed everyone; it was still damp and horrible.
After the puppy left I cleaned the room ready for the next bitch to go in with puppies.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted it all out and just about managed to get it in the freezer.
I had vet beds piling up to be washed so I got the next one in the wash.
I made up the evening feeds ready and then the morning feeds.
I hosed the bottom yard and then picked up in the rest of the yards and the drive.
I fed everyone and brought Coosa’s group in.
The evening was wrapping presents and settling Cola into the puppy room in the house.
Monday morning was dry but very windy, house dogs out and I left them out in yards so they had plenty of exercise if the weather got nasty in the afternoon.
Kennel dogs all out and finished by 10.am; I did the fire and then went back to the house and changed the sheets on the beds ready for Dave coming for Christmas.
Next lot of washing in, I took all the clean vet beds back to the kennel and ordered some food for after Christmas delivery.
I need one more trip out as I am one present short now everyone’s presents are wrapped; also labels are needed as Shone has eaten mine along with all of my black rubbish bags.
While I was at the kennel letting dogs out I spent time with Narla and the puppies, they are eating mousse and loving it, but they do get into a mess.
Everyone fed their chicken and Coosa still being good no howling so far, I have got the bottom kennel door open so he can see me in the kennel area which makes him happy and he is quieter most of the time.
All the dogs were really good today it was nice and dry so they spent most of the day outside enjoying the dry weather.
I spent some time some the computer and back and forth to check on the house dogs.
I got the shavings in ready for the next day and then did the feeds ready for the evening and the next morning.
I fed everyone and brought Coosa’s group in at just after 5 pm and it was already dark so they were happy to come straight in.
I let Kiro and Reo out and then fed the house dogs.
Tuesday morning was wet and horrible so I put everyone out either in yards or the fields.
I cut up all of the chicken and froze the bones.
After I had finished the kennels I fed Coosa’s group and went into town quickly to get a few last minute bits.
I met my neighbour in the market we I stopped for a coffee and a chat.
I got home and did the lunch time feeds and put the house dogs back in, it was still raining so I went off to the vets to pick up some stuff for my sister and my vaccines.
I got home and let everyone back out.
I made up the feeds and then fed and brought the hybrids in.
Kennels all locked up and Kiro out.
I fed the housed dogs and then had a tidy up.
Wednesday morning was dry I put the house dogs out into the bottom block and Shone and Cito went out into the bottom yard.
I put Kiro away and then went down to the kennels, puppies fed and the first two groups out.
All cleaned and then the next groups out.
Coosa’s group went into the field and the paddock.
I cleaned a kennel ready for Helens labradors coming for some training over the Christmas period.
Razzels group all had their ears cleaned.

I fed Coosa’s group out in the field.
I got the frozen feeds out for the next day and then started to disinfect the bottom block, Kirsty rang to say she was coming down to see Narla and the puppies and bringing Lilly for a visit.
I cleaned up in the drive and opened the gates.
Kirsty arrived and put the kettle on so I fed the lunchtime feeds to everyone else.
We spent some time with the puppies and put little collars on them.
Lilly went out in the paddock for a while and then we put Siren out with her just to make sure she would be ok if ever Kirsty needed to leave her here.
Helen arrived and dropped off her dogs.
After Kirsty left I swapped over dogs and then finished cleaning the bottom block.
Dave arrived as I was just finishing.
He mended the power washer and then cleaned out the drain in the bottom yard.
I swapped over dogs again and made up the night feeds and the morning feeds.
I then cleaned the bottom yard.
After everyone had been out again I picked up in the drive and opened the gates ready for Kirsty coming back to pick up Lilly.
Kirsty and Josh came down and spent some time with the pups, Kirsty held them while I fed them their mousse.
After Kirsty left I fed Helens dogs and then fed all of the kennel dogs.
Dave brought up some shavings and food from the container to the kennel.
Everyone came in and I fed Narla and then got Coosa’s group in.
Everyone locked up and Kiro out.
I put the house puppies out in the yard with their food.
I put the dinner on and wrote the labels for the rest of the Christmas presents and Dave stuck them all on for me.
We had dinner and then sorted out a few jobs for the next day.

Thursday morning was a good start it was dry and not too cold, the house dogs went out in the bottom yard and the puppies in the bottom block, they all had raw food so it would take them longer to eat.
Murtle Turtle stayed in the house with Rupert as she was due to have puppies anytime from the 25th to the 29 th of december.
Kiro went in with her food.
We went down to the kennels and let the labrador puppies out in the front pen and Helens dogs went out in the drive, Narla went out in the paddock, while they were out I fed the rest of the puppies and cleaned the kennels.
They came in and then Razzles group went out in the field and Budds group went out in the drive,next out was Siren and Jess.
Coosa’s group wentout in the paddock and field two, Shone and Cito went out in field one.
We took the chicken carcasses and bones up ready for lunch time and evening feeds.
Dave picked up in the drive and then the top kennel area and brought the old bones down for the bin.
I got food prepared for lunch as we were not eating until the evening.
Dave sorted out a gate for me and I power washed Kiro’s day yard.
I cleaned the puppy room ready for the evening and then washed everyone’s bedding in the house.
I got the frozen feeds out ready for the next day and Coosa’s groups bones out.
All the yards were clean and water buckets all done, apart from two small showers of rain briefly the day was great dogs were out all day.
We stopped for about 20 minutes for lunch and then back out,I needed to sort out the freezers and then get the evening feeds ready.
While I was getting the feeds done Dave loaded my van with all the christmas presents and then had a quick bath.
I got the lamb cut up for the house dogs and then Murtle turtle the yorkie was looking a little unsettled so I took her temperature after quite a bit of persuading, it was coming down so I got the puppy case, heated tray towels and whelping box all ready in my van as she was going to have to come with us to my sisters for a family Christmas dinner for the evening.
All the dogs fed and in, Kiro out on guard duty and Turtle in the van on the front seat and off we went.
We had a really nice relaxing evening and after we had finished dinner Murtle decided she was getting the first puppy out on Christmas day, the second pup was still not here by 1.30 am so I went out and started up the van to de-ice and warm up before putting her and the puppy in to come home.
On the way home we must have been half way when she decided to have the second pup, the timing was good right by a big layby, after I had got the pup out and clamped the cord and dried him off we carried on the drive home.
I brought her in and got her settled and about 15 minutes later along came number three.
I let the rest of the dogs out and then they all went to bed, we stayed up with Murtle until just after 3.30 am.
She seemed happy and settled so it was time for sleep.
Up again just before 6 am to check on mum and puppies and then back to bed for an hour.
I got up not feeling too awake and let the house dogs out in the bottom block and the bottom yard.
Kiro went in and then we went down to the kennels, everyone got out for a good run before the rain started and then it was just 3 short runs for each group for the day as the rain never eased up at all.
The dogs were fed in their kennels so they had a little more time outside for a run and would not get so wet.
All feeds out of the freezer for the next day.
Everyone fed lunch and then we spent an hour in the house doing very little.
Evening feeds done and then Coosa’s group in now this was the only group that stayed out all day as they could go back into the top kennel area if they were getting too wet.
I vaccinated the two lab puppies that I kept from Breezes litter and then sorted out some paper work.
We went over to my sisters for dinner and then came home early as I wanted to spend some time with the house dogs.
Saturday morning was windy but dry, the house dogs went out and then all the kennel dogs out, fed and cleaned.
Coosa’s group all up into field two.
After everyone was done Shone and Cito went out in the field and we quickly went off to the shops to get a salmon for my sister.
We just got back as the couple were due to come and look at Cola’s puppies.
Dave stayed outside with the dogs and tidied up the fire pit.
After they left I fed everyone their lunch time chicken carcasses and then got the evening feeds ready.
All the dogs were out all day then dinner and bed as we went to my sisters for the evening.

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