28th August

Wolf dog puppies from Meli 2 males 2 females still available.
Boots puppies, 1 male he is really stunning with bright yellow eyes, 1 female she is beautiful very much like Boots in nature but with more of the Czech look.
Still two females from Mia, Star is dark faced very elegant and a little reserved she is better on her own as Koko my Czech bitch can be a bit of a bully to her.
Roxy is very nice outgoing and very loving she is silver grey with one blue eye.

HYBRID LITTER due October /November from pure bred Saarloos Tarna and Matzi.
They will be ready around Christmas week (not really my choice of dates but when females only come into season once a year there is very little choice).

We have a female in for mating with Reo so he is happy, that’s more than I can say for the rest of the boys as there are also 5 other girls in season and probably none of them will be mated due to the time of year.
This has been creating a bit of a problem with howling in the night.
Coosa has been on a real sulk as Siren has been bulling him so he decided to stay out in the rain for 8 hours, when he did decide to come in I had to dry him off and put him in the kennel with Idaho and left Siren in the next pen to him so he could see him but doesn’t have to put up with him constantly putting him on the floor and standing over him.
Steel has moved in with Zulu as Lycan and Taska were starting to pick on her and she would squeal so they would aggravate her even more.
She is happier being in with a male it keeps here quieter and she doesn’t have to compete for attention.

Considering the changeable weather this week the dogs have been really good in the day time, this has been helped by very large boxes of hide chews and treats sent down by Wolf, I think the dogs thought it was Christmas they have had loads of new things.
The house dogs have experienced the most expensive organic food ever; Kia and Meli are up at the crack of dawn waiting for breakfast.

Our next building project is to concrete three yards down near the house to make cleaning easier in the winter, while last year was great as the yards were good when it snowed as they are all stone it is not easy to keep them properly clean. It takes so much longer than concrete.
The most difficult thing being that the levels are all over the place and the areas are not possible to get a digger into.
Stuart and I have spent 13 hours on one area digging out, hopefully with Wendy and Brian also here this coming weekend we are hoping to get the rest of the rock dug out and leveled.
This has made things hard as all the dogs in those areas have had to move.
On Friday I put the labradoodle pups with the 2 boots pups in an outside pen, well all seemed to be fine until the rain got so heavy that they all came running out of the kennel as they did not like the sound on the roof.
That turned into a nightmare, I had to evict Reo and Mia into an outside part roofed pen and give the puppies their kennel.

I must say Reo was not happy about this but I felt he had more sense and would not be a problem going in the sheltered area.

Mum came over in the evening to do hours of paper work which I absolutely hate especially after a seriously long week; I should not think she was too happy about it as it was her birthday.

12, 40 am and I am just finishing this blog and Brian and Wendy are probably just getting home.
We have had a killer of a day but everything has turned out great, with Wendy’s inspiration and Brians sheer hard work we even got the paddock fencing finished in the dark for the young pup to go out in the day.
Thank you so much to both of you.

After a very long and exhausting week thankfully I have got Sunday off to go to motocross with Nathan, I can’t wait.

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